2016New Casinos interviewed the marketing expert of 777 Casino, Gai Drumer. In recent years many new online casino have entered the market, one better than the other. But what will happen in the year 2016? There are many different thoughts and predictions from various operators. While some argue that the big online casino rush has already occurred, other casinos players say that there is plenty of room for innovation. Gai Drumer from the brand new online casino 777 looks into the crystal ball and tells us what he sees happening in the online casino industry for the year 2016.

1. The online casino market is becoming increasingly competitive and the next year is expected to be swarming of brand new online casinos. What do you think will happen on the online casino market in 2016?

Indeed there will be a growing number of new online casino brands on that market, and I’m always happy to see the effects of that scene. Some online casino brands might drop out, but for the good among us it provides the need to upgrade and innovate so that all the user experience evolves from year to year. I predict that the field of the Live Casino will develop further, and that with time we’ll see players connected to it more and more. Also the feeling to be part of the family and the Vintage environment of 777 casino won’t change but indeed expected to reach many more developments and surprises from our side.

777 Casino VIP Scheme2. Bonuses and rewards seem to become increasingly larger. Do you have any expectations for 2016, what will happen on the market regarding bonuses?

Online casino bonuses have always been, and will always be an important element. I also believe in the existence of it, it gives something with a sense of security for new casino players and it’s a gradual and more convenient entry to the new online casinos. At 777 casino we are always creative with bonuses and we are thinking a lot about the needs of our players, also about their satisfaction and experience. 777 Casino will surprise with new and creative casino bonuses and rewards in the year 2016.  Terms & Conditions

3. How is 777 Casino prepared for 2016? Does it have any plans for the new year?

Definitely yes! Innovations range of games variety, we are learning all the time what our audience likes and we love to upgrade their experience, in the area of bonuses and the promotions. At the moment we are standing with several new promos on the barrel and in time will be added more. 777 Casino will be available in several languages beyond the current ones. Due to large demand 777 Casino is going to catch a significant part in the Scandinavian and European regions and the Live Casino of 777 will remain unique and dedicated by giving its full attention to the nature of its online casino players and their habits.

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