Casino and Friends TopCasino and Friends is the latest casino brand, taking the world of online gambling by storm. What makes this online casino so innovative is the fact that it features a host of cartoonish characters, each with their own backstory and unique advice. The family of wild animals that call this Internet casino its home includes Don Casoni, Harald Halfway, Jack Pots, Gordon Golddigger and Freddy Fortune. Sign up with the casino, and you will be introduced you to these friendly and entertaining characters, who will join you on your quest to exciting rewards with Casino and Friends. What’s more, New Casinos will hand you the exclusive 20 free spins once you register and you will also earn a cool 100% match bonus on your first deposit. Claim your bonus now.  Terms & Conditions

Say Hello to Don Casoni

Don-CasoniHailing from Sicily, Italy, Don Casoni is a shark that is 100% mafia. Being the most feared creature of the ocean, Don is grumpy, suspicious and tends to take what he wants from all the casino games. Don is older than the rest, but that does not mean he isn’t one of the toughest and most respected members of the family. He sees himself as the boss; he makes all the rules and expects everyone to listen to him. He feels that he is the voice of authority, or at least you should be afraid of him thanks to his brutish attitude and connections with the mafia.
Favourite quotes: “An offer you can’t refuse, the Mafiabonus is yours!”, “Cosa Nostra amici! Start to play here.” and “Bienvenuti pal. I will show you the back doors to our casinos secrets.”

All about the Happy Harald Halfway

Harald-HalfwayHarald is the happy-go-lucky moose, which players will simply love. He hails from Sweden, easy-going, kind, sociable, and, most importantly, fun. He can also sometimes put his foot in his mouth, saying odd things that will have you scratching your head. The name ‘Halfway’ comes from the fact that Harald always seems to be ‘in-between’ everything – between options, decisions, relationships, and jobs. He can never seem to make his mind up, but we love him even more for it. Harald is easy to like, never says a bad word, and is so agreeable that he will no doubt become one of your favourite characters. Be sure to keep a look out for the many selfies Harald shares such as the ones in front of the VIP and the payment options sections!
Favourite quotes: “All that makes a first deposit gets 100 free spins and a hug from me!”, “LOVE! 100 % bonus and 100 free spins to all.” and “What turns you on babe? Free spins or bonus?”

The Grumpy Yet Rewarding Mr. Jack Pot

Mr-Jack-PotJack is the squawking parrot and sees himself as the Jackpot. He is sour, cynical and rather annoying, but what he lacks in personality he makes up for in his uncanny ability to hit the Jackpot. And while he may be a grump most of the time, he is extremely intelligent and loves tough debates and progressive jackpots. He is opinionated, likes dictatorship, cigarettes, and alcohol and simply hates hippies. This strange creature also has a fondness for the military, militant precision, the colour green, camouflage and war technology, as evident by the posters of the North Korean military on his walls. Jack Pots believes that one day; he will take over the world.
Favourite quotes: “Attention! Get your bonus right here soldier!”, “Straighten up and get your free spins right now!” and “So you think that you are tough? Then our games are just the ones for you – tough guy!”

Digging for Gold with Gordon Golddigger

Gordon-GolddiggerGordon is the diligent, focused member of the family, often taking the role of the ‘middle child.’ He is goal-orientated and chews and digs his way through anything and everything that stands between him and his free spins and bonuses. Gordon is calculating and aims to become incredibly wealthy – think Scrooge McDuck or even Donald Trump. He does not care about the opinions of others and dedicates his life to making himself happy and fulfilling his goals. Although he can appear grumpy, he actually has a soft heart and is kind to his friends. Although nobody should disturb him when digging, and he goes ‘into the zone,’ playing his music at full volume.
Favourite quotes: “Looking for hidden treasures? I can show you!”, “She gives me money. Yeah I’m a Golddigger!” and “For all the gold in the world, can someone make that parrot Jack Pot shut up?”

Meet Freddy Fortune

Freddy-FortuneFreddy Fortune is the mind of the family thanks to his intelligence, wit, charm and lucky streak. Freddy seems to bring luck with him wherever he goes. He wins all the time and always ends up in situations that are beneficial to him. Freddy is the social butterfly of the group and always willing to help out a friend in need. But while Freddy may have luck on his side in most cases, love still eludes him. Just as he is getting closer to the love of his life, duty calls and he must pull the online slots machines to reveal the jackpot. We follow Freddy as he continues to search for love while providing endless luck during online slots.
Favourite quotes: “My advice would be to sign up for the 100 free spins.”, “Do as my friends from Mensa, go for the 100 % bonus and 100 free spins.” and “You must excuse my dysfunctional family, they might seem odd, but are very nice.”

Casino and Friends Gaming Lounge and Mobile Platform

Casino and Friends Main PageNow that’s you’ve learned a bit about the characters you will come across; it’s time to learn about your winning experiences with Casino and Friends. This great online casino offers a host of fantastic casino games to keep you winning for hours. The portfolio is powered by some of the biggest software developers in the industry, including the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming. That being said, you can expect some of the most popular online slot titles to be featured here, including Immortal Romance, Motorhead, Starlight Kiss, Blazing Goddess, Starburst and so much more. What’s more, this web casino also boasts a great table game, video poker, scratch card and progressive jackpot collection, as well as a Mobile Casino for those looking for a more “on the go” adventure.

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