Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat Pro Series GameBaccarat is one of those mysterious card games often played in a roped off area and thought to be for high rollers only. The best news is that you can now play online baccarat from NetEnt without being a high roller. We at New Casinos bring out our review about the Baccarat Pro Series. This type of game may be one of the most ancient card games which has been also mentioned in many movies, of course with the rich and famous.

How to play the Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat Pro SeriesPlaying baccarat you can bet on either the player or the banker to win. There is a tie bet option as well. Most games are played with 8 decks of cards, shuffled together. As the player, you have the option of choosing low roller, standard, and high roller.

  • The dealer will begin by placing one card faced up for the player and one for bank.
  • Now, the dealer will give both another card.
  • The totals are figured and if the third card rule applies, both the player and the bank will receive another card.
  • The dealers will pay the players with the winning wagers as well as collect the money from the losers.

The minimum bet upon this game is €1, while the maximum bet can go up to €100. The theoretical return to player (RTP) value for this game is 98.96%. Play this table game at the best NetEnt Casinos.

What to win

According to the bets, the house normally has the edge of 1.06% on a bet for the banker, 1.24% for the player’s bet and 14.36% for a tie. If the player places a bet on the banker’s hand and wins, then he gets back 2 to 1 but with a 5% commission fee. All of these in an 8-deck game.

The advantages

A cool attribute of Baccarat Pro Series is that you do not have to invest a great deal of cash in order to play this exciting game. NetEnt has made it possible for everyone to enjoy playing baccarat with the option for low roller with bets starting at only 10 cents. Of course, the graphics and game play are fast and it truly feels like you are in a land based casino. A great feature is that at the left side of the screen you get a list of results for the previous rounds.

Who created the Baccarat Pro Series?

NetEnt IconNetEnt is the developer of the Baccarat Pro Series. They carry out a 20-year experience in the field of gaming software developing. This company is supplying the world’s top web casino operators with online slots and other games. Any NetEnt product is carefully designed in order to deliver a top quality interface and an enjoyable game play. There are many awards that can be found online which confirm NetEnt’s remarkable contribution to the world gambling industry.

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