Draw Hi-Lo

Draw High-Low GameDraw Hi-Lo from Betsoft is a classic online table casino game that has been given a traditional look and feel. This game looks very similar to the classic version of Hi Lo by Genie. We at New Casinos provide you with our review about this cool table game. If you are tired of playing blackjack, baccarat or poker games, this fast-paced card game will give you a slightly different experience. It might be the easiest to play casino game, since the only thing required in order to win is to guess whether the next card will be a greater or a lower number than your previously dealt one.

How to play Draw Hi-Lo

  • Draw Hi-LoFirst step is to place your bet and then click on the DEAL button.
  • The aim is to predict if the next card will be higher or lower in rank to the current card.
  • A regular deck of 52 cards is used in the game with Aces being low and Kings being high.
  • If you feel that the next card will be of the same rank as the card displayed, you can choose your wager and place it in the Tie bet circle.
  • While placing the tie bet, you should also make your regular prediction.

What to win

If your predictions are right, you will win money based on the payout listed in the tabular column found in the help section of the game. If you have made a side Tie bet and the next card ties, you will win 10 times the amount of your side bet. Even after winning side bets, you can continue playing the game. Every time you make a bet without cashing out, you will be betting all of your winnings so far. Therefore, the longer you play the same game, the better your winnings. The hand continues until you opt for the Cash Out option or until you lose. You can bet between €1 and €100.

The advantages

Draw Hi-Lo is a simple card game that gives you decent returns. It is easy to understand and to play, therefore it is well suited even for beginners. You can find many guides on how to play the game online, which will give you strategy to adopt for this game. Nevertheless, we suggest that you start playing the game at once, since you will get used to it within minutes.

Who created Draw Hi-Lo

Betsoft-Gaming-LogoDraw Hi-Lo casino game is developed by Betsoft. It is a relatively new company, founded in 2005. However, Betsoft is a pioneer in the true 3D cinematic field, producing excellent graphics and highly detailed features for their games. They are loyal to their customer support service, while their goal is to provide the online gambling industry with top notch gaming solutions. Moreover, they carry out an official certification of Random Number Generator (RNG) issued by Quinel M Ltd, ensuring their responsible gaming construction spirit.

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