Free Spins & Bonus Spins at New Casinos

New Casinos team always puts its effort and focus on providing you with essential information that will advance your cyber gaming activity.  We will also present all the best new online that offer the best Free Spins offers. This evaluation is a result of a quite long process and we will present the best deals with both the Free Spins received after registration and the Bonus Spins that are part of the Welcome Bonus Package. But before we do so we would like to explain what free spins is all about. It is rounds you get from an online casino to play for free on online slots and are often given away as a bonus to both new and old players. At this point let us clarify the difference between the ‘Free Spins’ and the ‘Extra Spins’ or ‘Bonus Spins‘ as you will find them in our webpage. We call ‘Free Spins’ only the ones that you will get After Registration and do not require any kind of deposit in order to claim them, they are literally given away for free. On the other hand, ‘Extra Spins’ or ‘Bonus Spins’ are the ones that come when making any kind of deposit, it is required to be called so by the UK Gambling Commission. You will also come across the terms Super Spins or Mega Spins, the only difference from the regular spins is the value of them that  starts at £1 and may sometimes go up to £7 per spin. So, how to get the most Free Spins? They are most often given away in the below mention occasions, so just pick the ones that fit your needs the best.

Free Spins after Registration

The most common package an online casino wraps their free spins in is the welcome bonus, and this is given out after you make a registration. You haven’t made a deposit yet, but some casinos give out free spins before you do this, and they are also called for No Deposit Free Spins. This was a lot more popular a few years ago, and we have noticed that the online casino industry had all but phased out no deposit free spins, but there are many online casinos that are hanging in there with them. We recommend you to grab them since it is a great opportunity for you to try out a brand new internet casino without risking any money of your own. The only thing you have to do is just sign in and play for free. Let us also mention that we at New Casinos make exclusive collaborations with the best online casinos that often lead to more Free Spins. Find the ins and outs of the After Registration Bonuses.

10 freespins at registration
Deposit bonus
10 freespins
5 Free Spins at registration
Deposit bonus
100% up to £200
10 bonus spins at registration
Deposit bonus
200% up to £50 + 50 bonus spins

Most recent Online Casinos that offer Free Spins after Registration

Bonus Spins on Deposit

Bonus Spins or Extra Spins are part of the Welcome Bonus Packages offered by many online casinos. You have made placed a deposit and now the casino wants to give you an amount of Bonus Spins to play at their casino. The amount of Bonus Spins that the casino will give varies greatly, but some of the best offers, given by casinos listed on this page, will award you up to 200+ Bonus Spins. In most of the cases you will have the chance to get some Bonus Spins, up to 300, when you make your first, second, third or fourth deposit. One thing that you have to be aware is the minimum amount of money that you will have to deposit in order to claim the bonus spins, normally it is the minimum deposit that in most of the cases ranges between £10 to £20. Here can you find out everything there is to know about Welcome Bonus Packages.

Deposit bonus
100% up to £200 + 50 bonus spins
Deposit bonus
100% up to £100 + 25 bonus spins
Deposit bonus
25 No Wager Spins

Most recent Online Casinos that offer Free Spins after Deposit

Free Spins as part of Rewards, Offers and Promotions

Online casinos run all kinds of rewards and promotions that give you serious opportunities to get extra free spins. Most casinos will have a page called promotions, or some equivalent, which tells you about the promotions the casino is running. Some of the offers may change from time to time, and some even change on daily basis. Online casinos are using such promotions to create excitement and to reward some of the most loyal players, and most of them consist of Races, Challenges, Contests, Tournaments or Prize Draws. Daily offers might offer you ten free spins just for making a deposit on a specific day of the week, or you get ten free spins today just because. Online casinos with VIP Loyalty Programs give also away Free Spins to reward their most loyal casino players. Some other occasions that you will literary get Free Spins on your birthday, for trying out a brand new casino game or just for logging in to your online casino account.

In Game Free Spins

If you have played online slots you will know that there is a difference between the free spins that are given in the game and the free spins that you get from the online casino. In game free spins in a bonus in the game and are played in the same game. When the online casino gives you free spins, you get to choose when to use the free spins, and sometimes they are even playable on more than one game.

What to be Aware of

Although the Free Spins or the Bonus Spins on your online casino account are real, there is a requirement that you must reach before you can first exchange those Free Spins to real money, and second to withdraw that money from your online casino account. There is something called Wagering in the online casino industry, which refers to how many times you have to turn over the Free Spins. Wagering depends on each casino, but ranges from 30 to 50 times. For example, if you get 100 Free Spins and the wagering is 40 times, you will have to play for 4 000 spins before you can exchange those 100 free spins to real money or be able to withdraw the money. Keep in mind that the Free Spins after registration have much higher wagering requirements that normal, in some cases up to 100 times.

Then, there is an Expiration Date on the Free Spins. Meaning you have to play your Free Spins under a limited period of time, otherwise they will be gone. As always, the time period varies on each online casino, but in most of the cases ranges from 3 to 10 days. Another thing to keep in mind is that some Free Spins can only be played on a specific casino game and can not be played on all online casino games. It is also common that many online casinos are not giving away all the Free Spins at once, especially when they are part of a Welcome Package, instead you will receive just a few each day.

Another significant issue that you should always be aware of, as far as it concern the Free or Bonus Spins is their actual value. You had better not only focus on the amount of the Free Spins you receive but also on the value of each Free Spin that more or less always vary from time to time or from one online casino to the other. We at New Casinos have mentioned this right above that the value of each spin may be different in a way that ’50 free spins’ at £1 per spin is a more profitable offer than ‘100 free spins’ at a value of £0.10 per spin. What we recommend you do when you are bound to play with a certain amount of Free Spins, is right ahead go to the Terms and Conditions page to figure this matter out. By our own experience, in most of the cases the value of the Free Spins after registration ranges from £0.10 to £0.20 per spin.

Capped Winnings is something to watch out for, it only occurs in cases of Free Spins after Registration and it is used by only few casinos, but nothing will ruin your day like winning big only to discover the casino has placed a cap on what you can win with your Free Spins. If you have already planned how to spend the money, the good thing is, the online casino will pay out to the limit, but it might fall short of the greatness you were expecting. Therefore we recommend you to read our Welcome Bonus section under each casino review to find out if there will be a limit of  any potential winnings. The ones that do have capped winnings tend to have a limit of around £70 to £100.

How to Get the Most Free Spins

If you want more Free Spins and Bonus Spins, you need to do the research, and a generous casino. Signing up to the right site, will give you more free spins, and this can improve the whole experience. A great way to tell which casinos are generous is to read the reviews on New Casinos. We are dedicated to presenting you with both the newest and all time best online casinos, and we take extra care with the Free Spins. Picking the right online casino is a good start, but you also need to consider how you wager and deposit money on the casino. Different sites will give out free spins to incentivise different activities, and if you are aware of this you can get your hands on a lot more free spins and potentially win a lot more money.

In our experience, most casinos either give you free spins for playing the games and wagering on their site, or they reward you with bonus spins for making a deposit. We are not talking only about your welcome bonus, but the subsequent deposits which the site will give you for later deposit. Often these are promotions that give you extra spins for wagering on a certain day. Our advice is to find an online casino like this and deposit when they have a promotions running, because you need to match how you play with the casino’ s reward and bonus structure to get the most free spins. This will take a bit of research on our site, have a look at our bonus sections, but the rewards will more than justify the time you spent finding the sites that is right for you.

Joining another new online casino is another great way to get a lot of free spins. They have generous welcome bonuses to attract players to their site, so why take advantage of only one of these? Playing on more than one site puts you in reach of more promotions and offers, which you can take advantage off, and we recommend that you rotate between three to five new online casinos. The only drawback to doing this is that you need to make sure you don’t stretch your bank balance too thin. There are minimum requirements for deposits and activities that you need to meet to qualify for the free spins and bonus spins, and you run the risk of falling short if your funds and attention is divided over too many sites.

A lot of new casinos are offering periodic free spin are for making a deposit at a certain day or time, and they continue these promotions for years. With a bit of discipline you can schedule your  deposits and pick up a few extra spins every week. It is also common for casinos to be a little more generous around events and holidays. If you stay on top of this, you will bank a lot more free spins and don’t forget to claim your birthday bonus, or pick up those extra goodies at Christmas.

High rolling is another way that you can get additional free spins. Casinos will move heaven and earth to keep their high rollers, and some sites will do this with free spins along with other bonuses. VIP programs will often award free spins, especially VIP programs at gamification casinos that have awards for progressing up levels. All you need to do is find a site with a VIP Loyalty Program that focuses on free spins or select them if you are given the option.

Using your free spins can actually help you get more. Online casinos have clever algorithms and analytics that record and monitor how players interact with the bonuses that the casino give them. If you sit on your free spins for a while, it isn’t as likely that you will be given them in the future. How exactly this works will vary a lot, but it is just something to keep in mind if you really want to optimize your casino experience for free spins. Play at a casinos with NetEnt games. The Swedish slot developer is one of the few that allows online casinos to give out free spins for their games, so it stands to reason that if you play at NetEnt Casinos you are going to get to play a lot of free spins.

Trends for Free Spins

Free Spins and Bonus Spins are being offered out in greater quantities and higher value than ever before at new online casinos. The average value is continuing to increase as the hyper competitive industry demands more of the online casino that operate in it. That is just a fancy way of saying that Free Spins are getting better, and will keep getting better. We have also noticed that Free Spins after registration aren’t as popular as they were in say, 2015, and the industry continues to fade them out as they fall out of favor for a number of reasons. On the other hand Bonus Spins and Extra Spins on Deposit are really on the rise. Another thing that is on the rise is Free Spins without any Wager Requirements, meaning you will be able to withdraw immediately all your winnings made by them.

The gamification trend that is sweeping the online casino industry is introducing new ways for online casinos to give out free spins. They are using them as rewards for unlocking trophies and advancing up levels. As this trend continues we expect to see more of this, and if you don’t know, gamification is adding game elements to an online casino to improve the playing experience and make it more engaging.