Best Online Casino Offers and Promotions

Many new online casinos are using Time Limited offers and promotions to differentiate themselves from other online casinos and to create excitement for their casino players. This is a great way for you, as a online casino player, to get some extra value for your money and to win crazy prizes. Most of the times it is demanding to find out all the new offers form the casinos and it is also confusing to understand all the offers and promotions. Mostly because online casinos are same times using many different names to describe the very same thing. We at New Casinos Ltd has split all the offers and promotions out there in two categories. First it is the Daily Offers, under this category you will find all the offers that are valid for one day and only. Those offers are either unique for each day or are being repeated every weekday.  Then there are the Current Promotions, where you will find time-limited promotions form the latest online casinos that cover everything from Prize Draws, Challenges, Contests, Tournaments, Races and much more.

Best Daily Offers from New Online Casinos

daily offers new casinosDaily Offers are a great way to create excitement for the new online casinos but also to reward the loyal casino players. As we mentioned above we have split the Daily Offers into a few different categories, first to make it easier to understand how they work and then how to get them. We will also present all the Daily Offers that are worth mentioning from all our reviewed online casinos. We are doing this time demanding search every day so you can get the best daily offers from the best online casinos out there so you can spend your own time on doing what you like to do the most, namely to play casino games. Here follows the different types of online casino daily offers:

– Unique Daily Offers: If you are bored with the Daily Offers that are the same week after week, then you will love the new casinos that offer different deals every day. Most casino players like the element of surprise in such deals, since they will first know about the offer the very same day the offer is valid. But there are some web casinos that prefer to let the players know in advance about the casino’s upcoming Daily Offers by making then public their weekly or monthly Daily Offer Calendar. There you will find out the Daily Deals for the whole week or month. What to expect every morning? Well, in many cases you will get Free Spins, Match Bonuses, Cash Back, Top Up, VIP points, Tickets to draws and so on. But in some cases you will find generous offers that will give you the chance to win luxurious trips, event tickets, cool gadgets and many other crazy staff.


Weekly Daily Offers: The Daily Offers here are repeating themselves every week on the same day, meaning that every week on Mondays you will get the same offer, every week on Tuesdays you will get the same offer and so on. Most of the online casinos normally have one Daily Offer every day and in most of the cases it requires an action from you to get them, like making a deposit. The offers from a new online casino is a variation of the most common bonuses in the online casino industry. One day you will get a match bonus on you deposit, the next day you will get Free Spins once you have made a deposit, the day after you will get Cash Back on your deposit, one day you will get tickets to a draw for winning great prizes and then it starts all over again the next week. The online casinos that have VIP Loyalty Programs have a daily offer once a week that you will get VIP points for the deposit you will make that day. Many casino players like the repetitive daily offers, since it gives them the opportunity to chose the offer that fits them the best, they just have to wait for the right day to do it.

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Best Current Promotions from Online Casinos

current-promotions new casinosThe Current Promotions are kind of similar to the Daily Offers with a few distinctive differences. One of them is the time span, the Daily Offers lasts, as the name indicates, for only one day. The Current Promotions are also running under a limited time period but they last much longer than the Daily Offers. The typical length for an Current Promotion is either a few days, most of the times during weekends, or for a week. But sometimes some new online casinos offering Promotions that can run up to a month. The other difference is that most of the Current Promotions are races, challenges and prize draws that are mostly based on wagering, while the Daily Offers are mostly bonuses you will get once you have made a deposit. New online casinos are using the current promotions to create excitement and novelty in the gaming. Some promotions are the closest you can get in social gaming when playing games at online casinos.

Like in the case of the daily offers, the prizes will be either Free Spins, Free Money, Cash Back, Top Up or Nice Things like luxurious trips, event tickets, cool gadgets and many other crazy staff. The online casinos with VIP Loyalty Programs may also give away VIP points as prizes. The most common to get is a Money Prize which you will have to wager on you online casino before you will be able to withdraw the money, but that trend is changing and we see now many online casinos that offer wager free prizes. The amount of the Money Prizes varies, the best cash prizes may be as high as £5000 for the first place. The new casinos are really generous when it comes to the things you can win, what about a luxury car worth £50000 or exotic trips worth  £5000 or electronic gadgets for £1000 or tickets to popular events and so on. We have categorized the current promotions as follows:

– Races, Challenges, Contests and Tournaments: As you can imagine the names that you will run into will be many, but in reality they all are the very same thing. They mean more or less that you will compete with other casino players in whom will wager the most on a specific casino game or on all casino games during a specific time period. The duration for those races is everything from a weekend up to a month. Normally the top 10 players that wagered the most will win a prize. When it comes to the casino tablet games, tournaments are what races and challenges are to online slots. Table Game players compete against other casino players or against the casino to win great prizes.

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Prize Draws: It is the most common for all new online casinos to have generous Prize Draws a few times each month. To participate to such casino Prize Draw you have either to make a deposit or wager, and actually in same cases you will have to do both. Each time you deposit or wager a certain amount of money you will get 1 ticket for the draw. For example, for each £10 you deposit or wager you will get 1 ticket to the draw. In other words, the more you deposit or play the greater the chance of winning.

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