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New Casinos LTD has had the pleasure of making an exclusive interview with Lars Kollind, Global Sales Manager at Aspire Global, regarding the online casino trends in 2018. Aspire Global is a 12 years old company being listed on First North Stock Exchange in Stockholm with a market capitalization of over 150 million Euro. The company is one of the leading platforms for white label casino solutions, which is the kind of platform that almost all new online casinos run today. Some of the sites that use this platform include recently released Casinsi with a royal theme and Lucky Thrillz.

Lars Kollind PhotoWe had an exclusive interview with Lars trying to learn more about what to expect in the online casino market for 2018. This market has really grown in the last year and it is important for Aspire Global to be careful when they choose partners to launch new brands with. “We release much less fewer sites on our platform and focus on delivering the highest possible quality, than launching as many new online casino sites as possible in 2018,” says Lars Kollind from Aspire Global. The company’s estimate therefore is that the Aspire Global platform will release 1 new casino per month in 2018, “concludes Lars.

Read about this and much more in the interview below:

1 – What can casino-interested and new players expect from Aspire Global in 2018?

1 – Answer: The coming year will be huge for Aspire Global. As part of our long-term goal of offering the best casino offers in the industry, we add a large number of new game titles thanks to agreements with developers like iSoftBet. We continue to improve our CRM capabilities, with new campaign types, performance-based loyalty programs, leaderboards and tournaments to increase players involvement.

The biggest news for players on the Aspire Global Network is the forthcoming expansion of our sportsbook. It will offer an excellent coverage of over 65000 events a month. It is also the industry’s best live betting products, with a host of exciting features including full and partial payout ratio of 99% of the games during the game. There will also be several innovative sports betting features that enable players to use the payout value to actively invest in new combinations, plus a mobile-focused product that provides real-time fast-paced real-time options during ongoing matches.

2 – In 2017, gamification became a new golden keyword that each page would like to offer. What do you think is game changer 2018?

Casinsi Casino Homepage2 – Answer: We expect to see more rules for responsible gaming by regulatory authorities in the main markets. Hopefully, it will increase overall confidence in industry and exclude the less responsible operators. Having seen harder rules for partners, I think this trend is about to be strengthened. Larger operators will take action to check what has really become a jungle. I would not be surprised to see pressure on regulation of the entire partner sector across the EU, reflecting how it is for operators. A license to act as a partner would be a much needed development and there is no doubt that this is considered at the highest level at the moment, not least after the implementation in Britain, which is the hardest in this area.

3 – A large selection of new game developers has emerged lately. Will NetEnt and Microgaming continue to be the two given software manufacturers for the casino industry that most go to or how do you think the market will develop in 2018? Finally, do you have any favourite among new game manufacturers?

Lucky Thrillz Homepage Logo3 – Answer: I think the “must have” top game providers, like NetEnt and Microgaming, will maintain their dominant position, but new, smaller suppliers are also very important to Aspire Global. Not only do they provide new ideas and approaches, they are also a big hit among the players, and many exhibit a fantastic long-term potential. Therefore, we have invested in an integration hub, a kind of third-party solution, providing niche, fast-growing star games like iSoftBet access to our fast-growing global player base.

4 – How do you think the market for new online casino in Europe will be developed and changed in 2018? Will the regulations affect operators?

4 – Answer: Very exciting in the development of legislation is currently under way, especially in markets like Sweden and the Netherlands. I think this is good for the industry and for Aspire Global as a company. Regulation increases the status of online gaming and allows us to acquire more licenses to our white label customers. It will also broaden our offer and provide growth to our global network even more.

Mr-Play-Casino-Homepage-375x3505 – Every day, something about blockchain and Bitcoin is written, how they stand in price or new regulations or deregulation about this. Do you think we will see more cryptocurrencies at new online casinos under 2018? Or is there any other payment method like WeChat Pay (big in Asia) or any new eWallet finally hit through Europe in our industry?

5 – Answer: The simple answer is yes. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has already confirmed that they will begin to regulate Bitcoin as a payment method, which means that more and more operators need to adapt quickly and add it as one of their accepted payment methods. This means that operators will have easier to reach markets that previously did not support many popular online payment systems, which will drive growth to both the EU and EEA.

6 – Which casino site should players will get something different and fun to try out in 2018?

6 – Answer: 2017 has been a fantastic year for Aspire Global, with many new casinos launched, as well as a series of successful migrations. It’s very hard to choose a favourite and I do not think it would be fair for our partners to exclude anyone or choose an individual new casino. Everyone at Aspire Global wishes all our new and existing customers a lot of luck. We want them to be content with all the new products and features we have rolled over the past 12 months; from fresh games and new vendors to the improved platform and of course the enormously increasing numbers we’ve delivered on all levels.

7 – How many new casinos do you think you are going to launch in 2018?

HeySpin Casino Homepage + Logo 400x2507 – Answer: I think several dozen new casinos will start all over Europe in 2018, ranging from small players with new approaches to major deals from established media companies. As for Aspire Global, we are very careful when choosing partners to start new brands. Protecting our reputable brand is of paramount importance. We would rather include fewer sites on our platform and focus on delivering the highest quality possible instead. It is therefore my estimate that the company will be on the low side of about one launch per month.

Recommendations from New Casinos LTD: Our favourite sites are Hey Spin, Lucky Thrillz and Casinsi as mentioned above. We also like Mr. Play that offers a super-cool design and enjoyable gaming experience. The most admirable side is otherwise Captain Charity Casino, which gives out 50% of all company profits to charity for which the players themselves are voting. Hope more new casino sites run similar concepts in the future.

New Casinos thanks Lars Kollind and Aspire Global for this exclusive interview.