Spinrider Casino LogoIt’s time for New Casinos LTD to present the exclusive interview with Spin Rider, one of 2018’s newest casinos and the highest rated gambling site by our reviewers right now. The company has spent a lot of time getting a cool looking site, which is really appealing in every way.

The initial bonus package is significantly higher than the competitors’ new casinos, bringing up to 100% up to £3000 + 50 Bonus Spins + 500 VIP points on the very first deposit. But Spin Rider is not like any other new casino out there. Instead of having absolute bonuses, they are more flexible and try to adapt to what the players actually want. So do you have any suggestions for them, do not hesitate to make yourself heard. By the way, you can win a Porsche Cayman 718, right in the spring. Get Your Bonus Right Now. T&C

Here follows the 7 interview questions:

Spin Rider Casino Homepage1 – Spin Rider looks both and the name also sounds like a new casino page for car and action lovers. Do you have to appreciate fast cars to enjoy Spin Rider, or how would you describe the unique concept? What kind of player do you think will appreciate this site?

1 – Answer: Spin Rider is geared to an audience that likes the finer things in the world and is looking for some excitement. Who does not get upset by the idea of driving a fast car a foggy night on its way to an evening full of slowly increasing excitement.

Spin Rider Casino Games2 – Spin Rider was nominated for the best new casino so far in 2018 by our reviewers. How does it feel?

2 – Answer Becoming recognized by New Casinos, feels incredible. It is absolutely amazing that our team has been recognized in the industry and their efforts have not passed unnoticed. We will continue to work hard and dedicated to differentiate ourselves from the “rest” and deliver more exciting content for our users.

Spin-Rider-Casino-Mobile-300x4203 – There are over 30 different developers available at Spin Rider already at launch. In the last two years, no other professional brand has reached such a grand number in the launch phase. Does your team have better contacts, or how have you managed to get such a versatile gaming environment in such a short time?

3 – Answer: We understand the importance of producing a popular brand and spending money on TV commercials, and sponsorship helps to develop confidence, but players want even more. We invest heavily in building trust with our players through real fast payouts and 24 hour customer service, but the investment must also be providing all possible games to our players. We believe that when our players start to trust us, as long as we give them good games and several new options, and of course provide good customer support and bonuses, our players will not want to play elsewhere.

Spin Rider Casino Bonus4 – The Spin Rider Welcome Bonus is quite amazing: 100% bonus up to £3000 + 50 Bonus Spins + 500 VIP points on the very first deposit. However, there are no clear bonuses for the second and third deposit. Are you still working on improving the offer, or what can recurring players look forward to?

4 – Answer: A large number of our players actually prefer to play completely without bonuses, so we thought to give a big, individual deposit bonus a try. Those who want bonuses will receive regular offers, on a regular basis during each week, so no one will be left lotto-free. Spin Rider believes in delivering a unique and tailor-made experience. If our players want more than one welcome bonus then we will listen, discuss between themselves and then deliver what the players want.

5 – The most exciting campaign at Spin Rider right now is a brand new sexy Porsche 718 Cayman Coupe that is featured in white on your website. I love the car, but prefer one in blue. What can we do? Would like to have one before the weekend?

Spin-Rider-Casino-Logo+Promo-400x2505 – Answer: We would like to give a Porsche or two to everyone who registers if we could, but at the moment, it’s about who is participating in the competition! Currently, we will give away a car every 12 weeks when our prize draw takes place. Access to the competition is open to anyone who registers. You can get full details on the promotions section. As for the color, we’ll see what we can do.

6 – Spin Rider was released yesterday and is already looking amazing from a design perspective while charging super fast. But is there anything you already try to improve so that users can enjoy and appreciate Spin Rider even more?

Spin Rider Casino Promo6 – Answer: I wish I could say “No”, but unfortunately we have a lot to do. We want to improve the page’s upload speed, update some pages to make them look even nicer, enhance the Welcome Pack visibility, and more and more. There is too much to do to write here, but would like to discuss it on a nice whiskey.

7 – Finally: I’m not sure what to play today; Mega Moolah with the chance to win the £35 million jackpot or some of the new games like “The Lost Riches of Amazon” by Foxium or “Lucky Links” from the Swedish developer Just for the Win. Do you have any suggestions on what’s popular and worth playing on Spin Rider?

7 – Answer: I’m a classic casino player, says the creator of Spin Rider. I try to avoid jackpot games because it feels like they pay less than other games. I’m a big Blueprint supporter, but also have a soft point for Microgaming’s Gold Factory and really like games from Swedish Thunderstruck.