Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold'em GameWe at New Casinos bring out our review about a similar game to Texas Hold’em Poker, the Casino Hold’em from NetEnt. It is fast becoming a popular online game, since the odds to win are really great. You only play against the house and not against other players. Created by Stephen Au-Yeung in the 90’s, Casino Hold’em Online Poker is one of the most classic and widely known poker games you can play virtually.

How to play Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold'emThe game is played with a normal 52-deck of cards. The player places an ante bet and can make a bonus side bet known as a AA if desired. The dealer and player both will receive two cards face down. Then three more cards will be dealt on the board. You control your face down cards and make a decision if you will call the bet, double the ante, or fold. If you call the bet, the dealer will have two more cards to the board.

Then, the players including the dealer must create the best five poker hand using their own two cards that are faced down and the five cards that were placed on the board face up. The hands will be compared to the house. The dealer or house in order to qualify must have at least a pair of fours. If the house does not have at least a pair of fours, the player will win. If the dealer has qualified, the player will win the round if he/she has a better hand. If the dealer and the player both have equal hands it will be called a push with no winner. In the case of a better house hand, the player loses. Play this table game at the best NetEnt Casinos.

What to win

The typical pay table is as follows:

Ante Winning:

  • Royal flush 100 to 1
  • Straight flush 20 to 1
  • Four of a kind 10 to 1
  • Full house 3 to 1
  • Flush 2 to 1
  • Straight or anything less than standard 1 to 1

AA Bonus:

  • Flush or Higher 25 to 1
  • Pair of Aces to Straight 7 to 1

What is more, the theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 98.75%, meaning that you can get extra benefited since it is amongst the highest values that we have seen.

The advantages

NetEnt offers some of the most realistic games you will find online with all the action you would have at any offline casino. Your only rival in this game is the house, hence you do not have to worry about a bluff from another player. On top of that, the high RTP value is totally a great asset concerning the game’s payout prizes. In case that you need to check any combination and the respective odds, there is a pay table attached to the top left side of the game table.

Who created Casino Hold’em?

NetEnt IconCasino Hold’em is an online poker game developed by NetEnt. Founded in 1996, this software developing company has made remarkable progress within the past years and is listed today amongst the best suppliers of the various online casinos. Any NetEnt game is following the high standards of the game play industry by featuring innovative graphics, memorable and user friendly game play, as well as fair gaming mechanisms. In addition, the professionalism and the strong work ethic of this company is acknowledged by several official organizations with many awards.

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Play this table game at the best NetEnt Casinos.