Punto Banco Pro Series

Punto Banco Pro SeriesPunto Banco Pro Series is an online casino game from NetEnt and is very similar to the traditional baccarat with the main difference that punto is the player and banco is the banker. The base game interface includes a standard green bet table featuring the necessary options in order to play this cool and simple game. We at New Casinos introduce our review about this special version of the all favorite baccarat game.

How to play the Punto Banco Pro Series

Punto Banco Pro SeriesThis type of baccarat is played with 6 decks of cards. Betting is a bit different since players are given 3 options when playing which are the low roller, the standard and the high roller. Each one of these offers a different maximum bet so you will have to make a choice on the amount you wish to bet on each hand. Regarding the game process, it goes as follows:

  • The banco (banker) and the punto (player) are dealt 2 cards each.
  • All cards are being dealt faced up.
  • The hand that scores the closest to 9 value wins.
  • If both hands are of same value, then we have a tie and neither hand wins.
  • According to the total, the banco may deal a third card or announce for the dealers to deal one more card.
  • Any bet is payed according to the Punto Banco Payout Schedule.

The idea is that the card numbers are added up instead of looking for a pair such as a 5 and a 1 would be 6. The winner will be the person with the closest number to 9. Regarding your bet, you can select form the various bet options that include the chips of 1, 5, 10 and 50 credits. The actual game process includes the single deal button and after the round, you can either make a new bet or click on the Rebet button and repeat the previous betting. You can also keep a history record by checking the matrix at the left side of your screen which adds the outcome after each round as a new element on the list. Play this table game at the best NetEnt Casinos.

What to win

According to the bets, the amount that can be won can be small or large. You can normally bet from $1 to $100 maximum for each one of the 3 sections available. You can move your mouse upon the min/max icon indicator at the top left side of the table where you will get information about the pay table. The theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 98.92%.

The advantages

Punto Banco Pro Series from NetEnt gives you more fun than just the normal baccarat as you are only playing with one dealer and the rest of the players instead of having more than one dealer and only six decks of cards. The RTP value is high enough, hence granting the possibility of constant winnings. In addition, the game play is really simple and enjoyable. You do not have to worry if you are a low stake player, since the minimum bet can drop down to €1 per round.

Who created the Punto Banco Pro Series?

NetEnt IconPunto Banco Pro Series is an online table casino game created by NetEnt. Founded in 1996, they carry out a 20-year experience upon gaming software development. The world’s top online casino operators feature NetEnt’s products, since they deliver top quality game play activity and fair gaming mechanisms. It is a global company due to the fact that they own offices in Malta, USA, Poland, Sweden and others, while running businesses all around the world. Moreover, they feauture many official awards that acknowledge their profesional work upon the game development.

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