Virtual-Reality-Icon-330x100Many New Online Casinos have been implementing various techniques in order to attract a new generation of online gamblers, and its latest offering could surely do the job. In 2016, a few online casino brands took giant leaps, campaigning a world first in Virtual Reality casino gaming and  what casino players can expect from a VR casino is as nothing ever experienced before. VR online casinos and slots use high-end technology and provide players with a totally immersive experience, complete with futuristic surroundings and thrilling gaming content. Despite this innovative concept though, it hasn’t truly found its feet.

But things could change in 2017, and VR casinos could catch on soon. A few of the already existent VR casinos are home to only slot titles are this current stage, but more casino games are in the pipeline, which could dramatically boost its appeal. Millennials that are looking for skill-based games and offerings as well as opportunities to social, may be shying away from online gambling due to these factors. As a result, VR online casinos could combine the best of both worlds, and the cool, futuristic environment is just the icing on the cake.

One issue that VR casinos may come across is regulations, although it is still too early to say whether gaming authorities will embrace these types of casinos or not. Regulators have definitely become more strict in recent years. Therefore, challenges facing these casinos are possible. With this in mind, we will have to hold thumbs on this one and simply hope that VR casinos and games are the way of the future.

New Virtual Reality Online Casinos

Lucky VR Casino IconThere are a few developers jumping on the VR bandwagon, which is a very encouraging sign for things to come in 2017. Get Lucky VR is a developer of VR casinos looking to transform traditional casino games, such as table games and online slots, into a more exciting virtual reality experiences. This company is providing the very few online casinos with the virtual reality casino platform that houses about 40 slot games from developers like NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. It offer an authentic, Vegas-style atmosphere, where you can interact with other players and dealers without ever leaving your home. If you thought live casinos where immersive, VR casinos will really show you what it is all about.

Virtual Reality Online Slots

Gaming software heavyweight NetEnt has announced that it will develop VR slot of the their hit game Gonzo’s Quest. The game promises to offer an ‘enhanced immersive’ VR experience, offering 3D visuals and sound effects and taking your gaming to the next level. NetEnt expects also that the market will be mature enough to offer basic support for virtual reality games the 2017 or 2018.

Virtual Reality in Sports Betting

Taking things a step further, many leading sports betting sites and software developers are planning in releasing virtual sports games and sports betting. In this way, players can not only enjoy a virtual world sports game but can also track bets in real time, providing a completely immersive, not to mention action-packed experience.