My Poker

My Poker By WMSIn 2012, WMS Gaming launched My Poker, a platform of video poker games for online casinos. It instantly hit it off. ‘My Poker’ has always stood out because of its innovative gaming technology. It offer personal customizations, specialized hardware and ground-breaking operating platforms. The base screen includes all the typical and necessary data in order to play the game. On top of that, you get several information about the game features and you are allowed to personalize various settings regarding the actual game play.

How to play My Poker

My PokerYou can play My Poker by WMS on any website that supports their software. Their most popular products are My Poker Multi-Game Poker and My Poker Winning Streak™ Poker. Upon every winning hand, you get an extra free play hand. You can also track your video poker stats by signing in the relative section. Pick the best online casinos to play this online slot.

What to win

WMS ensures that players will have a great time as well as a number of awesome wins. All the games come with plenty of free spins, rewards and bonus rounds. If it is your lucky day, you can hit the massive ‘Wide Area Progressive jackpot’ that can potentially make you a millionaire.

The advantages

My Poker from WMS Gaming has used revolutionary gaming technologies that include features like CPU-NXT2 operating platform, transmissive reels, interactive video animations, customization factors and latest gaming cabinets. Players are able to personalize the game the way they like as well as save preferences and personal settings on the online casinos. The software also allows players to pause the game and later restore it. The main idea behind My Poker is that users should be comfortable all the time. To enhance the quality of games, they have installed custom-built poker button panel, Bose speakers, high-end graphic cards, wide screens and high-definition displays. If you feel like playing excellent quality video poker games with great features and high chances of winning exciting prizes, this particular video poker game will not disappoint you.

Who created My Poker?

Williams Interactive IconWMS Gaming, also called Williams Interactive, is a well-known developer of gaming equipment, online casino games, video lottery terminals, slot machines and casino software. The company is based in Chicago, Illinois and assists casinos in managing their gaming operations. They have developed some next-generation hardware solutions such as the Blade s23, the Stepper and the s32, which contribute to creating exciting games that will perform at the best way possible.

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Pick the best online casinos to play this online slot.