.casino domain

A few days ago, a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) that is highly relevant for the casino industry – dot CASINO – was launched. After a turbulent year where 100’s of new domain names have been released so, .CASINO is the only one highly relevant for the online and landbased casino industry.

Any visitor would immediately understand that there will be information focused on casino, from a casino perspective – when visiting dot casino names. The new extension will also stand out in search engines if you select a good name. For instance, [Product + Casino OR Games + Casino OR Brandname + Casino] will be highlighted in Google, all of it – both the name and the suffix. In comparison to many competitors, this can be a faster way to catch attention and “be seen”.

Advantages with .CASINO?
-The high price can be an advantage as people who engage in phishing and spam are staying away from expensive domain names.
-.CASINO is expected to get higher CTR in the search engines because people are so curious. What is this – the dot casino? We have to check out!
-The above factors can lead to higher rankings in search engines if a .CASINO domain name is in sight next to a .UK or a .COM.

Disadvantages with .CASINO?
-Price is, of course, in some ways a clear disadvantage. £95 per year renewal in fees are not great – unless the domain is part of your development plans.
-Dot .Casino might convert considerably worse than .com and .UK domains. One possible reason: Visitors come in mostly because they are curious.
-It can be harder to send hyperlinks to friends with the next .casino ending. So far, at least Skype don’t support it, many email programs don’t support it, while at least Facebook just seems to have figured it out. If the link is not clickable, you might get fewer visitors that take the time and visit your site.

So what name do you think New Casino Limited should purchase? So far, we bought new.casino (of course), and our favourite – freespins.casino. The latter will become an dedicated new casino site after the summer.