Casino games – Old school vs new slot games

It has been really a long time ago since the very first casino game was introduced, actually one of the first casino games could be found in the One Armed Bandits that was giving gums as a prize when wining. The first real casino games made their inroads in the land based casinos as a way to automate the poker game and then as a complement to the traditional tablet games. They had different names at that time depending on the geographical location. In the United States they where called slot machines or one armed bandits, in UK for fruit machines and for pokie or poker machines in Australia. Now days it is called for Slot Machines worldwide.

Today the casino games have reached a totally different level. Thanks to the online casinos, mobile casinos and the technological developments, the new casino games are available more or less for everybody and everywhere. That has created an enormous demand for casino games which in its own turn created an enormous supply of many new casino games to fulfill the players preferences.

The First Casino Game

The first casino game was born in 1895 when Charles Fey invented the slot machine, which was called for “Liberty Bell”. It was a really simple mechanical gaming machine with 3 spinning reels, 5 symbols and with only 1 payline and only one coin betting. The 5 symbols were diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades and the Liberty Bell, which is where the slot machine got its name.

The Liberty Bell slot machine was extremely popular since it was something totally different to the traditional tablet games. It was also much easier to play since you did not need any knowledge or skills to play the slot machine in contrast to the tablet games.

The casino games had some development in their early years by adding more spinning reels, adding more and different symbols. For example, in places with anti gambling laws the slot machines where giving away fruit flavored gums as winning prizes, instead of cash prizes, and that’s when the new casino games with the iconic fruit themed symbols like cherry and melon were introduced and can still be found today.

Bally Technologies introduces the Money Honey

The first milestone for the casino games was reached in 1964 when Bally Technologies introduced the “Money Honey”, an electromechanical slot machine. The electrical components like flashing lights, helped improve the gaming experience, in combination with the introduction of the multi coin bets and jackpots has created an extra boost in popularity among existed players but also helped to attract many new casino players.

One of Money Honey’s innovation was the integration of an electric hopper, used for coin counting. That allowed the slot machine to hold much larger quantities of coins, which led not only to higher payouts but also to much more spectacular payouts.

The introduction of Money Honey may have brought many new technologically breakthroughs but the real casino game design did not change much, besides some flash lights. It still had 3 spinning reels and one Payline. But still, at that time that was huge and many say that this casino slot machine transformed Las Vegas.

The arrival of the microchips

The next big kick off for casino games came in the middle of the 70s with the arrival of the microchips, which changed literally the casino games and the slot machines. First, all moving parts at the slot machines where removed, leading to lower weight and size which also changed the design of the slot machine itself. Still the biggest chance, with the introduction of the microchips, was for the casino games. This new technology made the video casino games possible, with exciting graphics, sound and speed. All that lead to great and fun casino games.

The very first video casino game was introduced in 1975 by Walt Fraley and was called “Fortune Coin”. A slot machine totally computerized with large screen, much better design and without any moving parts. But this video slot machine proved to be literally ahead of its time, most of the players where skeptical and mistrustful about the new technology and the virtual reels. Therefore the Fortune Coin was not that popular among casino players.

mega bucksAfter seeing the potential of the video slot machines the IGT, a slot manufacturer at that time, bought the patent for Fortune Coin in 1976. After some further development of the patented technology they introduced many new casino video games in combination with heavy marketing, to change the mistrustful image of the video slot machines, the new video games where becoming popular among casino players.

The biggest break through for the video slot machines came with the linking of multiple slot machines to create progressive jackpots. The first video slot game with progressive jackpot was the “Megabucks”, another big hit product from IGT that was introduced in 1986. This new and great casino game was become instantly an enormous success, all the players loved it for the enormous jackpots. This new game helped the IGT to become one of the biggest casino game developers and slot machine makers in the world.

The arrival of PCs, internet and mobile devices

If the casino games had a boost with the arrival of the microchip, then they had a take of by the arrival of powerful PCs, fast internet connections, fast mobile networks and mobile devices. That gave birth to the many online casinos and later on mobile casinos made the casino games available for everybody and everywhere. The days when you had to visit a land based casino to play where ever.

The powerful PCs and fast internet connections allowed the casino game developers to create casino games with much better graphics and sound. In reality the only limits in designing new casino games today is the imagination of the software developer and not to the technology itself.

site_btn_weekend_in_vegasThe developers have been pushing the boundaries to create the most exciting and most advance casino games, the latest achievement is 3D cinematic casino games. The frond runner in this field is Betsoft and their latest 3D casino game achievement is “Weekend in Vegas”. This new technology, 3D, creates a much better, fun and real feeling when playing casino games.

Now-days you can find thousands of casino games to play, and most of them are specializing on one way or another. What about blockbuster movie themed games like the superhero games “Captain America” and “Dark Knight”. Or Sports themed online casino games like “Champions Goal”. The new mega-fortune-thumbonline games started also to replace the land based casinos with Live Tablet Games, like live Blackjack, live Roulette and live baccarat. The players can see the dealer in real time, even choose the dealer and in some talk to other players at the same table.

The new technology has helped also to create great progressive jackpot casino games with enormous winnings. The most played jackpot games today is “Mega Fortune”, “Arabian Nights” and “Hall of Gods”.  All of them developed by the casino games developer NetEnt. one of the most popular online casino games, Starburst, has also been developed by NetEnt.

The Online Casino Era

It is not only the casino games that have been having an exceptional development in the last few years. The online casino industry has also been transforming on all fronts. The gaming experience have been in focus for all online casinos and many of them have realized that the gaming experience does not starts and ends only when the player is playing a casino game but it starts from the moment the player logs into the online casino and logs out of it.

Casumo IconNew Casinos believes that Casumo Casino is one of many new online casinos that created a playful environment where you will experience a brand new casino adventure in the Casumo land. Once you register,  your Casumo figure is born with a white belt and works its way upwards in the hierarchy of yellow, red, blue, purple and finally a black belt. The more you play the higher rank you will get and the higher the rank the more free spins, bonuses and other promotions you will get.

The enormous competition among new online casinos has created a bonanza of welcome packages in form of free spins and money bonuses. Many new online casinos are even giving away free spins and free casino money just for registering, a nice way to get to know the new casino without making a deposit. Besides the welcome packages there are also an enormous variety of promotions, gifts, contests, daily offers and many other bonuses that the casino players can enjoy daily after they have registered.

The Mobile Casino Era

With larger and more technically advanced mobile phones and tablets along with faster mobile  networks, mobile games and casinos has become the new norm. The first casino games were just for pure pleasure but everything changed when iPhone was launched back in 2007 and the Android mobile phones back in 2008. Since then, casino games on mobile devices is the latest trend and is the fastest growing form of online gaming today.

Mobile Casino means usually that you play casino games directly on your browser, either on apps from Google Play or from Apple App Store. Another alternative is to download the casino software directly from the mobile casinos. Playing Mobile Casino on an iPhone or an Android mobile phone is currently the most common way to experience casino games on the go. Playing on a tablet is of course the second fastest growing type of online casino gaming. A big advantage for the tablets and I-pads is higher resolution and the larger screens that they offer.

HandyGames, a German game developer, recently announcement that they launched the world’s first fitness-based casino game “Vegas Fruit Slots” for Android smart-watches. The game uses a type of pedometer function that measures how many steps you take and then rewards you accordingly. Even here, as for the online casinos, one of the most famous mobile games is the “Starburst”.