Casimba Casino Logo 330x100Finally one of this year’s best new casinos 2017 has arrived and we have secured  an exclusive interview with this great new casino that will make us understand the latest features, bonuses, design and the people behind it.  What really makes Casimba stand out is that the site is loading so fast. Everything is user-friendly in the fingertips, with a touch of a button to add favorite games or move the mouse over a game to see a quick-launch introductory video that appears immediately. It has never been easier and more fun to discover new casino games ans online slots. To get started, Casimba offers a first deposit bonus of 200% up to £5000 plus 50 Free Spins. Could it be better?
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Here follows the 9 questions that will make us understand what Casimba Casino is all about:

Casimba Casino Homepage 375x3501. Casimba is a short, cool and memorable name. How did you guys come up with it?
Casimba, just like the casino itself is punchy, provoking and proficient.  It’s easy to get lost in the world of online casinos 2017 , so we wanted a name that was unique and straight to the point.  In the East African language of Swahili, “Simba” directly translates into “Lion”, an animal known for its strength, royalty and valour. And just like the Lion sits comfortably as the king of the jungle, Casimba now reigns supreme as the King of Casinos.

2. Where is the company based, how many employees have you got and which languages will be available at Casimba?
Our team is based in North West London in the hip, unique and eclectic borough of Camden Town. And just like the many art murals splashed across Camden’s buildings, our team is a group of colourful, distinct and vibrant individuals. With 22 personnel speaking a range of different languages, along with a dedicated VIP and Retention team, our accessibility to players has never been better.

3. What is the story of Casimba? What kind of casino players will enjoy it?
As mentioned above, the name directly relates to the Swahili word for Lion – “Simba.” And just as lions are known for their strength and command of the animal kingdom, Casimba is known as the strong and illustrious leader of the online casino kingdom.  Players can expect a visually-rich, easy-to-navigate, interactive online experience with a plethora of choice and opportunities to win. Whether you’re a tablet, desktop or mobile casino player, Casimba has you covered.

Casimba Casino Games 375x3504.  Which kind of games can be played at Casimba? It seems to be almost 10 developers, and everything is sorted by developer, just a click away. Any more developers coming in the near future?
With over 20 game providers including NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, etc, showcasing over 1000 slot and casino games, as well as state-of-the-art Live Dealers delivering high-stakes table games like Roulette and Blackjack, Casimba players will be launched into an exhilarating, action-packed, high-def casino experience.  As for what’s to come… well just like a lion leading its pride into greener pastures, we can’t give up too much information too quickly. At the moment, we are in talks with several huge game providers that will certainly catapult Casimba into a class of its own. Stay tuned!

5. There is a functionality with favorite games and popular games on the front page. Please elaborate why Casimba has been created like this? (And how it works / that most players have favourite games etc)
Players are generally creatures of habit and tend to navigate towards games that they are comfortable with, have a good track record with, and that they enjoy playing most. To ensure our players have a hassle-free gaming experience, the favourites/popular games menu just made the most sense. In the end, we just want our players to enjoy their time at Casimba and play the games they love.

6. The welcome bonus is very rewarding. What about future rewards and bonuses for all the players that are going to enjoy Casimba?
Like you said, our welcome bonus is unlike anything else out there, and we want to maintain that vibe for all of our promotions. At Casimba, we are focused on ensuring our players are rewarded and rewarded well. So instead of throwing out generic bonuses and upgrades, we are committed to providing players with promotions that they enjoy and frankly, promotions that work. Whether it’s free spins, loyalty bonuses, tournaments, or match offers, our players can feel confident that they will be provided with the most lucrative and exciting offers. Get Your Bonus Now.
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Casimba Casino Vip 400x2507. Have you got anything special for VIP players?
Just like our namesake symbolizes royalty and nobility, our VIP players can expect nothing less. As part of our exclusive membership, VIP players can look forward to private events and tournaments, individually-designed promotions, exclusive cashback offers and best of all one-on-one support 24/7. Also, we’d be remiss not to mention the incredible rewards and prizes are VIPs will be eligible for, including all-inclusive vacations, access to popular sporting events, theatre tickets and much much more.

8. Casimba loads extremely fast and everything from sign-up to loading of new sub-pages is done quicker than other sites. We can imagine players will appreciate this. How did you manage to make everything so smooth and simple? (eg. New technology? Smart designer/team? Etc)
When developing Casimba, our dedicated design team were extremely thoughtful about optimization and performance techniques and made it a priority to write from scratch as opposed to using out-of-date plug ins. When styling the site, our designers looked at market trends as opted for a hybrid photographic/flat motif and utilized web-standard video compression, all to make the user experience THAT much better. Without getting too technical, lots of thought and effort went into the design and development of the casino so that, as you said, players can expect a smooth, visually rich and uncomplicated experience.

9. How will Casimba stand out from other new casinos in the UK?
On top of everything mentioned above including bespoke VIP services, over 1000 slot and casino games, lucrative player promotions and high-definition graphics and design, the most important way Casimba will stand out from other new casinos is player satisfaction and contentment. So long are the days of impersonalized, difficult-to-navigate, boring online casinos, Welcome to the Pack, Welcome to Casimba.

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