Betsoft Gaming is one of the foremost software brands in the iGaming industry, and its upcoming Max Quest: Wrath of Ra could be their best, most important game so far.

This title will be released on November 2nd across desktop and mobile sites, offering players an innovative take on slot games. Max Quest is an action-adventure experience combining the traditional slot-based betting fans know with high-octane shooting.

What’s the Story in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra?

The story is more rich and immersive than is common in slot games: the sun god Ra’s huge temple has been untouched and undisturbed for thousands of years, until a group of gun-toting explorers decide to unlock its secrets.

Ra is, of course, awakened — along with an army of creatures ready to slay the treasure-hunters.

Yourself and other players will be racing through underground tunnels and taking on all manner of Ancient Egyptian enemies like Scarab beetles, mummies and lethal warriors. You’ll have access to high-powered weapons like shotguns, grenades, plasma blasters, laser rifles and more on your quest, to even the odds.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra combines the latest progression systems with fast-pacing betting: you’ll collect XP, customise your avatar for a distinctive look, unlock achievements and potentially climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Players will be matched with each other in the type of lobbies seen in console-based multiplayer games.

How does Max Quest: Wrath of Ra play?

Here’s a brief breakdown of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra’s gameplay:

  • The biggest break from tradition is the lack of a spin button. Instead, you need to aim your crosshairs on your enemies and open fire.

  • Any bullets that hit their target will pay out in coins randomly; missed shots are designed to ricochet until they finally strike one of Ra’s minions or they’ll go back to their chamber — taking the respective wager with it.

  • Quests are an integral part of Max Quest. Players are assigned Quests of varying difficulty (measured from one star to five stars), based around locating treasure hidden throughout the game. Earning XP during the Quests increases your chances of boosting your leaderboard placement.

  • Another key feature is the God Event. This may occur at the end of a round: all enemies on-screen will vanish, clearing the way for a rampaging god character to appear. If you defeat them and their ‘entourage’, you’ll scoop a massive chest packed with treasures and cash prizes.

  • If you manage to become a top-ranked player on the leaderboard, you’ll be awarded special prizes (chosen by the respective casino operator). There’s a Leaderboard Cash Pool made up of players’ money, with each wager accounting for 2% of the pool.

  • Your placement is based on the amount of XP you’ve accumulated throughout the Leaderboard period (rather than your overall XP).

Betsoft is rightfully excited to unleash Max Quest: Wrath of Ra upon gamers. This could be the dawn of an entirely new breed of iGaming, appealing to seasoned slots-fans and console-lovers alike.

By mixing dynamic shooting action with the random excitement of slots betting, Betsoft is making iGaming even more accessible to a broader audience.

Whether you’re a newcomer to iGaming or an experienced fan of slots, you’ll get to enjoy a totally fresh experience with Betsoft’s revolutionary release on November 2nd!

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