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New Casinos have 2 really cool and easy to use mobile casino apps, enabling you to keep track on the latest online casinos, bonuses, jackpots and news. Would you like to get updates about the latest casinos?  See the newest offers first? Get access to the best and most exclusive bonuses, that others can’t offer? Sign up to the appropriate mobile casino app from New Casinos today! You can download our mobile app in a few seconds! The apps are available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the links below.

New Casinos iOS Application


Download the latest version of our iOS app with plenty of new casinos directly from Apples app-store here:

New Casinos Android Application



There are two steps to download the Android app.

1. You might need to change the option for downloading apps from other sources than Google Play. This can be done on your mobile phone or tablet under “settings”.
2. Go to in your browser on the Android mobile or tablet and download immediately.

New Casinos has released its brand new mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded simply from the mobile version of their site within a few moments. This app covers everything you need to know about the latest online casinos and their bonus offers.

Checking it out in-depth, from the presentation to the widgets:


New-Casinos-Mobile-App-HomeWhen you land on the mobile app, you’ll first be impressed by its bright, well-designed presentation. From the scrolling text at the top of the page (laid over a stylish black backdrop with scattered stars) telling you what you can expect to find within the app, to the bold white background as you scroll, it’s easy on the eyes.

This is crucial: no matter how long you spend browsing the variety of news articles and reviews, you’ll find it pleasant and comfortable. While this might sound trivial at first, compare this with an app featuring a harsher colour scheme – you’ll soon this its importance.

The latest news stories are listed underneath, and you can scroll through dozens and dozens of them, going back weeks to find the most important revelations from across the online gaming sector.

Menu and Navigation

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-Side-MenuBy clicking on the menu button at the top left of the screen, you’ll bring up a list of links to aid navigation throughout the app. The options include:

  • Homepage
  • Casino top list
  • New Casinos
  • Bonuses & free spins
  • Latest news
  • Newsletter
  • About us

The app has a wealth of resources to explore. Let’s cover each of these in better detail:

Casino Top List

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-Top-ListWhen you click the ‘casino top list’ link, you’ll be taken to the pick of the latest, greatest online gaming websites. Again, this features solid white backgrounds and black text for absolute clarity (making the most of the small screen’s limited space), with key details provided in one space.

Just scrolling the list, you’ll see each casino’s name, URL, bonus, and star-based rating. There’s also a ‘play now’ button that takes you to the casino itself, so you can redeem your bonus and start playing. Clicking on the link opens an in-depth review, covering the casino’s variety of gaming options, bonuses, loyalty programmes, and more.

Even if you don’t want to read the more comprehensive review, you can take a look at the overview to get a fair idea of what each casino offers. It’s ideal for casino-research on the move.

New Casinos

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-New-Casinos-SectionTapping the ‘new casinos’ link takes you to the best new casinos available, again giving you a brief overview of the casinos’ URL, bonuses, and star rating. Clicking one takes you to an in-depth review, much like with the ‘casino top list’ option.

This makes finding the newest casinos, with fresh bonuses and games, far easier than having to simply scour the internet yourself.

Bonuses & Free Spins

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-About-BonusesThis section explores the latest, most impressive bonuses available at the newest casinos. These cover the most popular promotions, including welcome bonuses redeemable with registration, as well as secret deposit bonuses and discount offers.

It also gives you the best free spins available at casinos, which usually award you a select number of spins (25, 50, 100+) in exchange for registering or playing a specific game.

Clicking on one of the casinos listed will take you to the website itself, where you can redeem your bonus and / or free spins, whatever it may be. There are dozens upon dozens listed, so either search for your favourite casino or check out which is best to join.

Latest News

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-Latest-NewsThe online casino industry is a thriving, competitive one, which means businesses release updates, new websites, new casinos bonuses, new exclusive offers, new games, and more with incredible regularity. Regulations and rules also change from time to time, so it’s vital to stay abreast of the latest updates.

You can browse all the most up-to-date news stories and announcements in this area of the mobile app, from the newest promotions, interface adjustments, special deals, and more.

Newsletter offers its customers the chance to receive exclusive bonuses, news, updates, and reviews direct to your email inbox via their newsletter. Under this section of the mobile app, you can register for it, and need to enter only your email address, first name, and last name.

This is invite-only, and you’ll get the opportunity to be the first players at the latest casinos and bonuses.

About us

New-Casinos-Mobile-App-About-UsWant to know more about Tap on the ‘about us’ section, and you’ll be taken to the brand’s information, their contact details, and their company registration. This is very helpful if you’re looking to get in touch with the company behind the app.

Responsiveness, Interface, Widgets

The mobile app is extremely responsive, boasting smooth performance and simple navigation on all phones and tablets.

Loading times between pages are very quick, with text and images appearing within a second. This makes finding the next casino or bonus deals far faster than it may be using a desktop site.

The interface is very user-friendly and accessible. It’s designed to make navigation as easy as possible, with fast scrolling and great use of space (to minimise the risks of tapping the wrong link in close proximity to the right one).

There are various different widgets scrolling at the top of the homepage, taking you to the newest reviews and other features on the app. Having these scroll independently brings valuable dynamism to the app, and prevents you needing to actually swipe left or right yourself.

All in all, the mobile app is a strong new addition to the brand’s services. With mobile casinos so popular today, and still getting bigger, having instant access to the latest updates, gaming websites, and bonuses on your mobile is a real help for fans. It’s well-designed, easy to use, and updated with impressive regularity.