New Pingit Casinos

Pingit IconPingit is an innovative way to send money from a UK bank account, using your mobile number or Pay by Bank app.

The service is powered by Barclays, but you can use essentially any UK account. It differs from other Pay by Phone products, such as Payforit, because the money comes directly from your bank account and not your phone bill.

Using your mobile number to make casino payments offers a high level of anonymity. Better, it takes a maximum of 30 seconds for funds to cross over between banks. However, there are transaction limits applied.

Not using set-up yet? Continue reading, and we will give you an overview of the everything you need to know, including a step-by-step guide on how to sign up.

There Are No Current Pingit Casinos

Unfortunately, we are not currently aware of any casinos offering Pingit. Please see our full list of online casino payments to select a quality alternative.

Benefits of Using Pingit

The main advantages of using Pingit are:

  • Fast payment processing
  • Non-internet based payment system
  • Global reach across 35 countries
  • Trusted banking institution

Now let us have a look at each point in some more detail.

Super Fast Deposits

Pingit is powered by Barclays bank and is part of the UK Faster Payments Scheme. This ensures that payments sent from one account to another will arrive in less than 30 seconds, even between different banks.

Using this agreement and background technology, the system can get your money to a casino in lightning quick time. The only thing that may delay the funds showing up would be any checks or verification which the casino performs.

Non-internet Based Payment

Sending payments via this system requires you to use your phone number. There’s no need to sign up to an additional service or create a new account anywhere.

Obviously, you’ll need to sign up and log in at your online casino of choice to make a deposit but there’s no additional online faff for the deposit process.

Global Payments Possible

Pingit has partnered with several companies around the globe to extend its outreach in the international market.

Currently, it can be used to pay in 35 countries in their native currencies which is nice to know if you wanted to deposit funds beyond the UK casinos.

Trusted UK Banking Brand

The company falls under the umbrella of Barclays, a well-trusted name in UK banking. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register number: 122702) which offers users some peace of mind.

This payment method was first introduced in February 2012 by Barclays Bank, solely for their customers. It was later extended to outsiders and is today widely used for making online payments.

Negatives of Using Pingit Casinos

Despite the many advantages listed above, using this method to deposit funds at online casinos in the UK can have some drawbacks.

The main negative points of this particular payment method are:

  • It is only for UK Residents
  • No withdrawal facility from online casinos
  • Transaction limit is capped at £300

Now let us take a look at these points in some more detail:

UK Residents Only

Currently, this payments system is only open to UK residents. To use it you’ll need a UK bank account which is registered at a UK residential address.

Players coming from overseas to enjoy UK online casinos will need to look for an alternative payment method to top up their casino bankroll.

No Withdrawals

Using Pingit is a one-way street – it works for depositing funds only. Players are unable to withdraw money to their bank account from a casino using the service at the current time.

Transaction Caps

Each transaction made using this payment method is capped at £300 GBP. High rollers wishing to deposit higher amounts into their casino accounts will need to either make more than one transaction or look for an alternative way.

Otherwise, you can use the Pay by Bank feature within the mobile app which will allow you to deposit a single amount beyond the £300 GBP limit. Of course, this depends on you having the funds available in your bank account.

How to Deposit at a Pingit Casino

This payment system is designed to be super fast and as effortless as can be. Transferring funds should be as easy as texting a friend.

There are actually two ways to credit your online casino by using this payment system:

  • By using your registered mobile number at the casino.
  • Via the Pay by Bank app which falls under the e-wallets category.

Of course, you first need to make sure that your casino accepts this method to make deposits.  Both existing and new casinos have this option so check it out on ones you are already registered with too. To help you out, we’ve compiled a handy list of casinos above.

Search in the Cashier (payments/account) section of the casino under the list of deposit methods. If you see the Pingit logo you are good to proceed.

Let’s take a look at both of these ways to deposit step by step now:

Method 1: Using Your Registered Mobile Number

Step 1 –  Fill in the Details

To make a deposit at your online casino, you have to fill out some initial details, like deposit amount and bonus codes, in the deposits page of the casino.

Step 2 –  Select Payment Gateway

You will be next asked to select the payment gateway, where you need to select Pingit and enter your registered mobile number.

Step 3 – Check SMS and Confirm Payment

The online casino will generate a bill, with the deposit amount to Barclay’s network, and you will receive an SMS from Pingit with the bill amount.

Simply confirm the payment by sending an SMS back to the network. This all works without having to log into your bank account or share your personal and financial details with the online casino.

Step 4 – Confirmation SMS

You should receive a confirmation email/SMS about the payments and your funds should reflect on the casino’s cashier page immediately.

It’s always a good idea to check your casino’s balance to ensure the funds have arrived. If nothing is showing after a few minutes then contact the casino team right away to investigate why. Payments should usually be instantaneous.

Method 2: Using the Pay by Bank App

Step 1 –  Enter Deposit Amount

Simply enter the deposit amount and click on proceed to get started with your deposit.

Step 2 –  Security Code

You will be redirected to the Pay by Bank app, where you need to give the 5-digit security code to enter into the app.

Step 3 –  Confirm the Payment

You will be automatically presented with a bill from the beneficiary, and you simply need to confirm the payment by clicking confirm.

Step 4 –  Check Your Account

Once done, you will be redirected to the cashier page of the online casino, where you should see your fresh funds.

If you don’t see the funds showing right away then it’s always best to contact the casino support team. That way you can work out if the issue is on their side or yours and get it sorted quickly.

The main advantage of using Pay by Bank is to eliminate the maximum transaction limit of £300 GBP. However, make sure that the maximum limit of the online casino doesn’t exceed your deposit amount as this can cause some major issues.

How to Make a Withdrawal via Pingit

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to make a withdrawal from a UK casino into your bank account using Pingit.

It’s designed as a frictionless way to send money between personal contacts but when it comes to merchants, transactions can only flow one way.

This might change in the future but right now you’ll need to have a solid system in place to withdraw your funds from a UK casino.

Requirements of Using Pingit

Using this innovative payments system has a few requirements that you’ll need to fulfil before you can dive in and use it to top up your casino bankroll.

Here are the things you need to know before using this specific payment method:

  • Currencies accepted via this method
  • Devices you can use to make payments
  • Bank account required

Let us dive into the above points in some more detail now:

Which Currencies are Accepted?

Pingit can be used to make payments in 35 countries and their native currencies. That’s a massive advantage if you need to use it to transfer your funds beyond UK casinos.

However, it’s always advisable to check any charges involved in transactions beyond the UK. Banks usually levy a charge and conversion fee for any international transactions and these can soon stack up.

Do I Need to use a Specific Device?

If you are using your mobile phone number to deposit funds via Pingit then you can use any device which can send and receive an SMS. This means that it’s possible to drop a deposit at a casino using even the most basic of mobile phones.

If you’re going to use the Pay by Bank app to enable deposits then you’ll need a compatible handset. The app is available to download and use on the iOS and Android platforms.

Go to the app store on your device to check that it is compatible and that you’re able to download and use it to make payments.

Which Bank Account is Required?

To use this method to deposit at a casino you will need an active current account from a UK bank. Although it started out as a product provided by Barclays Bank, you can now use this payment method with any UK bank.

There are many different providers available if you don’t already have an account. Check online to compare offers for new customers and to apply.