Classic Blackjack Gold Series

Classic Blackjack Gold Series GameClassic Blackjack Gold Series from Microgaming is an upgraded version of the Blackjack, one of the most popular online casino games. We at New Casinos introduce our review about this type of blackjack game which is an elegant one with added animations and a fast game play. The rules are similar to the classic blackjack wherein you try to beat the dealer by assembling a hand that is closest to 21 points without pushing it over 21.

How to play Classic Blackjack Gold Series

Classic Blackjack Gold SeriesA round in Classic Blackjack Gold begins with the player choosing the amount he would like to bet on his hand. When the player clicks on Deal, he or she will receive two faced up cards while the dealer will get one faced up card and one faced down card. The player has to assess the cards that are available with him and decide on whether to receive another card or to end the turn with the initially dealt cards. If the player wants to double the bet, he has to click on the Double button and then he will be dealt with one more card. If the player clicks on Split, the bet is doubled and the pair of cards is divided into two separate single-card hands. Additional cards will be dealt allowing the player to play each hand accordingly. Pick the best online Microgaming Casinos to play this blackjack game.

What to win

A player can win the game in three ways. These are the following:

  • Making a blackjack (total 21)
  • Getting a hand that is closer to 21 when compared to that of the dealer without a bust
  • You stay within 21 points and the dealer busts

The minimum bet is 1 coin and the maximum bet can go up to 1000 credits. A blackjack payout is 3:2 and the insurance payout is 2:1. By using options such as Split and Double, the player can greatly enhance the winnings.

The advantages

Life like graphics, great animations, adjustable speed and loads of sound options make the Classic Blackjack Gold Series interesting. Features such as Quick Deal, Auto-Rebet and the use of 1 standard deck of cards are advantageous to the player. These highlights of the game make it a very attractive option for all blackjack lovers. If you move your mouse on the min/max icon at the top left side of the table, you can get various information displayed, which are related to the game rules. However, you can click on the (?) button at the top right side of your screen and get definitions and other useful tips about the overall gaming activity.

Who created Classic Blackjack Gold Series?

Micro Gaming LogoThe creator of Classic Blackjack Gold Series is Microgaming. This gaming software developer is amongst the most experienced ones of the market since it was founded in 1994. They where the ones that launched the first online casino back then. Their gaming portfolio includes a great total of more than 850 unique casino games, while there is a new entry added for every month. On top of that, Microgaming carries out multiple official awards issued by several organizations.

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