MustardBet CasinoAgainst the momentous rise of online slots, the online bookmaking market has seen a tepid rise. This trend is all set to change with the arrival of some premium booking platforms, that delivers on exactly what the players ask. Few new online casinos have the mettle to rise to this occasion and deliver a product that is not only simple to use but also exciting to play with.

Mustard Bet is one such rare find, that is still a rising star. It comes with a huge reputation in online betting and is a true champion when it comes to betting in European football. The fan-base of the brand consists of some of the big-wigs of online gambling along with industry-veterans of the betting world. Mustard Bet is a truly premium brand and is building its reputation slowly and steadily.

MustardBet Casino CashbackWe are particularly optimistic about Mustard Bet’s success because the sports betting section of the iGaming community is still in germination mode, and yet to realize its full potential. Mustard Bet is still a brand in development and a casino in-making, so you might miss out on several aspects like a welcome bonus, fashionable casino games, diverse payment gateways, etc. It has not been able to optimize its website fully yet, so we flexed our yardsticks a bit for this casino.

We believe that the casino has a lot of potentials and with time, it will metamorphize into an awesome gaming platform. As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day”, so all great things do take its due time. However, by its first look and overall appeal, we put out weight behind this brand and hope it will be a valuable addition to the iGaming community. Players can join early to get full loyalty benefits, particularly if you are planning to bet big. Here are five solid reasons for joining Mustard Bet today:

MustardBet Casino gamesAwesome Slot Games – Being a sports bookmaking website, our expectations from Mustard Bet’s casino section was quite low. However, we were amazed to find some of the best titles in the iGaming community, from a basket of top game developers. The list of developers includes four notable names; Microgaming, QuickSpin, RabCat, and Genesis Gaming.

While this may seem less by most standards, the casino seems to prefer quality over quantity. And when it comes to quality, Mustard Bet delivers spot on. Each and every casino game is vetted by expert editors and has been added for distinct features, themes or extraordinary graphics.

Football Betting – There are very few brands that offer such an in-depth football betting experience as Mustard Bet does. Meticulous detailing of its layout is what caught our eye. The sports booking section has been developed by able and experienced hands and the work reflects its virtues in its intuitive dynamic rotating bet slip and innovative trading screen, that smoothens out high-frequency bets with ease. The casino lets you bet in a variety of ongoing leagues like English Premier League, Belgium First Division, Maxxtv Prva HNL, The Emirate FA Cup, FIFA Events, and a ton of regional football leagues.

MustardBet SportsbookThe casino promises to add new sporting events, apart from football, to expand its foothold in the industry. You can pre-set your bets up to 48 hours in advance, and you have a variety of features to play with. The casino’s business model is well suited for high-value bettors and the services are optimized to carry the load of huge transactions. Players can withdraw up to £500000 at one go, and £ 1000000 for privileged members.

Active Customer Support – Mustard Bet is able to provide active customer support throughout the day from its desktop, as well as mobile versions. The casino provides you with a white live chat symbol at the right-hand side part of the page. You have to enter your name to start the Live Chat and we initiated a live chat to experience their services first-hand. We received cordial replies within minutes of our request, which was during peak casino hours.

We were quite impressed with the experience and politeness of the customer executive and he guided us through the entire website and answered all our queries with patience. Mustard Bet can also be contacted through email ([email protected]) or telephone (+44-0-203 475 7699), from Monday to Friday; 9 AM to 5 PM GMT.

MustardBet BlogSocial Media Presence – Mustard Bet is an evolving brand of casino and already has a huge fan-following in various social media platforms like Twitter and Medium. It is rare to see a casino brand come out in to open to reach out to its followers. In Twitter, the casino maintains a robust presence with more than 1200 followers and 1000+ tweets. It’s more than active by all standards.

The casino’s presence in Twitter is very helpful for its players who want a live update on the upcoming matches at the platform. In Medium too, it has a huge crowd pulling capacity and regularly publishes an informative newsletter of the latest development and improvements. Now never be too far from the latest developments taking place in the world of football and betting, by following the Mustard Bet social media handles.

MustardBet Mobile ScreenSecurity – A safe and secure casino is the first priority of any online punter. This face is well understood by Mustard Bet, which has put in place one of the most advanced security frameworks in place, comparable to the encryption technology used in modern banking networks. This makes sure that your personal information stays with the casino only and is not leaked to other sources. This becomes important in case of banking and we are happy to inform that Mustard Bet is fully compliant with PCI-DSS standards.

You can now use your credit/debit card at the casino without having to worry about online fraud or identity theft. These are issues of the past with the latest 128-bit SSL encryption, regular auditing, and anti-malware software. The peace of mind that comes with such security and safety measures gives off a good gambling vibe and adds depth to the casino experience. Mustard Bet must be commended for such a wonderful job on player security.

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