American Blackjack

American Blackjack GameThe Blackjack game often referred to as 21 is a card game that can be found at the most casinos both online and land based. We at New Casinos present our review about the American Blackjack table online game from Betsoft. Here you can enjoy playing on the standard green table interface and try out your favorite and popular blackjack game along with all the available options offered at any land-based casino. You have multiple ways to win in this particular version of the widely known card table game, as well as place a bet in up to 3 total boxes.

How to play American Blackjack

American BlackjackThe object of the game is to get 21 or to get the closest to 21, playing only against the dealer. This version of Blackjack is played with one dealer and one player only. The game starts when you initially place your bet on the table. You can select from the various chips available in order to make a bet upon a single box or at the additional boxes that can go up to 3. Then, you are dealt two cards faced up, while the dealer gets one faced up card and one faced down. If you wish to get a 3rd card then you can press the hit button or in case that you do not want another card, press the stand button. After that, the dealer will reveal his faced down card and proceed with the outcome. There is also a repeat button that can trigger a next round followed by your previous bet’s value. Another thing is to Double Down when your hand receives a total value of 10 or 11, where you will double the wager amount but get only one additional card in order to beat the dealer. There is also the Split option, meaning that you have two cards of the same value and then split them into two separate hands, where each one will receive another card. The last thing you can do is to surrender, meaning you are out of round. Pick the best new online casinos to play this blackjack game.

What to win

If you and the dealer have the same total card value, no one wins or loses. If a natural blackjack is dealt, meaning an ace and either a jack, queen, or king, then you will win and keep your bet plus one/half the amount of your bet from the house. If you are the one closest to 21 or you have 21 but not a natural blackjack, then you will keep your bet and win 1:1. The minimum bet is 1 coin, while the maximum bet can go up to 100 coins for a single round. Moreover, you can bet at the maximum limit on all 3 hands available and get the total bet of your round up to 300 credits.

The advantages

A cool feature about American Blackjack is that the dealer must stand if he has 17. In this way, if the dealer shows his cards and stands at 17, you know you only need 18 or more to win your bet. You get nice in-game mechanisms in order to handle your bet and if you are experienced enough you can get really benefited from this version of the blackjack table game.

Who created American Blackjack?

Betsoft-Gaming-LogoThe American Blackjack is a table card casino game produced by Betsoft. Founded in 2005, this gaming software developer delivers top rated gaming solutions for the various web casino operators throughout the globe. They also feature a highly skilled art designing team, besides they are pioneers in true cinematic 3D graphics. Any product of Betsoft includes fair gaming mechanisms, ensuring that any online player will get a responsible web gaming activity.

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