2017 Football IconNew Casinos can easily confirm that Sports Betting has always been a major field of interest amongst players in the UK. Up until recently, the major trend so far has been that numerous online casinos adding sports betting sections in their platform and vice versa, sports betting sites adding online slots and casino games. However, the future of sports betting can not only be this; the market of 2017 requires more and sports betting sited are already in a quest to advance their services in terms of betting odds, betting options, live betting. Besides that, it is the technological advances that will create a new era in the sports betting industry. First of all we would recommend you to read our Guide of how to Bet and how to find the best betting site or online casino to Bet. Here comes New Casinos believes about the things that will make waves in 2017:

Mobile Sports Betting

It is impossible to talk about trends in sports betting without mentioning the mobile trend and it’s capabilities. Every bookmaker is getting on board with handheld devices, and it is revolutionizing the industry. Sports betting is social, and it is much easier to take your mobile phone around to watch the game’s outcome. These apps are simple to use, and with the immergence of mobile payment methods it is easier than ever to fund a casino account from a mobile device.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is also rapidly growing in popularity. Although the licenses still have most broadcasts locked into certain networks, some large bookmakers are gradually getting their hands on live streams that can be watched without leaving the site. We predict that this trend with continue as it has caused a massive increase in the popularity of live betting.


In the last couple of years E-sports have exploded in popularity. In case you don’t know, most online casinos, with sports books, will allow players to bet on the outcome of video games. It really began with Starcraft. A popular strategy game that became a national sport in South Korea, but this list of games has grown to include Dota II, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Starcraft II. It isn’t chump change either. Dota II recently set the record with a £20 million prize pool. All of the kinks are not ironed out, and there is always the risk of a game crashing or a game being thrown, but as the competition is legitimised these will all become problems of the past.

Player Tracking Software

The NFL is now mounting software in player’s pads that track their movement in the game. We predict that bookmakers will open up more markets allowing people to wager on this information. Will this player run over 5km in the match? Will his heart rate exceed 190 BPM. As this move into other sports, there will be more and more data, that will require punters to dig even deeper into their research to try predict the outcomes.

The Legalization of Sports Betting

The Legalisation of sports betting is a thing of the past in the UK but it is pretty new in the US. It is slowly gaining momentum, New York and South Carolina have both introduced bills that look to legalize wagering on sporting events and it looks to be starting a domino effect with other states considering doing the same. This legalisation push will surely help the movements in other parts of the world that want sports betting industries free of government intervention or at the very least legalised. Proper legislation will lead to more trustworthy online casinos that are accountable for their actions.