Roulette Pro

Roulette Pro GameThe roulette is one of the most popular and widely known casino games of all time. This time, we at New Casinos bring out our review about the Roulette Pro game produced by NetEnt. In this cool game, online players get to play into a realistic roulette table environment, while a range of online features are hosted, such as an auto-play option. This multiple betting option game allows players to choose their numbers to bet on, the spin of the wheel and the drop of the ball before they reveal the winning number. You can claim various prizes and select from multiple betting options while you are enjoying your game play time at Roulette Pro from NetEnt.

How to play Roulette Pro

Roulette ProPlayers place their bets on the table layout with chips covering either single or multiple numbers. Less numbers covered with a single bet increase the player’s payout. Like the traditional table game, Roulette Pro allows players to cover a spread of numbers on the layout. Players have the option to bet on colors, either Black or Red, or twelve numbers with a single bet. There are also some special bets that a player can use by clicking on the special bets section located at the bottom left side of your screen. After any spin, you can repeat the process by clicking on the same bet button at first and on the spin button in sequence. Moreover, there is a quick spin button that triggers a really fast spin of the roulette. Play this online slot at the best NetEnt Casinos.

What to win

It is a typical roulette game; hence it follows the standard pay outs of the original table casino game. The minimum bet is €1, while the maximum can go up to €500. The theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 97.3%. Following, you get a list of some possible outcomes along with their paying odds:

  • Straight-Up pays 35:1
  • Split pays 17:1
  • Street of Three Line pays 11:1
  • Corner pays 8:1
  • Six Line pays 5:1
  • Columns and Dozens pay 2:1
  • Black/Red, 1-18/19-36, Odd/Even pays 1:1

You can move your mouse upon the grey min/max icon bar at the top right side of the base game interface and get a pay table revealed which indicates the possible winning combinations at any time. In addition, you can click the ‘?’ icon where you will find a detailed list of information about the Roulette Pro game.

The advantages

Roulette Pro offers all the advantages of the table version of the game while it incorporates the additional features of an auto-play function and a quick spin option. There are also some predefined bets that you can use.

Who created Roulette Pro?

NetEnt IconRoulette Pro is developed by NetEnt. Being in the field of software gaming development for over 20 years till today, this company is listed amongst the top suppliers for the world gambling industry. Their products deliver highly detailed graphics and exclusive sound effects, while serving a fair and enjoyable game play time. NetEnt is a global organization that holds offices in multiple areas such as USA, Sweden, Malta and others.

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