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Payforit 330x100PayforIt is a popular payment gateway, based on pay by phone method, that has recently seen widespread use due to its anonymity in transactions. Users, today, prefer to pay via their phone balance as it not only lets them stay anonymous but also is convenient and safer to use than traditional modes of payment. The gateway is totally non-bank based, meaning you can pay online without having a bank account. PayforIt is not held by a single identity and is instead owned jointly by 3, EE, O2, and Vodafone.

It can be defined as a consortium of mobile network providers to ease the flow of funds transfers through their mobile networks. The consortium came into existence in early 2015 and offers seamless integration of various mobile devices balances with the online world. PayforIt is available on all UK mobile networks as well as some virtual (MVNO) operators such as Lebara and Virgin. The day-to-day operations of PayforIt is managed by Empello Ltd, a UK based company.

PayforIt allows you to make payments by using your mobile phone. This eliminates the need to share your banking or financial details like credit card number, bank account number, etc. You can simply recharge your mobile balance using cash and use it to pay forward in new online casinos, e-commerce websites, various online services, etc. This simple mode of transaction mitigates a lot of safety and security concerns associated with credit card payments, online banking, wire transfers, and other traditional modes of funds transfer.

PayforIt is also very simple to use, and you don’t have to remember any complex login ID or passwords. Simply use your mobile sim to make and process payments across a number of international markets, all over Europe.  You can use any of the following sim cards to make payments through PayforIt; 3, EE, O2, and Vodafone. You can pay with your pre-paid balance or make credit-payments, which will show up on your monthly phone bills. Payments are validated through SMS validations and don’t even require internet access.

Best New PayforIt Casinos

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An established online casino with large game portfolio, with many live dealer games, and many great promotions and offers.

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Offers an enormous library of more than 1600 online slots and casino games, on top of that it offers a sports betting section. Lets not forget the large Live Dealer section.

Areas of Use

In fact, the method is so simple that PayforIt has designed it as a virtual currency, solely for schooling needs of children. PayforIt’s recent foray into the school fee-paying market happens through the popular Pay Schools application, which facilitates all kinds of school-related fees into one comprehensive platform. Now you can make sure your child carries virtual cash to purchase event tickets, pay at the School Store, Cafeteria, POS, and also pay school fees. You can simply recharge your child’s number with any amount, and it can be used at the Pay Schools network to pay. You can also update daily and monthly limits to keep a check on the maximum amount your child spends through Pay School’s Enhanced Auto Replenishment feature. It’s also quite easy for parents to track, manage, and pay school fees. You can take note of the pending fees and you also be notified for keeping your lunch accounts loaded, so you don’t forget on your child’s lunch money. Pay School is now hoping to launch similar features for college goers.

PayforIt has also introduced the Pay As You Go wallet feature, which lets you save a designated amount of money for instant transactions. It is a kind of cloud-based e-wallet, which can be accessed through your mobile number, at any point of purchase where pay by phone feature is accepted. The Pay As You Go wallet can also be used to store excess funds and make regular payments automatically. The entire trajectory of development for the company is by creating an ecosystem for integrating all your payments through a single bill, i.e. through your mobile bills. The charge will appear on your phone bill or deducted from your pre-paid balance. You can also use the PayforIt platform to use other pay by phone gateways like Boku, ImpulsePay, Oxygen8, and Fonix. PayforIt also issues lucid bills at regular intervals to make sure you stay updated on your payment history. The only big disadvantage of using PayforIt is its limits on transactions, which puts a maximum cap of £ 50 on every transaction.

How It Works

PayforIt is a popular way for crediting your 2017 online casino, as you can maintain full anonymity and get instant credit. Online casinos, especially in the UK, directly uses PayforIt to process payments, however, some indirectly route it through other pay by phone gateways like Boku, ImpulsePay, Oxygen8, and Fonix. You can use any of these providers to access your mobile balance. First, you have to make sure that the online casino accepts deposits through Pay By Phone method. You can check it in the payments section of the casino. Once you confirm the presence of this method, you have to enter the deposit details like deposit amount, promo code, etc. into the cashier’s page of the casino. You will next be asked to select the gateway, which will be the any of the above-mentioned gateways. Choose any one of them and click on “Proceed/Accept/Pay”. This is prompt the system to ask you the mobile number, through which you wish to process the payment. After you enter the details, the system will auto-generate a bill for you and forward it to the PayforIt server.

You will now receive an SMS from your service provider, asking you to validate the payment. Simply follow the instructions, which is usually sending an SMS confirmation message to your provider. Once you confirm the payment, your payment is completed and you will be redirected to the cashier page of your online casino. You will receive an instant email from PayforIt illustrating your payment details. PayforIt doesn’t charge end users for its services, but you can be charged by your online casino. Please sure of the transaction charges before you make payments.

Thumbs upAdvantages:
– Flexibility of pre-paid vouchers along with e-wallet services.
– Pay As You Go wallet feature
– Avaliable across all 3G and 4G enabled devices.

Thumbs downDisadvantages:
– Only for UK based mobile numbers
– No option of reversing a transaction
– Low value transactions with upper limit of £ 50 per transaction.