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Pay Attention to Game Developers
How to Pick the Best Deposit and Withdrawal Method
The Casino Licenses
Choose an Online Casino Based on your Player Type
All there is to know about Bonuses and How to Get the Best of them

We at New Casinos Ltd have released a series of guides, and other instructional material, that will teach you everything you need to know on how to pick the best new casinos and get the most out of them. We all know just how generous a new casino can be, and a skilled player will use this to their advantage. You can’t just wait around and let everyone else try the new casinos to find out if it is worth the visit and the deposit. If you are ahead of the crowd, you need to know what you are doing, so we thought we would teach you how to navigate the forefront of the industry and reap the massive rewards that are waiting for players who are brave and experienced enough to leave the pack behind and go out on their own.

You will also find guides of how to master any online casino game, they cover also all the aspects of online gambling in depth, from sports betting to slot games, player types to bankroll management. If you are looking for a resource to round of your casino knowledge and help you play with the best of them, this is it. This is a guide so true to form the information is specifically tailored to getting the most from the recent additions to the gambling world. These are the steps that will make your casino experience more fun and entertaining, but also give you value for your money:

How to Find your Favorite Game and How to Master It

The first thing that we are going to cover is how you should choose a casino game. It kind of goes without saying, but you need a casino game that pays well and also entertains you, or you aren’t going to enjoy your new casino. But how exactly do you find a game like this? The Online Slots that look good don’t necessarily pay well, and the games that pay well might not look good. To help you with this decision we cover the fundamentals of casino games and betting. We will teach you how to track down the best casino games by going over the basics like RTP and house advantage. We will go over the basics of wagering, pay outs, and odds. This will be different for every game. For online slots, we will cover subjects like the pros and cons of the various payline systems, but in table games we will give you strategies that lower the house advantage over time. It is all here, you just have to take the time to read it.

Casino-Guide-TopLive Dealer Casino Games are massive at the moment, and we can’t get enough of them. If you want to get as close to the real thing as can without leaving the comfort of your home, Live Casinos are the way to go. We will run through the best live casinos and how to get the most out of them. Some online casinos specialize just in live dealer games, others just have a few for show. We will help you find tables where you stand a fighting chance against the house and cover the ins and outs of the various casino studios. There are other essentials in the guide like table etiquette, how to talk to a dealer, bluffing in live casinos, everything you need to know.

Sports betting is a big enough topic that we thought it deserved extra attention to give you a decent grasp on the playing field. It starts of at an introduction to sports betting and then progresses to creating successful betting strategy that will help you overcome the bookmaker’s odds. This resource is a must. Learn about the different markets. Go, head to head or against the line, place proposition bets and player bets. It is all in here. We cover all the main wagers for a conclusive punter’s resource. Then we will show you the best online casinos and betting sites that offer sports books and how you can shop around for odds.

For helping you find a casino game of your preferences, with good odds and gameplay, New Casinos offers how-to-play guides for all the casino game categories. After we cover the essentials, we dig deep and take you through overcoming the house step by step with advice tailored to the game you are playing. Here are comes our guides:

Pay Attention to Game Developers

Another great way to determine the quality of a casino game, and the casino itself, is to look at who makes it. There aren’t many bad developers, but there are definitely better Game Developers. It isn’t just the appearance and the gameplay that changes from developer to developer. Different developers are fond of different bonuses and other game features. If you are looking for a title with a lot of free spins, or you want to sink your teeth into a progressive jackpot, you are going to need to choose titles from different developers to play with those features. Read Our Game Developers Guide.

We understand that all players have a different opinion of what constitutes a great game. Microgaming might be to your liking if you like online slots with the best RTPs. If you are all about the aesthetics, NetEnt titles look amazing. We will give you the run down on all the developers you are likely to come across, their traits, habits, and common payout, and you can make a decision based off the aspects of gameplay that you prioritize. If you are looking for the games that you would find in a land based casino, go with, Microgaming, WMS, IGT and Barcrest. These developers make most land based casino games. Newer developers that only operate online bring with them a significantly different experience. Developers like NetEnt, Play ‘N Go, Yggdrasil, Quickspin, Playtech, Realtime, and Betsoft, are a tiny fraction of the hundreds possibly thousands of different developers out there that all offer their own take on casino games. We can help you make sense of it all and find a developer that makes the kind of games you enjoy playing.

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How to Pick the Best Deposit and Withdrawal Method

Payment-Methods-GuideIf you want to start playing on your favorite games and enjoying the online casino, you first need to make a deposit.  First things you have to check are the fees and other restrictions imposed by online casinos on the dozen or so payment methods that they are offering. We will take you through each payment method step by step and help you on how to pick option that fits you the best and of course how to get the most money possible into your bankroll.

The guide will show you were to look for deposit and withdrawal limits, processing times, regional restriction, and supported currencies, and that is just the beginning. Casinos will sometimes take away bonuses if you deposit with an e-wallet, others will reward you. It is confusing stuff, take a little time, we go into all of this in detail and let you in on what you absolutely need to know and how it will affect you. Read our Guide Deposits and Withdrawals.

Online casinos now accept E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal, just to name a few. Each one of these payment methods has its own pros and cons that you need to be aware of. Use them properly, on a good online casino, and you will enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals. Credit and Debit Cards like Visa and MasterCard are easily the most common way of funding an online casino. The PaysafeCard is also a really popular method and a deposit method that is really on the rise is the Pay By Phone option. We will show you how to use these methods while avoiding the fees that some online casinos insist on charging.

Skrill-Logo-87x45 Neteller-Logo-87x45 Pay-Pal-Logo-87x45 Visa-Logo-87x45 Master-Card-Icon-87x45 Maestro-Logo-87x45 Pay-By-Phone-Logo-87x45 Paysafe-Card-Logo-87x45 Bank-Transfer-Logo-87x45

The Casino Licenses

Gambling-Licensing-Icons-348x90Licenses work in many different ways to protect the casino players, and in this site you will only find casinos that are licensed in the UK by the regulating body that is called the UK Gambling Commission. It requires that every online casino has a UK licence if they want to legally accept UK players. We go into it in depth in the guide, but other countries only require that local casinos have a licence and let people play on any overseas casino they like.

The guide goes into this in a lot more detail, but as a rule of thumb licensed casinos are much safer and more trustworthy than unlicensed ones. You should play on new casinos that are licensed in your country or by a reputable regulative body. Read Our Guide to Online Gambling in the UK.

Choose an Online Casino Based on your Player Type

Not all players fit the same mold. If you are looking for the newest casino catering to high rollers we can help you find it. You can often tell if a casino is targeting high rollers by the design, bonuses and games.  They have a regal feel to them and are presented in glamorous black and gold colour schemes. Graphics of falling money, but it is all very tasteful. High roller casinos will typical have more table games, and a lot of live dealer games. If you are going to bet big money, you probably want to do so against real people. These live casinos again have that luxury look in the casino studio, and the dealer is wrapped in a suit or a gown. The bonuses and promotions offered on newer casinos to high rollers are astronomical, but you need to find the sites that cater to your bigger bank roll. These sites have welcome bonuses with high maximums, a strong emphasis on VIPs, and player loyalty. If you are a casual player you want the opposite. You need to find a casino with a deposit bonus with a low welcome bonus but a better deposit match percentage, and you need to prioritise low turnover requirements. All of this is covered in the guide like previously mentioned, and it is fairly straight forward, so you shouldn’t worry about it. We will show you how you can get the most out of new casinos if you are high rolling or casually betting.

Do you just go after the online slots? We know your type; you want as many games as possible on a single site preferable a lot of video slots, and the casino need to be decorated, bright and colourful. These sites have a lot of gamification – elements of a game included in the casino – think tiered VIP program, trophies for unlocking achievements, and that sort of thing. If you enjoy these kinds of casinos then we will strongly recommend you to try the  Gamification casinos that are really trending at the moment.

Novice players, who are just starting out, will get the most out of a casino with free spins after registration. It gives you an opportunity to try the games and the new casino, without risking any money of your own. You can also go after free play games before you play for real money, there fore it is important to register at an online casino that gives that option.  Are you just flat out for bonus hunting. Are you trying to cash in on the new casinos generosity? We will show you how to find the most generous casinos. Some of them might not have all the bells and whistles, but your money will go far, and you just might win big. The perfect casino for you has a dedicated promotions page, reasonable turnover requirements, and a generous vibe.

All there is to know about Bonuses and How to Get the Best of them

Finding the online casinos that offer the Best Bonuses and promotions is really difficult. It is so easy to get caught out when online casinos flash all those zeros in front of you. To pick a great bonus, from the bunch, you need to take a step back and look at all of them individually and objectively. You also need to know what to look for. New Casinos will gladly help you with that. We will run through the common bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos and show you how to spot a winner. Read Our Bonus Guide Here iconFirst of all that we would like to recommend you to visit our Exclusive Bonuses section to find offers, promotions and bonuses tailor made just for New Casinos readers. You simply can not miss out on this one. Welcome Bonuses are your introduction to a new casino. The old idiom that first impressions counts stands true for online gambling, because your introductory bonus is always the most generous. We will explain the different types of welcome bonuses. Deposit bonuses, which require you first make a deposit with the casino but reward you with a matched percentage of that deposit in bonuses credits, and No Deposit Bonuses, which give you bonus credits just for making an account. We will run through all the terms and conditions and what you need to look out for.

A term you will often come across is the Free Spins, and you should pay attention because it is a great way to get acquainted with a casino or place some bets on the house. A good free spins bonus is the Eldorado of online gambling. Like a mythical city of gold, it will keep your bankroll alive, and significantly improve your casino experience. Everyone loves freebees, here is how you get them.

We will cover the reload bonus. We know a lot of players have questions about it and how it can be used to keep a bankroll churning with monthly or weekly top ups. And we will show you how to qualify for the other lesser understood bonuses. Be it a Cash Back or Top Up bonuses, we will go through everything you are likely to come across. Then break down all the relevant information like the turnover requirements, and games you can and can’t wager on.

Get updated on the latest bonuses? Or simply find the Best Deals out there? Then lets take a closer look at the offers and promotions that online casinos use to entice players. Would you like to know everything about the VIP Loyalty Programs?  This section will help you better understand the points based promotions; that level you up through tiered VIP programs and award you cash. You need to know the difference between exclusive VIP programs that are by invite only and regular VIP programs that are open to all players.

Are you looking for the best lesser known bonuses? We will cover payment method bonuses and free play bonuses. Payment bonuses will reward you for depositing from an e-wallet like Skrill or PayPal. Finally, we will cover free play bonuses. They aren’t that common, but you need to understand how they work if you want some free time at the table or behind the slots.