Online Marvel Roulette

Marvel Roulette GameNew Casinos would like to present you our review about an alternative version of the classic roulette casino game. As with the traditional version of the game, Online Marvel Roulette uses the concept of the 0-36 winning roulette numbers, but Playtech have added an additional winning option, the special Marvel Bonus Bet Position. You are playing in a cool roulette table that includes multiple Marvel hero characters at the background such as The Ironman, the Spiderman, Thor, Wolverine and others. There are also some jackpot prizes that you can claim apart from the typical winnings that all roulette games offer.

How to play Online Marvel Roulette

Online Marvel RouletteMarvel Roulette is played just like the regular version of the game. The player chooses the numbers they would like to bet on and the ball dropping in the wheel reveals the winning number. Bets are placed by clicking on the numbers provided on the layout. Each click adding an additional chip up to specific maximum prize for each combination. You can get information about the odds and payouts of each betting via the grey min/max information bar located at the top left side of your game screen. If you click on the more bets button, you will get a list of some predefined bets that can be used for a quick game play. Moreover, there is the statistics section that keeps track of the previous outcomes and will provide you with detailed information about the theoretical percentage of any number to come. You are also provided with a favorite bets section where you can save your preferred betting combinations and use them at any time. Do not forget about the auto play mechanism that can help you relax without having to stop the spinning process. Pick the best online casinos to play this roulette game.

What to win

Marvel Roulette has all the normal payouts that traditional roulette offers:

  • Straight-up pays 35 to 1
  • Split pays 17 to 1
  • Street pays 11 to 1
  • Corner pays 8 to 1
  • Six-Line pays 5 to 1

Including outside bets of Odd/Even, Black/Red, High/Low, Columns and Dozens. There is also a special Marvel betting position featured. Players betting on this winning position activate the special 3-free spin bonus slot reels. Matching 3 Marvel symbols on these reels multiplies the players win.

The advantages

Marvel Roulette has all the excitement that comes with the land-based version of the game, but offers players the Marvel bonus win multiplier of up to 100 times. The gaming environment is of highly detailed design and you have the Marvel heroic figures constantly by your side in order to boost your spirit.

Who created Online Marvel Roulette?

Playtech IconOnline Marvel Roulette is a product of Playtech. It is a leading gaming software development company that was founded in 1999. Their goal is to produce games of top quality and game play, as well as create strong business relationships with the multiple organizations of the industry. Playtech features a cross-platform management system that allows for convenience and instant access into their services via single account. They form one of the greatest suppliers for the various online casinos, since Playtech is traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market.

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