New Safety Pay Casinos

Safety Pay IconSafetyPay is an international payment solution provider that enables you to pay directly through your local bank account.

It works in a similar way to PayPal, where multiple bank accounts can be linked to the platform for easy and secure payments online.

The anonymity and security is a key selling point, as is the benefit of transactions being fee-free.  If you have yet to sign up, don’t worry. We will walk you through the process, and give you the pros and cons.

All the details on how to create a SafetyPay account and use it at a UK online casino are explored in detail below.

There are no Safety Pay Casinos in the UK at the moment

Unfortunately, there are no current Safety Pay Casinos to choose from. We will add them in below as soon as any become available. Take a look at our complete list of new online casinos to see if any strikes your fancy. Do not worry, there are plenty of other established ways to make a deposit.

Benefits of using SafetyPay

SafetyPay is a solid payments platform built for the quick and easy processing of online transactions. This makes it ideal to use for casino deposits and withdrawals. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Anonymous online transactions
  • Protection from fraud and identity theft
  • Simple to use
  • Fee-free transactions
  • Keep control of your money

We’ll now take a look at these key benefits some further detail.

Anonymous Transactions

If you’d prefer that not everyone knows each and every one of your online transactions then this platform can offer you some much-needed anonymity.

Bank details are not shared directly with the actual casino. It places the platform as an extra layer between your bank account and your casino account.

Fraud and Identity Theft Protection

Theft of identity and the fraud associated with it is an increasing worry when making transactions online. If you’re not 100% sure about the online casino where you are playing then using this platform to make payments will give you some added peace of mind.

SafetyPay never collects, sees or stores your financial information, so opportunities for fraud or identity theft are pretty much eliminated.

Simple To Use

The platform is set up to be super simple to use, making payments online a breeze. It’s been designed with the customer at the centre and has been used and refined through thousands of transactions across the globe.

Fee Free Transactions

It’s great to know that SafetyPay doesn’t charge the end-users for its services so you can send and receive funds fee-free using this platform.

That said, some online casinos might add transaction fees to any payments you make to or from their casino.

Stay in Control

You do not need to manage a credit card balance or fund any external accounts when you use SafetyPay.

Your money stays in your bank account until you’re ready to use it so there’s no additional count to manage or be concerned about.

Negatives of Using SafetyPay

To counter the numerous advantages listed above, there will always be a couple of downsides to using a payments platform like SafetyPay.

The key negatives we’ve found when using this payment method can be:

  • A high currency conversion rate
  • Limited use throughout Europe

Let us take a look at the above points in more detail here.

High Currency Conversion Rate

The platform works across the globe. It is designed to easily spend your funds in alternative currencies online.

However, the conversion between countries brings with it some pretty hefty conversion rates.

To get the exact rates it’s best to check with the SafetyPay before you start converting your funds from one currency to another.

Limited Use in Europe

The platform is well known and widely used in South and Central America but less so in Europe. Because of this, you might struggle to find native online casinos which accept payments via this method.

The best way to find a casino which does is to check through the handy chronological list of SafetyPay casinos above.

How to Open a SafetyPay Account

As SafetyPay sits between the online casino and the players’ bank account, there’s no need to create an account.

When depositing funds, players choose SafetyPay as their payment method. They are then redirected to the online banking site of their own bank, where they securely enter their bank account information and approve the payment.

There is no need to create a specific account to use this payment method as it works away in the background.

How to Deposit with SafetyPay

Making deposits at the online casino of your choice is a simple affair with this online payment platform.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to deposit at an online casino.

Step 1 – Choose a Casino

First up, find yourself an online casino which accepts SafetyPay as a deposit option. You’ll need to check the ‘cashier’ page to see if this is the case.

If your current casino does not accept it then check out the above list of casinos which do and sign up.

Step 2 – Enter the Amount

Now enter the amount that you wish to deposit into your casino bankroll along with any promo codes or offers at this stage.

Step 3 – Select Your Payment Method

Next, select SafetyPay as the method that you wish to use to make your deposit. Selecting this should then lead you to your own online banks’ page.

Step 4 – Enter Banking Details

At your online bank, you’ll be required to enter your security information and check over the details. Some banks might need you to complete some form of verification with a PIN reader, app or SMS to confirm the payment.

Once this is done and confirmed you should be returned back to the online casino.

Step 5 – Check the Casino Bankroll

All being well, the payment from your online bank should have been credited to your casino account instantly.

If there is going to be any delay here then it’s likely to come from the casino side of the equation. They might have some extra manual checks to perform if something has been flagged to them.

Anytime you don’t see the payment appear right away, get in touch with the casino support team to clarify the situation. It’s never a great idea to wait for them to contact you, be proactive and get it sorted right away.

How to Make a Withdrawal With SafetyPay

Making a withdrawal using this payment platform is very similar to the deposit method mentioned above.

Casinos tend to accept fewer withdrawal methods than they do for deposits. If this ends up being the case, you’ll need to seek out an alternative method from those listed.

Let us walk you through the process with a step by step breakdown.

Step 1 – Access Your Casino Account

Sign in to your account to get things started. Navigate over to the cashier section of the casino and locate the withdrawal section.

Step 2 – Select Withdrawal Method

Next, select SafetyPay as the method you wish to use to complete the transaction.

Step 3 – Enter an Amount

Now you will need to input the total amount that you want to withdraw from your casino account at this stage.

It is good to know if there are any limits in place on your account. Sometimes there will be a maximum amount which you can take from your account in a single transaction.

Step 4 – Online Banking Details

Once you click on the payment method you’ll be taken over to your personal online banking page to complete the security there.

Once the info has been verified you should then be taken back to your online casino account.

Step 5 – Confirmation of Withdrawal

Back at your casino account be sure to check that everything has gone through as it should have. If you spot anything unusual here then contact the casino to check on the situation.

There can typically be a delay of a few hours, or even days for the payment to come through. Make sure you know what to expect. That way there won’t be any nasty surprises when it comes to getting your winnings from the casino.

Requirements of Using SafetyPay

Just before you take the leap and put this platform at the centre of your casino payments world, it’s a good idea to know if there are any specific requirements when using it.

The main factors to consider when using this platform are:

  • Partner banks to pay from
  • Cash deposit locations worldwide

Let’s take a look at the above points in some more detail here.

Partner Banks in Europe

SafetyPay originated in Latin America but is now active across the globe, including Europe.

The platform has partnered with several European banks which enable you to fund your casino bankroll.

There are currently no UK banks on the list but several in Austria and The Netherlands.

Cash Deposit Location

If you want to fund your casino gaming account through cash then you’ll need a way to use it with this payment platform.

Fortunately, SafetyPay has over 570,000 locations across the world where you can deposit cash to fund your account.