Betsoft Craps

Betsoft Craps GameCraps is a popular dice game that both new and experienced casino players enjoy. Betsoft Gaming has released its own version, and it features awesome graphics and music. We at New Casinos bring out our review about the Betsoft Craps online game that upon a quick read up of the various bettings, it can provide you with a really enjoyable web gaming activity. Get ready to feel the thrill of the rolling dice.

How to play Betsoft Craps

Betsoft CrapsLike all online craps, it is similar to the original craps you play on table. Players lay a wager on the outcome of a roll, a sequence of rolls or a set of dice. the first roll is the classic ‘come out roll’. There are typical pass/don’t pass bets, come/don’t come bets and several others. The minimum bet value is €1 and the maximum bet is €100. You can see the actual odds of each bet that you place upon the table and there is a clear button that can eraze any missclicked betting before the dice roll. Pick the best online casinos to play this online craps game.

What to win

It is a non-progressive jackpot, but between the values of €1 and €100, players can potentially win impressive prizes. There is a standard pay table if you click on the help button. There, you can find all possible odds and payouts for all the available dice outcomes.

The advantages

While craps is widely played in casinos all over the world, you will find very few online versions of it. Betsoft’s craps is conventional, easy to follow and offer good prizes. Before you embark on your big game in a casino, it will be great if you practice your craps skills online! After a dice roll is completed, you can also see the total outcome in a separate enlarged window at the top right side of the gaming screen.

Who created the Betsoft Craps?

Betsoft-Gaming-LogoThis fun game is produced by Betsoft. Being in the field of gaming software development since 2005, Betsoft focuses on the unique style and the innovative features of any product of their pipeline. They include an exclusive section of 3D games and specialize in supplying the market with outstanding online slots and other casino games that are worth playing. Any Betsoft product provides you with fair game play mechanisms and enjoyable game play time.

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Pick the best online casinos to play this online craps game.