Rizk Casino PhotoRizk is the newest online casino licensed in the UK. The brand new casino is part of a listed company called Gaming Innovation Group (GIG: NO) with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. New Casinos UK has the pleasure to ask a few questions to Tim Parker, Head of Casino for Rizk:

#1. How did you come up with the name Rizk? Can you also please explain what Risk Casino is all about?
We spent a significant amount of time thinking of a brand name that would be inline with our “no bullshit” policy of transparency, which would also reflect clearly what we do and what we are about whilst at the same time creating and impact and being memorable for our players. Rizk is the result. Rizk casino is all about removing the “bullshit” that we see everyday from most new online casinos. This means minimising terms and conditions that are adverse to those that a player would expect, being as transparent as possible, removing as much wagering requirement bullshit as possible whilst building deep gamification concepts interlaced with fun, excitement and a little bit of Rizk to keep our players engaged. Having a wheel of fortune, where players get free spins, is something totally different from other casinos.

#2. What is unique with Rizk? What makes the brand stand out from common, less innovative new online casinos? Why should a player looking for a high class new casino site consider Rizk?
The player rewards system at Rizk is very unique, as players play they will level up (normally in around 25-30 minutes of playtime) and each time they level up they are rewarded with the “Wheel of Rizk” (WoR). The WoR gives out prizes based upon the players level of play and will reward anything from 5 Free Spins, through Super Spins and Mega Spins to big Jackpot cash awards. T&C Every prize won from the wheel of Rizk comes with absolutely zero wagering requirements. If a player wants a high class casino with a unique look and feel that rewards them continuously and without the need for wagering requirements then Rizk is the casino for them.

Rizk Casino Welcome Bonus#3. Rizk’s new internet casino got a flexible deposit bonus that depends on pure luck. How does people appreciate it?
The 200% welcome bonus has been very well received with 80% of our players choosing to take the bonus. It extends their play allowing them to experience the WoR and still get great rewards. T&C

#4. Rizk focus primary on slots, table games and jackpot games. Is the company getting any more live casino games within short? Which games are most popular?
Our Slot games are by far and away the most popular, we will are currently assessing our Live Games offering and will be able to give you more information on this in the next 3-4 weeks. In the short term we will be adding more Live Offerings from NetEnt.

#5. The Rizk Man looks a bit like superman and he gives out lots of new free spins and entertainment? How does he differ from other super heroes? What is the impression from new players so far about the Rizk superhero and bonuses?
The impression from players to both the character, the brand and the no bullshit approach has been hugely positive and has created a very unique and exciting player experience that allows them to enjoy the Rizk experience time after time.

New Casinos Limited would like to thank Tim Parker, Head of Casino for Rizk, for taking the time to answer all interview questions.

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