French Roulette

French Roulette Table GameRoulette is a popular casino game that is named after a French word for ‘little wheel’. Everyone has heard of American Roulette, but there is another exciting variant; the French Roulette. Microgaming, the leading casino gaming software provider, has launched its own version and we at New Casinos are here to bring out our review about it. Get ready for an amazing online roulette experience, since French Roulette from Microgaming delivers a fully functional and complete online gaming environment along with multiple betting options and other features.

How to play the French Roulette

French Roulette from MicrogamingThe layout table of French Roulette is slightly different from other versions of Roulette. The payout table pays out as follows; Straight Up bet (35:1), Split bet (17:1), Street bet (11:1), Square bet (8:1), Line bet (5:1), Column bet (2:1), Dozen bet (2:1) and Even Money bet (1:1). The minimum bet is $1.00 while the maximum bet varies. The coin size ranges from $1.00 to $50.00. Apart from the typical spin button, there is the repeat button that upon clicking on it, it will repeat the previous spinning turn with the same bets. On top of that, there is the clear button which can erase any bet on the table, as long as you use it before you initiate the spinning process. Another feature is the call bets function. Upon clicking on it, you will get a list of specific bet combinations along with their odds. Your existing bet value will determine the claiming prizes. Pick the best online casinos to play this roulette game.

What to win

Depending upon the bets they have chosen, players can take home good prizes. In French Roulette, there is a feature called ‘la Partage’. There, if the spinning ball lands on number 0 (zero), then you get back 50% of any even money inside bet that you have placed other than 0. The theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 97.3% which is really high.

The advantages

French Roulette from Microgaming has realistic graphics, clear instructions, a simple interface and a number of options such as auto-play and call bets. You get a high RTP value, hence you can claim even more prizes.

Who created the French Roulette?

microgaming new casinosThis version of the French Roulette is a product of Microgaming. The world’s first online casino was launched by this leading software developing company back in 1994. Microgaming is amongst the world’s best suppliers for the online gambling websites with more than 850 unique games in total. It is an acknowledged organization in the field of software development for the gambling industry since they have acquired several awards such as the Poker software of the year 2016 and the Innovator of the Year 2016.

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