usa_al_mapSenator Del Marsh of the south-eastern state of Alabama, United States, has put forward a motion to legalize gambling and New Casinos in the state. According to this motion, it would be free for land based casinos to have table games, lotteries and slot machines.

Behind Del Marsh motion is a study by Auburn University in Montgomery, showing that if Alabama allows  lotteries and New Casinos, it would provide an income of 400 million dollars to the States Fund, 11 000 jobs and an economic spread of 1.2 billion. Marsh had even imagined that a commission similar to a review board would work to ensure that all new casinos would follow the laws and rules that will apply.

Alabama has been hit hard by financial crisis since 2008, and has not really started to recover yet. Marsh’s political opponents Bentley has proposed a tax change that will provide $ 300 million to the state. Marsh think there’s a bad idea to burden the taxpayers more, and believes that legalizing gambling is not a solution to the state’s problems, but it will provide an income, and should be included in the development.

The gambling industry in the US is large in some states, such as Nevada with its famous Las Vegas. But in many other states have very restrictive gambling rules and therefore many Americans are visiting Las Vegas if they want to play on real casinos.