Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack GameWhen playing online blackjack, it only makes sense that players would want to play with as few decks as possible and this is where NetEnt’s game gives them exactly what they want by using just 52 cards, a single deck. We at New Casinos release our review about the Single Deck Blackjack, a neat and fun web blackjack casino game. You can enjoy all the standard blackjack features in this fascinating game and level up the thrill while you compete against the dealer.

How to play Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck BlackjackThe important things for the players to know in order to play this game are the following:

  • The deck will be shuffled before every deal
  • The dealer will be forced to stand on all hard 17’s and hit on soft 17’s.
  • Players will be allowed to double down on a two-card total of 10 and 11.
  • Players will only be allowed to split once. Split aces can just receive a single additional card.
  • An ace and face card or 10 from a split hand will just be 21 and not blackjack.
  • Insurance is available when the dealer has an ace as the face up card. It pays out 2-1.

An actual round goes as follows. You need to place an initial bet by selecting one of the available chip values at the bottom right side of the game screen. Upon each click on the betting box, an additional value of the selected chip will be added. You can remove a bet by selecting the delete chip and click in the bet box. After that, by pressing the deal button the game begins. There are two cards dealt faced up for you and another two for the dealer, one faced up and the other faced down. The dealer will check the faced down card if his faced up card is a 10, J, Q, or K. By clicking on Hit, you get an extra card or you can choose Stand in order to receive no additional cards. There is also the Split button that upon clicking on it, it will split your cards. Moreover, by pressing Double, you will instantly double up your initial bet. At the end of each round, you can repeat the previous betting process by clicking on Rebet or make a new bet. Pick the best online casinos to play this blackjack game.

What to win

It is a typical blackjack game; hence the winnings are standard. There is an insurance feature that costs half the value of the original bet and comes with a paying odd of 2:1. There, if the dealer’s faced up card is an ace you can buy the insurance and claim the 2:1 payout if the house hits a blackjack. Moreover, there is the Even Money mechanism which pays out 1:1 if the dealer’s faced up card is an ace and you have a blackjack. The minimum bet is 1 coin and the maximum bet can go up to 40 coins per round, while the theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 99.59%.

The advantages

NetEnt claims that the game has a house edge of just 0.17%. The game is well designed with great card animations and images. There are 9 speed options available so that players can enjoy the game at their own pace. There is a simple game play, since it is a traditional blackjack game. If you feel that you need any additional information about the various game features, you can click on the button located at the bottom left side of the gaming screen.

Who created Single Deck Blackjack?

NetEnt IconNetEnt is the producer of Single Deck Blackjack. It is a leading gaming software developing company that has been in the forefront since 1996. Due to their multiple-year experience and their dedication to the constant evolution of the casino gaming solutions, they have managed to serve today more than 100 of the world’s top web gambling operators. In addition, they include more than 700 highly skilled employees around the globe by running offices in Malta, Sweden, Poland, USA and other areas.

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