Vegas Hero Logo 2018The year of 2017 is almost over, and just another great year of new and innovative casino sites are just ahead of us. For being able to have some guidance of how the online casino landscape in 2018 will look like  we have secured an exclusive interview with Yoav Dotan, founder and owner of Vegas Heroes, that was released in November 2017. A casino brand that happens to be one of the best casinos of the year and was awarded with the title of BEST CASINO OF DECEMBER 2017. This great casino has a cool theme and gives you a goal, an aim, a mission – which is to save the beautiful city of Las Vegas from a myriad of perils all about to strike and damage it magnificence. And for successfully completing your mission, the casino spoils you with huge cash rewards. Read our review of Vegas Hero Casino.

Yoav Dotan with his long experience in the casino industry, funder also of Sloty and Spinit, will guide us through the trends of 2018 by answering the following 8 questions:

Vegas-Hero-Casino-Homepage-375x3501 – What can new players expect from your site the coming year? Are there any interesting news that players can look forward to experience?

Answer: Players can expect more loyalty and gamification activities on the product side, which we are working and developing for the past year. They should also expect better communication tools and more interesting and personal retention and promotions. We also plan to integrate at least 5-6 new game vendors.

2 – During 2017, gamification become the new golden keyword that every site would like to offer. What do you think will be game changer in 2018? Perhaps there are many things changing?

Answer:  We are working hard on gamification on the product side. I think it was not a game changer so far and I think it will not be a game changer in 2018. I think it will take a few more years until a new product can be called a game changer, if at all. As most players are interested in quick and fast interaction with the same 3rd party game providers.

Hero-Vegas-Games-375x3503 – A great amount of new developers have emerged the last year, that can be found on many new sites. Will NetEnt, Microgaming and the other giants keep their lead or how do you think the market will develop 2018 for developers? Also, have you got any favorite new developer?

Answer: I think there are very good “new” or mid size game providers. I think its great for the industry and I think there will be eventually consolidation with bigger vendors, but I also believe good newcomers will always be there. I will not name one, as there are quite a few, also depending on which market you target. I am waiting for gamification on the games side, and to see the first candy crush, or clash royal of our industry. I will be even bolder and say that as Esports grows….who knows – maybe in a few years most sports betting will be done on Esports, and most casino games will have gamification like candy crush.

Vegas Hero Jackpot4 – What was your biggest winner during 2017? And from which game did it come and how much did the winner bet/wage?

Answer: Beside the jackpot winners, We had a few big winners. One is a serious VIP that played Evolution live blackjack and one mid size player who played a variety of slots from NetEnt and Microgaming. If I am talking one session wise – the live blackjack player won 228000 Euros (in a course of 2 days session), and the Slot player won 271000 Euros (in 5 days session). As many players do, they start with smaller bets and once they accumulate winnings they start wagering big, like 2-5k hands in live blackjack and 250 euros in each slot round.

Vegas Hero Image5 – How will the market will change for online casinos in 2018? Will any regulations affect operators already next year?

Answer: I think the market in general will continue to boom for the next 5-10 years, at least. I see regulation as a good thing , as it helps to grow the industry despite margin going lower, as the operation as a regulated operation increases its value. It also cleans the “bad” competition.

Vegas Hero Menu6 – Every day, it’s written about blockchain and bitcoin, how it increase in price and new regulations or de-regulations around it. Do you think we will see more crypto currencies on online casinos, apart from Bitcoins, in the coming year? Alternatively, will any other payment method such as WeChat Pay (big in Asia) or any new eWallet finally succeed in Europe, even in  our industry?

Answer: I feel I spend too much time to understand crypto currencies and blockchains. Ideology wise, I am all for it, business wise, I think because we are very regulated this is not relevant until the countries we operate in will regulate crypto currencies. As someone who has been in the online casino industry for a long time, the reason for success in Asia or in any other market will not be crypto but marketing channels, which are very different from EU. For example – good luck tapping into a market like China. You are competing with thousands white labels of small time Chinese operators who bring their friends and family and market through spamming on Wechat.

7 – Which online casino should our visitors try in 2018? Have you got any new brands coming or is the current brand still very hot?

Answer: Yes – we just launch Vegas Hero, our fourth casino. Try it out.

8 – How many new EU licensed casinos do you estimate will launch in 2018?

Answer: 60

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