Vegas Craps

Vegas Craps By MicrogamingIf you want to know how it is like to play a round of craps in a Las Vegas Casino, consider giving Vegas Craps by Microgaming a try. We at New Casinos bring out the review about this amazing game that features realistic graphics and a catchy soundtrack. It is a game that appeals to seasoned players and beginners alike. You can have an almost land-based gaming experience since you get distinct sound effects upon the release of the dice.

How to play Vegas Craps

Vegas CrapsVegas Craps’ game play is similar to the original real-life craps. The Microgaming’s version is slightly different from the traditional casino craps. The bets are known as Win Bets and Lose Bets, they have different pay-offs and the dice is rolled whenever the player wants. Players can undo, redo, clear, repeat and roll through the options available on the panel. Pick the best online casinos to play this online craps game.

What to win

Depending on your wagers, you can win up to 10000 times your bet. There is a paytable that you can get information about the multiple pay outs of this game. Yet, you should have in mind the hardways bet which can reward you generously. The odds are 4 to 1 for Any Seven roll, 7 to 1 for Any Craps (2, 3 ,12), 30 to 1 for Craps Two and Craps Twelve, 15 to 1 for Craps Three and Elevel and 1 to 1 for Big 6 and Big 8.

The advantages

Vegas Craps has a smooth interface, good statistical structure, as well as impressive graphics and sounds. Betting system is very convenient as it is automated. Polish up your skills, wager and roll the dice. There are many standard strategies online in order to become a decent craps player. If you are a new player you can still have fun by starting with standard bettings related to pass/don’t pass lines. There is also a free play feature that you take advantage of and practice your skills.

Who created the Vegas Craps?

Microgaming LogoThe developer of Vegas Craps is Microgaming. They have changed the overall online gaming field by introducing the very first online casino in 1994. Microgaming includes a huge gaming portfolio of 1200 variants. Their products feature detailed design and provide the online players with exceptional gaming experience. This leading company supplies multiple casino platforms with various services.

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Pick the best online casinos to play this online craps game.