Cards Year 2018The year 2017 was the year of Live Casinos in the iGaming community. It was one sector that saw a rapid rise and shows no sign of slowing down. The demand for live casinos is also at its peak as a huge number of bettors are slowly turning to mobile gaming for the first time. The coming year will add fuel to the fire as new companies are preparing to showcase their talents in this niche. Live Casinos in 2018 will continue to dominate the casino scene and there are plenty of trends that suggest a booming market in this category. A ton of new features, new concepts, new locations, new games and new tournaments will come into the play as big brands ready themselves to enter this market. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most defining trends in the live casino scene and how it will shape up gambling in the 21st century. Here follows the new trends for 2018 for Live Dealer Games:

Mobile CasinoMobile Gambling – 21st-century millennials are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. In the wake of this revolution, Live Casinos are increasingly shifting their base towards mobile gambling. It has been observed that player retention drastically increased with mobile gambling and people made more focused decisions. In a recent discussion on the subject, industry leaders have admitted that the mobile revenue is their prime market and many fresh games are solely being developed for new mobile casinos. This rapid shift towards mobile gambling comes with its own set of challenges, but the industry is now fully geared to tackle this head-on. Challenges like latency of information, loss of internet connection, synchronization issues with audio and video, and higher loading time, are all maladies of mobile gaming. But the focus has definitely shifted to mobile gaming and it is the primary market for most big brands. Lighter and flexible versions of live casinos are being developed solely for mobile-use and in some cases, casinos are creating their own apps on various platforms to take the gambling experience to the next level.

Themed Live Casinos – The contemporary market for live casino games is pretty standardized and most of the casinos provide very similar live casino experiences. However, this is all set to change as new models and themes will envelop the live casino segment. In the near future, you can bet your money on casinos with superhero themes, ancient Egypt theme, space-travel theme, Asian theme, Hollywood theme, etc. These themed casinos will feature extensively decorated backgrounds that complement the theme. As new game developers enter the live casino industry, we will also see these companies producing themed-based games for themed casinos. This will surely revolutionize the way we gamble as new features will evolve with new themes. This will bring in a much need diversity in various live casino games, and will definitely add to the gambling experience for the players.

Live DealerHighly integrated – The live casino industry of the future is going to be highly integrated and you can wager your funds through a single account. This will help you to manage your funds better and keep all your betting activity restricted to a single account. Many prominent game developers of the live casino industry are mulling on the idea of creating unique player IDs, which will help players to continue their live casino experience in any platform, even in land-based slot machines. Different platforms will also be integrated into one and interchangeability between various casinos will also become more fluid. This will create a new wave of consolidation for live casinos and only the top casinos will survive this race. The more the industry consolidates, the better it gets for the end-players as the brands will be in a better position to offer lucrative bonuses and evolve their products more.

New Features – With a lot of attention being fixed on live casinos for 2018, new features will be introduced in this segment over the coming year. The newest feature is the Bet Behind feature, which has been introduced by all the big brands of live casinos gaming. With the Bet Behind feature, players can now bet on other’s outcomes/hand, while they are waiting for their turn. This awesome way of gamifying is a brainchild of Evolution Gaming, which introduced it in its Blackjack games and was quickly picked up by other brands. Other features like better statistics reports, dealer-card history, in-game betting, glass-table recordings, in-spin betting, etc. will be widely available across all game types in the coming year. The feature-shower will intensify once new brands enter the market and challenge the conventional brands like NetEnt Live and Evolution Gaming. One of the newest additions to the online casino community’s Live Gambling section was gaming giant, Playtech. The company recently opened the world’s largest Live Casino Studio in Riga and it is going to change the gambling scene with new features and more importantly, new games like keno, lottery, scratch card games, dream catcher type wheels, etc.

Live Dealer Poker ChipsLive Casino Tournaments – With live casinos enjoying a phenomenal success, there are a lot of spectators in this growing industry, which naturally opens the door for live casino tournaments and in-game competitive features. Many casinos have introduced gamification concepts in their live dealer section, with some even creating regular tournaments for rewarding the top punters in certain live casino games. Youtube has seen a spurt in spectators to these live casino tournaments and many prominent punters have achieved celebrity-like status with their unique style of gambling. Moreover, with the chat feature being increasingly used in the live casino industry, we have seen a lot of interest in forming live gaming communities and holding competitive tournaments. This trend will avalanche into full-scale tournaments, something similar to e-sports. Spectators can bet on their favorite players and win money on betting on live casinos games.

Exotic Location – Evolution gaming recently did a bold experimentation, where it streamed some of its live dealer games to Vip loyal players, live from the hip-and-happening beaches of Barcelona. This created quite a storm in many casino circles for its newness. It was quite new and welcoming sight indeed, as it was the first outside studio gambling. Dealers could be spotted chilling in exotic locations, with the sound of seagulls and waves in the background. This newfound feature of live casino streaming from exotic locations is going to revolutionize live casinos. Players can now attend global events with these platforms, as big brands take your betting experience to exotic locations and stream you a live game from there. This day is not far from seeing the light of day and 2018 could well be the year for this trend to go mainstream. NetEnt Live is also working towards a newer way to incorporate interesting background for its players, with the new Chroma Key technology that enables 3D-branded backgrounds.