It is a fact that mostly up until very recently, we have seen online casinos bringing out light versions of loyalty programs. Nevertheless, this field of the online gaming industry is gradually changing, as the casino experience gets greater and greater. With a view to retention, most of the casino operators introduce the competitive element into their gaming platforms. Their goal is to somehow engage players and motivate them to keep coming back and playing to their online casinos. This gets accomplished through certain game mechanisms like challenges, missions and contests while they come along with specific design techniques such as badges, points, leaderboards and eventually rewards. This above entire concept has taken the name of ‘Gamification’ and we at New Casinos will briefly elaborate on the best online gaming sites that support this latest trend:

Casumo Casino FaceIt all started with Casumo Casino that first implemented the gamification concept in the online gambling industry. Entering Casumo there is a playful, green-like interface to welcome you in a totally innovative casino platform. As soon as you sign up you will see a little figure with a white belt in its waist being activated. This is your Casumo Hero and as you progress, the color of the belt will level up to yellow, red, blue, purple and finally black, just like in martial arts. The more you play on your favorite online casino games, the more missions you complete. This up scaling activity will get you loyalty points that will help you overcome stages. The higher rank you get, the more bonuses and valuable prizes you will receive. T&C

Main Page At Kaboo CasinoAfter that, Kaboo Casino is the very next one to gamify the way that rewards its most devoted players. Visit the online casino site and you will see for yourself that the whole gambling concept is based on game mechanisms. Browsing Kaboo you will come across a dark interface while a short intro video will put you right into gaming adventure. The mysterious guy looking like a warrior, wanders around the gloomy nature as he jumps over obstacles and hurdles along his way to redemption. This will be more or less like yourself, however, your own redemption will be the real money rewarding at the end of your gaming pursuit. The obstacles and hurdles will be the online slots and the more you play on them the more Echoes you will get. Feel free to earn as many as you van because they can later be exchanged for great bonuses. Read our online review about Kaboo Casino now.

Rizk Casino PhotoAnother cool gaming website that has adopted the gamification trend is the Rizk Casino. Get prepared to meet the the mighty mascot, Captain Rizk who will guide you towards real money, bonus spins, super spins, mega spins, massive jackpots, race points and turbo chips. How will all of that be gained? By spinning the Wheel of Rizk of course! This is the novelty here at this web casino, a cool feature that resembles the wheel of fortune and makes you go through various challenges, missions, races and competitions. It is designed to ensure that you constantly get rewarded and entertained and you can get right to action getting a free try after your registration. Read our online review about Rizk Casino now.

Default Front Page At Ikibu CasinoTo conclude, the most recent online casino to treat its most dedicated players with gamification rewarding mechanisms is Ikibu. Browse this revolutionary casino on the net and you will be dazzled to face a unique playing area entirely based on the gamification concept. As soon as you complete a registration at Ikibu, you become a newborn Ikki that stands for a creature residing in the so-called Ikibu Island. Your mission will be to collect seeds in order to survive while other vicious Ikkis will make the environment hostile for you. You will have to wager and raise your power in order to successfully go through the challenges and move from one section to another. Passing through the villages your ultimate goal is to reach Mount Ikibu where amazing benefits await for you not only on the very top of it but also along the whole way. Read our online review about Ikibu Casino now.

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