New Western Union Casinos

Western Union IconThe Western Union Company is an American based financial service that has a long and rich history of sending money from place to place. It was founded in 1851 as a telegram company and had a monopoly over most of America until the invention of the telephone disrupted the market. When they lost a patent lawsuit with Bell laboratories, it threatened to put Western Union out of business. They found a way to keep the money coming in. By remodelling the business and using their existing  telegram infrastructure they made money transfer their gig and have been doing it ever since.

Today they are a modernised service. They conduct transfers online and have a physical presence in countries all over the world. In 2012 they carried out over 231 million transactions spread throughout their 500,000 locations in 200 countries. Overall, this was about $79 billion worth of transactions. That was just person to person. They did $ 432 billion in B2B transfers. Western Union is a massive, trusted brand, and their service is exceptional. It is no wonder that online casinos and their players are so fond of this transaction method.

Newest Western Union Casinos in the UK

Markets and Currencies

Western Union is available in 200 countries, and they operate in the respective currencies of all of the countries. The service is used to send money from one person to another which potentially makes it applicable to every market. Sending money overseas or paying a contractor. If someone is willing to accept a Western Union payment, then this payment method can be used in that market. That being said, it is not a common payment method in point of sales or eCommerce. This is probably because online shop owners don’t like walking to the nearest Western Union to collect your money.

Areas of Use

Like mentioned before, the most common area of use for Western Union is sending money; either from P2P or B2B. Western Union isn’t that common a payment method for new online casinos. It is accepted by more casino sites that allow US based players, but you will have a lot more trouble finding a Western Union casino in Europe, Asia, or Africa.

How it works

Western Union is based on moving cash from one place to another. Their service requires that you present yourself at one of their branches and hand over the money you want to send. That branch then talks to the branch nearest to where the money is being withdrawn, and the funds are made available for collection after all relevant identities have been verified.

How to make a deposit

To make a deposit with cash you need to go to one of the Western Union agents with the name and location of the recipient. This you get from the online casino. If you are going to make a deposit with Western Union, it is probably best to contact the casino’s customer service and talk to them about it first. Anyway, you are given a 10-digit Money transfer Control Number (MTCN) and a receipt of the transaction. You need to send this MTCN to the casino so they can get the cash.

Western union also supports MasterCard and Visa Card in some countries, and they have online and phone based methods to send money. To do this you need to be in one of the countries that support it and have a Western Union account. There is also an option to get a Western Union MasterCard. This card will let you send and receive money directly to the account linked to the card saving you a long walk.

How to make a withdrawal

You will need to get in contact with the casino if you want to make a withdrawal. After giving them enough information to verify you, they will give you a MTCN. You can then take this to a Western Union branch and make a withdrawal providing you have valid ID. Not many casinos will offer Western Union withdrawals.

Thumbs upAdvantages:
– Instant transfer. Within minutes of you depositing money in one branch it is available all over the world with the MTCN. If you use the online transfer, this process is even quicker.
– Western Union is a respected payment service. It is very safe, and you know that your money will get to where you sent it.
– Can be linked with a MasterCard to get money put directly into an account, saving you a trip to the nearest branch.

Thumbs downDisadvantages:
– Hefty fees. Western Union charges around 15% per transaction. They also charge currency conversion fees and give average exchange rates. This is not a cheap way to send money.
– You need to go out of your way to use the service. Unless you are using the online transfer option, you will need to go to a branch and send physical money.

Short Facts

Company Name: The Western Union Company
Company Name in the UK: –
Slogan: Send money online or at an Agent Location around the world
E-mail: [email protected]
Supervised by: State money transmitter legislation
Transaction Time: Instant – a week
Min Transaction: 0 GBP
Deposit Fee: 14%-18%, casinos sometimes charge fees
Established: 1851
Established in the UK: –
Address: Meridian, Colorado, United States
Phone Number: 0808 234 9168
Other Payment Methods:
Security: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Encryption
Currencies: All currencies are supported in the 200 countries that Western Union operates in
Max Transaction: 5 000 GBP
Withdrawal Fee: NA