New Safety Pay Casinos

Safety Pay IconSafety Pay is an international payment solution provider, which was launched in 2007. It was founded was Manuel Montero during the cashless revolution, in Santiago, Chile. Like It is headquartered in Florida, US, where it was originally found. It operates in the Western Hemisphere, capturing markets in South America, North America, and Europe. The website is Spanish-based but also has an English translated version. Its main focus is in Central and Latin American countries Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. The company also has a reputable presence in Spain.

SafetyPay provides unique solutions for various e-commerce websites and safe gateways of a wide variety of service providers. The company mainly uses internet banking but also provides payment services to people with no bank account. SafetyPay’s patented payment platform is the first global non-card based payment network, operating in more than 30+ countries. It is the first non-card-based network payment technology designed specifically for today’s globally interconnected world. It currently has a wide base of merchants and users, in multiple geographies and sectors like Travel and Hospitality, Government/Utility bills payments, E-commerce, Healthcare, Online Gaming and Online Casinos. It is especially useful in online casinos as you can pay without having to share your personal and banking details. Due to the recent popularity and overall simplicity of the platform, many new online casinos have joined the ranks and allows payment through SafetyPay.

Newest Safety Pay Casinos in the UK

SafetyPay is one of the pioneer of non-card payments solutions, that links your banks to third party organizations without sharing your banking details. One of the core motives of SafetyPay is to strengthen the relationships between you and your banks. With SafetyPay in town, you can easily manage multiple (up to 4) credit cards from different banks, into one unified platform. You can simply pay through your bank balance without having to separately access each and every bank. As the company expands its foothold, you can expect a lot of localized banks to join the bandwagon.

The next advantage is the Android and iOS app of Safety Pay by your mobile device, which improves the banking experience to a laudable degree.SafetyPay also has a strictly audited network that features multiple layers of security. By the very fundamental nature of its design of non-sharing of banking details, makes this a reliable platform to use. On top of its fundamental features, it uses SSL encryption and a its own gateways for additional security. SafetyPay doesn’t collect/store your personal financial information, like credit card numbers, security codes, CVV number, etc.  SafetyPay has successfully partnered with more than 140 banks across three continents, and this provides a leak-proof security wrap around each and every transaction, whether national or international. The only information you will ever need to input will be directly on your bank’s login page, which will be governed by the security feature of your banks.

Main Markets and Currencies

SafetyPay basic operation module is based on micro-level partnerships with all kinds of banks, so as to maximize its customer outreach. Currently, it has the potential to serve 300 million customers through various banking channels, a feat which very few achieves. In America and Canada, users of SafetyPay can also use MoneyGram to fund SafetyPay’s gateways. Elsewhere in places like Columbia, you have a large consortium of banks to choose from like Banco Agrario, Banco AV Villas, Banco AV Villas Cash, BBVA Colombia, Citibank Colombia, Corpbanca Colombia, Banco Caja Social, etc. The company also has a profound presence in Brazil, through Bradesco, Casas Lotéricas, Santander, Caixa Econômica Federal, etc., in Chile through Banco de Crédito,  BBVA Continental, Caja Tacna and Caja Trujillo. It also enjoys a robust presence in Austria, where it is partnered with more than 25 banks, including Ärztebank, Sparda Wien and Gärtnerbank.

SafetyPay also has many merchant benefits, due to which it enjoys a growing popularity among various online and offline service providers. The most exciting feature for merchants of SafetyPay is its opensource feature, which lets organizations and merchants to customize and personalize the user experience through the SafetyPay platform, through the SafetyPay Developer Hub. The Hub offers innovative content to design your refunds, payment notifications, billing styles, faster and deeper navigational flow, etc. SafetyPay also promises to provide marketing support to its merchants through its customer outreach programs. SafetyPay also promises lower fees than credit cards for merchants. It claims, on its official website, to charge just half the rate of conventional credit cards. It’s important to note that SafetyPay doesn’t charge the end-users for its services.

How Does it Work

To make payments in your 2019 online casino via SafetyPay, head to the “Cashier” section of the online casino and enter the deposit details like the deposit amount, promo code, etc. You will now be asked to choose the payment gateway, where you have to select SafetyPay, which will appear under internet banking. Once you proceed from this, you will be asked to enter your SafetyPay login ID and password. Once you log in, you can choose the bank you want and proceed with the payment. Your bill is automatically generated so you don’t have to manually type the amount. At this stage, you will be redirected to your bank’s login page, where you have to validate/confirm the payment. Your payment will be successful and you should instantly be credited with the fresh funds.

– Anonymous transactions.
– Simple to use and Free for end-users.
– Extensive reach in Central and Latin America.

– No bank network in USA and Canada.
– High Currency conversion rate.