High-Roller-Casino-Logo-330x100New Casinos presents an exclusive interview with one of the year’s most innovative gambling sites, High Roller. Jacob Sundh, senior partner manager at High Roller, has been given a try to answer our 7 questions about the casino trends of 2018. Jacob grew up in Malmö, Sweden, but now lives in Malta, and we are pleased that he has taken the time to reflect and comment on what can be expected in 2018. Did you knew that it’s possible to “steal bonuses” at High Roller Casino, to take from other “lazy players”. The site has all the developers you could wish for and a great design and a reward system far beyond the usual. High Roller is using the Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) platform, a listed company in Oslo.

Here follows the Exclusive Interview:

High Roller CasinoQuestion 1. What can we expect from Highroller Casino in the coming year? Any interesting news that players can look forward to?

Answer: 2018 will definitely be an exciting year for HighRoller. Given the launch of the casino so late in the year, we have a lot to look forward to. We’ll see what exciting promotions / news the site brings.

Question 2. In 2017, gamification became the new keyword. What do you think will be “game changer” in 2018? Or are there just a few things that will affect the industry?

Answer: Certainly, gamification has been a big deal in 2017, and we have seen some new casinos that presented cool ideas. HighRoller is, for example, such a casino and I think many more will follow the same track in 2018 as well. I think it’s hard to say what could become a game changer in 2018, but I think Twitch will get an even bigger and more important role when it comes to marketing.

High-Roller-Casino-Games-375x350Question 3. A large selection of new game developers has emerged lately. Will NetEnt and Microgaming continue to be the two given developers that most go to or how do you think the market will develop in 2018? Finally, do you have any favorite among new game developers?

Answer: Just like new casinos that appear look tight, it’s the same when it comes to game developers. There is much competition, and many operators prefer to use first-rate names, such as NetEnt and Microgaming, it has become the norm. But I clearly think things will change over time. We may not get such great changes already in 2018, but in the future, it will be different. A game developer who takes more and more market share is Yggdrasil, and personally I really like their games so we can say that it’s my favorite at the moment.

High-Roller-Casino-400x250Question 4. Which were the biggest winners in 2017? What game was the win and how did the winner bet?

Answer: Will not be honored if this is the biggest winner in 2017, but I remember that we had a player who won around $ 3.5 million on Divine Fortune earlier this year, which is a very big winner no matter what. Try Out High Roller Now.

Question 5. How do you think the online casino market in Europe will develop and change in 2018? Will regulations change game rules for years to come?

High-Roller-Casino-Rpomo-180x375Answer: As it looks now, we will probably see some changes in 2018 yes. Feels like if Germany will take quick action soon. Then Sweden is getting closer and closer to a regulation. At present, there is also a lot happening in the UK, and it seems that their rules will become even more stringent. So yes, we will all see changes that concern us all.

Question 6. Every day, something about blockchain and bitcoin is written, how they stand in price or new regulations or deregulation about this. Do you think we will see more crypto currencies are only bitcoins at the online casinos in 2018? Or is there any other payment method like WeChat Pay (big in Asia) or any new eWallet finally hit through Europe in our industry?

Answer: Personally, I do not know much about bitcoins or other crypto currencies, but I have noticed that more and more people are asking for it. So maybe we will get a few more casinos with this currency, but I do not think there will be any game changer. When it comes to payment methods, I’ve noticed a boost of affiliates who requested casinos where you can make deposits through the mobile, ie putting the payment on the mobile invoice. This feels more relevant right now and may take more ground in 2018.

High-Roller-Casino-Homepage+Logo-400x250Question 7. Which casino should players who are craving something different and fun try in 2018? Do you have any new brand that is likely to be launched?

Answer: We have nothing new to Go right now, but players should definitely test HighRoller. Sure, it’s launched in 2017, but think that 2018 will be the golden year. Of course, we will not forget our current such as Casinos Rizk or Kaboo who has exciting and good gamification, and certainly cruel bonuses and promotions.

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