Casino Game Developers

The games you play, define your gaming experience. Don’t settle for less. When you sign up to a new casino you should make sure they have your favourite games. Luckily, this is quite easy.

We help you find the best and newest casinos offering games \by your favourite game developers. How? By ranking all new casinos offering games by each individual UK licenced software provider.

Note: We are New-Casinos.UK, and our lists are of course ranked in reverse chronological order.

The Newest Casinos From Gaming Software Developers with a UK License

Check out the newest casinos from casino gaming software developers with a UK license below:

Best Casino Software 2020

The best casino software in 2020 is created by leading brands like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and more. These companies leverage the latest technologies and techniques, providing their talented developers with the resources to build high-quality games.

New games hit online casinos in a steady stream, across slots, table titles, live-dealer experiences, scratch cards and more. Video slots remain one of the most popular forms of online gambling software, due to the fast pace and accessible gameplay. Anyone can dive into a video slot and have fun, without any prior experience or knowledge.

Table games, live casino games and casual games appeal to different players, but you’ll usually find a mix of all three types at reputable online casinos for maximum cross-demographic appeal.

The best casino software for 2020 takes full advantage of the latest tech. Expect to see more multiplayer games, 3D visuals, VR-compatible games and casinos, and a tighter focus on gamification to keep players hooked.

New Casinos covers all the latest online casinos for UK players, and brings you key updates on the biggest games to watch out for in 2020.

The Importance of Casino Gaming Software

Casino gaming software is fundamental to iGaming sites: without them, what would they have to offer their customers?

In all seriousness, developers have to keep providing online casinos and players with new, exciting experiences. They must be:

  • carefully-balanced to deliver a fair chance of winning
  • capable of playing on a range of devices
  • designed with dynamic visuals and smooth performance
  • appealing enough to attract new players

Online casinos are in fierce competition. Each operator wants to give its customers the biggest, best collection of games across all of its sites. Casino software companies are responsible for helping casinos stand out, tempt customers to sign up and keep them playing.

The best casino software companies understand this, and continue to break ground. Some developers produce customised games based on a site’s specific requirements, giving them exclusivity and an edge over competitors.

The Software Itself

Thousands of games are available at online casinos from the various casino software companies. Developers tend to produce games of a certain category or style: for example, it’s increasingly common to see video slots based on hit movies and TV shows.

These help attract fans of the source material to try their hand at online gaming, even if they’ve shown little interest in betting before. Players can enjoy visuals, sounds and music from the original property, for added authenticity.

The right selection of games, especially exclusive ones, can help a casino attract a wider audience and become more popular. Adding new titles and genres keeps sites fresh, offering long-standing members extra incentive to stay loyal.

The online gambling software used to develop casino games is usually based on high-performance platforms which can operate to a high standard, even when burdened with a lot of online traffic. While some casinos still require members to download software to their computer, the proliferation of mobile casinos means most games can be played in-browser.

The Newest Casinos From Gaming Software Developers without a UK License

This is our short overview of popular developers who unfortunately does not yet have a UK licence:

Why Worry About Casino Software

The casino gaming software used at a casino impacts the quality of your experience. If the games are generally of a poor quality, you can expect clunky performance, sub-par visuals and a distinct lack of fun. Poor-quality games may have a lower RTP, confusing rules or no bonus features / rounds too.

The best casino software developers, on the other hand, ensure their games are always of a high standard. Even if you don’t particularly like the look or feel of a title, you can still recognise careful attention to detail and strong design.

New Casinos’ experts always list the software developers behind a casino’s games catalogue in our reviews. This helps you make an informed choice and understand what you’re in for when you sign up.

As you become more familiar with the best casino software companies behind games at online casinos, you’ll be able to make better choices.

The Best Online Casino Software Providers Offer Safe Online Casinos

Safety is paramount at every online casino. Customers are more aware of their rights and the dangers of poor cybersecurity than ever: they expect their data and money to be protected at all times.

Platform providers should always implement the latest SSL technology to help safeguard player data. Trustworthy banking options must be available to add extra peace of mind too.

While platform providers partner with different casino software companies, leading developers typically care about the quality of the casinos showcasing their work. You you can expect good security processes wherever you see the biggest games, but still take time to check new casinos out to be sure.

License from the UK Gambling Commission

Online gambling software developers must have a Remote Gambling Software License to operate in the UK. Their software must comply with the Gambling Commission’s technical standards, including the following must-have features and functions in their casino games:

  • displayed transactions
  • presenting casino game descriptions, rules, and the general changes of winnings
  • access to customer account information
  • result determination
  • random outcomes must be generated to ensure fairness
  • result determination for games designed as play-for-fun experiences only
  • financial limits must be available, to control spending
  • reality checks and time requirements must be addressed
  • games of skill and chance with auto-play must be provided
  • cheating and collusion must be limited as much as possible
  • key information must be provided
  • responsible product design

The software license lets developers create, supply, install, and alter software in an online capacity. Developers also permit their games to feature on online casinos, and these need a host operating license.

If you have any concerns about the games at an online casino you use regularly (such as unfair design or exceptional poor quality) the Gambling Commission may want to know about it.

Summary of Casino Game Developers in the UK 2020

The best casino software developers continue to push the limits of online casino gaming for players in the UK. Innovation, experimentation and awareness of their target audience allows the best casino game developers to produce content that keeps you satisfied.

Whether you’re a fan of video slots, blackjack, roulette, live baccarat or any other type of casino game, top software developers will always work hard to bring you a fun, fair betting experience.

Now we’ve established how important and creative software developers are, bear them in mind next time you’re enjoying (and hopefully winning on) your favourite casino games from the comfort of your own home.