Best Casino Bonuses in the UK

Sometimes it may be confusing to understand all the bonuses you are eligible to. Mostly because online casinos are same times using many different names to describe the very same thing. New Casinos Ltd will describe the most common bonuses that can be found today on the new online casinos. We will also rank the online casinos for each bonus type, making easier for you pick the new casino that fits you the best and at the same time offers you the best bonuses.

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Casino Bonuses in the News
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No Deposit Bonuses

no-deposit-bonus new casinosThis may be the very first bonus you will get from your new casino. Some brand new online casinos are giving No Deposit Bonuses to attract new players. Sometimes it is even called for bonus without deposit, register bonus or sign up bonus. The bonus in this case is that you get either some free spins, in some casinos up to 50, or free money, in most of the cases up to 10 £/€/$, just to register to the new casino. Yes all for free, this is a really nice way to try out the new casino without taking any risk since you are not depositing any money of your own. We strongly recommend this risk free and insane bonus. It is really worth spending your time to register, since it is really easy and goes very fast. Check out the newest online casinos that are giving away the best No Deposit Bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses

It is simply the bonus you get once you make a deposit. The industry standard when using the term “Deposit Bonus” is that the online casino matches your deposited amount by a percentage. For example, 100 % deposit bonus means that once you make a deposit of 100 £/€/$ the online casino will match that amount with another 100 £/€/$ and you will end up having a total of 200 £/€/$ to play for. The norm here is that the new casinos offer themselves to match your deposit by 100%, but there are cases where online casinos offer up to 400 % cash match on your deposit. Some new online casinos are using the terms Money Bonus or Cash Match when matching your deposited amount.

Most of the new casinos have limits for this bonus, meaning that they will only match your deposit up to a certain amount of money. Normally the amount limit ranges from 50 to 200 £/€/$, but there are online casinos that have no limit and match your deposit up to any amount. You will mainly run into two Deposit Bonuses:

welcome-bonus new casinos– Welcome Deposit Bonus: The term “Deposit Bonus” comes up mostly when describing the Welcome Package  that is offered by more or less all new online casinos to attract new casino customers. The deposit bonus, cash match and sometimes in combination with Free Spins, is the main part of a Welcome Package. It is also very common for the new online casinos to have many rounds of deposit bonuses in their welcome packages, is some cases up to 7 rounds. So you will meet many statements like “First Deposit Bonus”, “Second Deposit Bonus”, “Third Deposit Bonus” etc.. Most of the times the offer varies on each deposit round. Check out the new casinos with the best Welcome Bonuses.

– Ongoing Deposit Bonus: After you have consumed your welcome package bonuses you may still be able to continue enjoying “Deposit Bonuses”. This may be happening since almost every new online casino has more or less a few continuing deposit bonuses to reward loyal casino players. This means you will be able to grab those deposit bonuses any time all year long. The most known Ongoing Deposit Bonus is promoted as Reload Bonus, the new online casino matches your amount by a percentage like in any other deposit bonus but there are two differences. First the reload bonus is only offered to existing casino players.  Second the reload bonus is far less generous than the deposit bonus offered in  the Welcome Packages. Normally the bonus ranges from 10% to 50% and up to  100 £/€/$.

Free Bonuses

free bonus new casinosGetting a free bonus from a new online casino is like getting a gift, in most of the cases those bonuses are a nice gesture to you from your new casino. Yes, those bonuses are free and come in most of the times in form of Free Spins or Free Money. The reasons for getting free bonuses are many, some online casinos may give it to you as a birthday present and call it Birthday Bonus. Another reason may be to try out a brand new casino game and therefore you will get Free Spins to enjoy the new casino’s latest game.

The heaven for Free Bonuses is to be found at the new casinos VIP Loyalty Programs. Depending of course on your VIP status, the free bonuses will rain upon you. Here the free bonuses may even be a daily matter, you will get free spins or free money for numerous reasons. What about free bonuses for advancing VIP level, maintaining VIP level, weekend bonus, month end bonus, mystery bonuses and you name it. Some online casinos may give you free bonuses in VIP points, instead of free spins and free money, which you will be able to exchange into other things.

You have to be aware of that all free bonuses have much higher wagering requirements and tighter expiration dates than normal bonuses, they are normally in level with the No Deposit Bonuses. Still there is nothing to worry about, they are free so you have nothing to lose.

Cashback Bonuses

cash-back new casinos ukThe CashBack reward uses literally the opposite approach used in “Deposit Bonuses” to reward casino players. Cashback will you only get when you play and lose. As the name indicates, you will get back a percentage of the real cash you have played and lost. The percentage you will get back depends on each online casino, normally it ranges from 10% and up to 50%. Even here, as in Deposit Bonuses, the new online casinos may give you Cashback up to a certain amount of money. Of course there are exceptions, there are brand new casinos that offer Cashback on unlimited amount. The general praxis here is that, the higher the Cash Back percentage I, then the lower the limit is set on the amount that you can get as Cashback.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are new online casinos that have always Cashback on all deposits and on all slot games and table games. Some of them have made the Cashback their only reward method to their casino players and do not offer any other form of bonus. Some players like new casinos like offering only cash back  since they only will need to focus on doing what they like to do the most, to play, and not to deal with keeping track of complicated deposit bonuses and bonus codes. Many online casino High Rollers prefer casinos like them.

Some online casinos may be having Cashback rewards only as a promotion for a limited time period and only on certain casino games. Meaning you will have to make a deposit and play during that time on the eligible casino games. Cashback is also an important component in many VIP loyalty programs for the new online casinos in the UK. In most of the cases the higher your VIP level is the greater the percentage of the Cashback will be. The loyal players love it, especially the high rollers. Check out the TOP 3 new online casinos that offer the most Cashback.

VIP Loyalty Programs

VIP new casinosThe online casino VIP Loyalty Programs are there to reward the most Loyal casino players and to attract the online High Rollers. The whole point is to make you feel like you are getting more value for your  money than any other regular casino player. It works since you will literally get more bonuses, rewards, gifts and invitations when you have joined a VIP Loyalty Program. Once you have advanced to the higher levels, it is at that point you will really understand what genuine VIP status means. The day your online casino will assign a personal VIP manager to you, it is the day that all your wagering have been paying of. At that level you will not only be able to enjoy exclusive deals and offers but also to enjoy custom made rewards based on your very own preferences. Just remember one thing, PICK only new casinos that will offer you a  personal VIP account manager one day, it is the only way to get the best and most unique rewards.

Check out the TOP 3 new casinos with the best VIP Loyalty Programs.

Ongoing Bonuses

All the new online casinos are having some sort of an Ongoing Bonus that is never ending, meaning you will be able to get it any time and at all times. Bonuses like this are more or less deposit bonuses where you will get something in return when making a deposit. In most of the cases you will get Free Spins, Match Bonuses, Cash Back or VIP points if the casino has an VIP Loyalty Program. New casinos are using those ongoing bonuses to reward their loyal casino players.  The most common names used by online casinos for such bonuses are Reload Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, Free Spins Bonus, Ongoing Promotion  etc.

How to Get the Bonuses

Every new online casino is using their own approach of how to you can claim your bonus. In most of the new online casinos you have only to register or to make a deposit and automatically you will receive your bonus. But in some new casinos you have to use a code during the registration or deposit process to claim your bonus. I same cases you may even need to contact the new casino’s customer support, after you have made the deposit, to claim your bonus. You have just to use the new casinos  chat function or send an email or calling them and you will receive your bonus. Another way to claim your bonus may be to, once you have signed in and made a deposit, visit your cashier page or your personal page and check off the bonus box you are entitled to.

There are two reasons that you have to claim your bonus instead for getting it automatically. The first is that some new casinos are having many different bonuses to choose from and therefore you have to pick the one that fits you the most. The other thing is that there are actually some new casino players that do not want any bonuses and they simply have to disregard to check the bonus box.

What to be aware of Bonuses

bonus requirement on new online casinosAlthough the bonus money on your online casino account are real, there is a requirement that you must achieve to be able to withdraw that money from your online casino account. There is something called Wagering in the online casino industry, which refers to how many times you have to turn over the bonus money. The Wager requirement depends on each casino, and ranges from 20 to 50 times. For example, if you get a money bonus of 100 £/€/$ and the wagering is 40 times, you will have to play for 4 000 £/€/$ before you can make a withdrawal of that money.

In some online casinos even your own deposited real money, if you get bonus money when you make the deposit, have a wagering requirement. It is called then Merged Bonus and means you cannot withdraw your own real deposited money without losing your bonus money and even the potential winnings you have made so far. Then there is the Non-Merged Bonus which is the opposite of the merged bonus and means that you have to wager only the bonus money. The thing even here is that you can always withdraw your own deposited money and lose your bonus money if you have not wagered it, but the difference here is that you will keep all the winnings you have made. This is because on non-merged bonuses you first play with your own deposited money and when you have lost them then you start to play with the bonus money, meaning that wagering begins when you first play with the bonus money and not when you play with your own deposited money.

Keep in mind that all casino games do not contribute equally on wagering, meaning that on some casino games you will get zero wagering when you play. Of course even here each online casino has its own standards, but after a generalization the wagering on each casino game category may look like this:

  • Slot Games – 100 % contribution
  • Bingo, Scratch Cards and Keno – Up to 100 % contribution
  • Tablet Games, Poker, Blackjack, baccarat, Roulette and Craps –  Up to 25 % contribution
  • Video Poker – Up to 10 % contribution

If we take the above mentioned example, if you get a money bonus of 100 £/€/$ and the wagering is 40 times, you will have to play on the slot machines, that gives you 100 % contribution, for 4 000 £/€/$,  (100 x 40 x 1),  before you can make a withdrawal of that money. But If you play on any tablet game, lets say Blackjack, and the online casino gives you a 25 % contribution the number will be totally different. In this case you will have to play for (100 x 40 / o,25), 16 000 £/€/$.

On the No Deposit Bonus the wagering requirement is much higher than normal. In some online casinos it is up to 100 times, those money are also called for “sticky money” since it is more or less impossible to withdraw them from the casino. So, why bother then with no deposit bonuses? Well you can always win when playing with those no bonus money or Free Spins, and in most of the online casinos there are no wagering requirements on the winnings from bonus money, meaning you can withdraw them immediately.

Some online casinos are having an “Expiration Date” on their bonuses, mostly on free spins. Meaning you have to play your free spins under a limited period of time, otherwise they will be gone. As always, the time period varies on each casino, but in most of the cases ranges from 3 to 10 days. For the online casinos that are having expiration date on the bonus money the time period for wagering your bonus is normally around 30 days. If you have received a Merged Bonus and you have not meet the wagering requirements during the specified period of time you will lose both the bonus money and any winnings, but you will never lose your own deposited money. On the other hand if you have received a Non-Merged Bonus you will keep your winnings and only lose your bonus money, and of course as always you will not lose your own deposited money.

At last, we recommend you strongly to always read and pay attention to the terms and conditions of each online casino.