Klub Keno

Klub Keno GameKlub Keno is an urban version of an ancient Chinese game that first appeared centuries ago. According to a legend, the lottery-like gambling game saved an entire city from going bankrupt during a war! Thousands of years ago, Chinese played Keno to collect money to build the Great Wall of China. Just like the fascinating history of the original game, Klub Keno by Betsoft is pretty interesting as well. New Casinos recommend Klub Keno game for any online player, since it is a party-themed casino game based on sheer luck!

How to play Klub Keno

Klub KenoUsers can play Klub Keno directly on the website. In the beginning of the game, users have to choose 10 numbers from 40 numbers mentioned on the display card. After selecting, they place their bets on either 0.02, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 or 1.0. The higher the bet is, the higher the prize would be. After wagering, players have to select the numbers of rounds they wish to play from 5 to 10. Once they have selected, a numbered balls appeared on the screen. The numbers on the balls have to match the chosen numbers. There is also a ‘star' ball that can hit numbers and provide bonus winnings. Pick the best online casinos to play this online keno game.

What to win

Players can win real money prizes, and even double them if they match the star ball. It is a classic keno game with a typical procedure. The more increased is your bet per round, the greater the outcome you can claim.

The advantages

Klub Keno has innovative graphics, music and animations. It has ‘no deposit' policy, and prizes are good. You get a double win feature with the ‘star' ball bonus. It is available in many casinos and  you can play it with real money and also in a demo version.

Who created the Klub Keno?

Betsoft-Gaming-LogoBetsoft is the developer of the Klub Keno online game. You can find innovation and top gaming design upon any product of Betsoft. It is the leading developer of the true cinematic 3D gaming environment. They include a really competitive and highly skilled section of art designers that aim to surpass their standards within any new product release. As a consequence, Betsoft online slots and other games can be found at the best web casino platforms in order to provide you with a memorable gaming experience.

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Pick the best online casinos to play this online keno game.