Virtual Sports

Virtual SportsWe at New Casinos UK have again indicated the introduction and the formation of the Sports Betting Casinos that combine online slots with sport betting features. However, it is not only that and you do not have to wait for the weekend to bet on your favorite team. The progress that new online casinos have brought has introduced a different kind of gaming activity where you can place bets on iconic sports and teams. These are called ‘Virtual Sports’ games and they can be quite exciting not just for soccer or rugby enthusiasts but for anyone who is looking for a game that will keep their adrenaline pumping. These games allow you to bet on your favorite virtual team and also let you win virtual championships.

What makes this concept interesting, and  being an alternative to Sports Betting, is the possibility of instant gaming. As the games are machine generated, you can enjoy the thrill of your bets coming out in real time or choose to fast-forward to the result of the match. This whole new world has enabled bettors to bet at any time of the day, seven days a week. This eliminates the long waiting time some of us punters have to wait for own favorite team to come to the fore. The virtual-sports environment has drastically personalized the world of betting and now players can bet small on matches and complete an entire tournament or league in one long sitting. The ability to fast forward matches gives you the ultimate control over the pace of your bets as you can now choose how fast you want to see the results.

The Rise of Virtual Sports

The rise of virtual gaming is quite recent, though an attempt was made in 1961, by scientists at IBM, to allow two teams to play against each other, through Randomly Generated Codes, and the game was mostly run by computer-generated coding from a 20kb data source. This was done to validate a thought-experiment and the randomness of its results was an important lesson for the betting industry. No matter how much the scientists tried, they couldn’t influence the end result. In fact, the more complex a game became, the harder it became to track a clear pattern of the results. This randomness has been multiplied in modern virtual games and this conjures up an interesting ecosystem for betting. However, 1960’s was not particularly a ripe time for virtual betting to take off, as computers were still a luxury item, mostly meant for universities and laboratories. With computers going mainstream by the dawn of the 21st century, new gaming companies like EA Sports began developing the FIFA computer game series, and for the first-time players could play against the computer. Every passing year, new upgrades and graphics mods, made these games more and more realistic. As technology closes the gap between the world of games and reality, the world of betting is ready to absorb this great influx of interest in virtual sports.

Virtual Sports Today

With the fan-following for these games growing by leaps and bounds, the core technology is slowly being implemented in the iGaming industry by companies like BetRadar and GlobalBet. These two are the original inventors of virtual sports and pioneers of the betting scene. BetRadar, a Switzerland-based company, specializes in developing live data aggregation systems, probability analysis, odds management, and most importantly, developing virtual sports games. The company is on the cusp of 3D gaming breakthrough, which will give you spectator views from inside the field of a live virtual football match. Imagine the thrill of enjoying such a game on your VR and then win extra cash by betting on the right side. However, GlobalBet is the world’s largest Virtual Sports Platform provider, and its prowess is almost a global phenomenon. Based in Liechtenstein, this brand develops graphics that can bring out the most powerful emotions out of you. With a rapid shift towards virtual reality and 3D gaming, you can soon enjoy its games on your Google Oculus. With the help of companies like this, the world of gaming and gambling is clashing and creating new opportunities for all of us to explore. Virtual Sports, which started off with just football, is today being implemented in games like basketball, baseball, cricket, horse-racing, hound-racing, etc.

How to Bet on Virtual Sports

To start betting on these virtual sport games, you have to register yourself with any of the betting sites, which will provide you with an array of virtual sport games to choose from different betting platform providers. These websites act as online bookmakers and offer profitable odds on a variety of possibilities. Once you register yourself with the betting platform of your choice, you have to deposit some seed money to start betting. This can be as low as £10 to start with and in some cases, you can also win attractive welcome bonuses to start with more than what you deposit.

Virtual Sports Betting Strategies

Betting on virtual sports is mostly like betting on real-life events, however, the randomness is more profound in this case. However, if you follow the correct strategy to bet in virtual sports, you will soon find something way better than conventional betting. The very basic rules of betting remain the same in most bet-scenarios. Hence, it is not what you bet on but the amount you bet that is important. Here, you need a clear strategy that makes the probability of your wins more than the probability of your losses. This game is very simple, and you will understand it better once you start betting on virtual sports for the first time. The first easy strategy is to divide and conquer, where you divide your capital into several parts, each part denoting the amount you are willing to bet at one go. The way you divide your entire capital will depend on your risk appetite. For example, if you have £100, you can divide it into 10 parts and risk £10 with each trade. A riskier option to this would be diving the capital into four parts, where you will be betting £25 on each bet. A less risky way would be to divide the £100 into 20 parts of £5 each and bet for 20 rounds. In this strategy, no matter what emotions come your way, you will have to stick to the original plan and keep betting an equal amount on what you feel is the most favorable. This strategy works best when you trust your instincts.

A more failsafe betting strategy on virtual sports would be to use the two popular betting strategies, the Fibonacci and the Martingale. These are called Staking models and they are designed to beat the computer’s randomness with many, low-risk trades, done according to specific outcome related flowcharts. The Fibonacci system, which is commonly used in Roulette games, uses a negative progression betting system which means you increase the stake after a loss. The rate at which you increase your stakes after a losing trade will depend on the Fibonacci series. Theoretically, it works well with even-money wagers in sports betting and has given results to many players. However, in the real world, this requires a bit of practice to get used to the patterns. The Martingale System is one of the oldest tricks in the books and is a textbook example of exploiting a random situation. This is also a Negative Progression Systems, where you double the stakes on every losing bet. If you start low with this system and double your stakes with every losing trade, you can wipe out the losses of three to four straight losses with a single positive win. Since the probability of dual-outcomes is 50%, you get a statistical edge over the market, in the long turn. You have to remember to keep aside a portion of your wins with every winning trade, so as to keep your account growing. The next important thing to remember while betting on any Negative Progression Systems is to take your wager amount to a bare minimum value whenever you make a winning bet. This gives you a chance to work on your losses since you will have to double the stake with every loss.

Software developers that make Online Virtual Sport games

We have mentioned above that it is a fast growing trend that new online casinos include Virtual Sport games in their portfolio. Their goal is to satisfy even the most demanding player and that is why they are provided these games by the best software developers. They are the ones to offer their high technology and produce casino games of high quality. Such game suppliers are 1x2Gaming, Kiron Interactive, GlobalBet, Playtech among many others. Their virtual sports games are created and engineered to respond to the latest technological demands in the market and can be delivered on mobile casinos that include all popular devices and operating systems.


If you find yourself winning quite a lot on the weekend matches and want to take your earning to a whole new level then this is the right choice for you. Start placing your bets on virtual matches and see your winnings go through the roof. Just remember that practicing is an important aspect of playing the game. When you practice, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the games and enjoy every single tackle, run and goal. Even if you have trouble getting a hang of things, you will find a number of guides available on the internet which will help you learn how to place winning bets each time. It isn’t a bad idea to invest in one of these guides. Just make sure you invest in the right one. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t give these games a shot. They guarantee hours of exciting play and you will have the perfect solution to a boring weeknight. So what are you waiting for? Go online and sign up with one of these websites to enjoy a whole new virtual gaming experience.