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Pingit IconPingit is an innovative way of transfer money from your bank account, simply through your mobile number. The services are limited to UK citizen above the age of 16 years. The company falls under the ambit of Barclays, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 122702). Pingit was first introduced in February 2012 by Barclays bank as a customer-facility. It was later extended to outsiders and is today widely used for making online payments.

Anyone with a valid bank account in UK banks can use Pingit. To use Pingit as a merchant or to receive funds, you must have a bank account at Barclays. The Pingit system has many clear advantages over traditional methods of funds transfer. For starters, the fund’s transfer is totally bank-less and gives you the highest anonymity in the industry. It only requires you to share your mobile number with third-party institutes to make payments. This is complemented by the ease of use and user-friendly design of its app.

The most amazing feature of Pingit is its flexibility, through which you can not only send money to your friends and online service providers but also receive funds directly into your bank account.  Pingit has partnered with several companies to extend its outreach in the international market. Currently, Pingit can be used to pay in 35 countries in their native currencies. It can also be used to receive funds for several countries, provided that you have a small-scale business with valid Anti-Money Laundering provisions.

The Pingit service has started using the Faster Payment Scheme, which facilitates funds transfer between Barclays and non-Barclays banks to a great degree. It takes a maximum of 30 seconds for funds to cross over to other banks under the Faster Payment Scheme. It also slashes the interbank transaction charges, which makes it more attractive for merchants. It’s important to note that Pingit doesn’t charge end-users for sending money through its platforms. It only charges merchants when they receive funds into their bank accounts by using Pingit. Pingit is compatible with the Paym mobile payment system which works across other UK banks.However, the main disadvantage of Pingit, however, is its transaction limits, which is limited to an amount between £1 and £300.  Users cannot send more than this using Pingit. For merchants, however, there is no limit to the maximum amount of funds that can be received.

Best New Pingit Casinos

Pingit does have an app on the Android and iOS platform, but it can be used in a normal mobile phone without internet. The basic requirement to pay through Pingit is to have an SMS based phone, while you can check out numerous extra features in the Pay by Bank App on Google Play Store, Windows Store and App Store. The app makes it’s tremendously easy to pay through the use of QR codes and directly access your contact lists to add beneficiaries. It also features bills payment options for various utilities in the UK. You can directly pay all your utility bills like gas, electricity, mobile bill, etc. through this one app. You can also make small purchases like lottery tickets. Only residents of the UK or the Isle of Man can buy lottery tickets using Pingit. You can even do your share of philanthropy with Pingit’s app, by donating to your favorite cause. Pingit has partnered with several NGO’s and Charity organizations and promises to safely deliver your contributions to their rightful owner. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also add the Gift Aid with your donations, which will add 25p for every £1 you give, to your final donation. The Pay by Bank app also makes it easier to view your transaction history and manage your funds better.

How it works

There are two ways to credit your online casino by using Pingit; one way is by using your registered mobile number or through the Pay by Bank app, which falls e-wallets category. First, you need to make sure that your casino accepts Barclay’s Pingit to make deposits – both existing and new casinos have this option so check it out on ones you are already registered in too. You can find it in the Cashier section, under the list of deposit methods. If you see the Pingit logo or the Pay by Bank app logo, you are good to proceed. To make a deposit at your online casino, you have to fill out the initial details, like deposit amount and bonus codes, in the deposits page of the casino. You will be next asked to select the payment gateway, where you need to select Pingit and enter your registered mobile number. The online casino will generate a bill, with the deposit amount to the Barclay’s network, and you will receive an SMS from Pingit with the bill amount.  Simply confirm the payment by sending an SMS to the network. This works without having to log into your bank account or share your personal and financial details with the online casino. You should receive a confirmation email/SMS about the payments and your funds should reflect on the casino’s cashier page immediately.

To make a payment through the Pay by Bank app of Pingit, search for the Pay by Bank logo under the e-wallets category of fund transfers. The main advantage of using Pay by Bank is to eliminate the maximum transitions limit of £300. However, make sure that the maximum limit of the online casino doesn’t exceed your deposit amount. Simply enter the deposit amount and click on proceed. You will be redirected to the Pay by Bank app, where you need to give the 5-digit security code to enter into the app. You will be automatically presented with a bill from the beneficiary, and you simply need to confirm the payment. Once done, you will be redirected to the cashier page of the online casino, where you should see your fresh funds.

Thumbs upAdvantages:
– Fast payment processing.
– Non-internet based payment system.
– Access to 35 countries.

Thumbs downDisadvantages:
– Only for UK Residents.
– No withdrawal facility from online casinos.
– Transaction limit capped at £300.