Lars Kollind profile photoLars Kollind from Aspire Global looks into the future of new online casinos. Lars is global sales director for one of the leading white-label solutions founded in 2005. Prior to that, he is known from “The Suite”, a poker club with over 2000 members and Vegas Group, which merged with Poker Icons to become the largest agency for poker player. Since Mr Kollind also worked as a consultant for poker and casino sites, he has good insight into what is happening on the casino market. New Casino managed to get us a brief chat with Lars Kollind and below are the answers from the interview:

1. How many play worthy EU-licensed new casinos do you guess will be launched in 2017?
Because there is so much potential to grow in new and soon to be regulated markets and online gambling has become a “hobby for masses” with an acceptance of playing online there will be substantial number of new brands entering in market. Turnkey white-label solutions as Aspire Global offers has lowered the threshold and simplified the way of setting up own high quality online casino to non-gaming traffic holders who want to monetize their traffic more efficient.

To add I also think that we will see a lot of mergers and acquisition of smaller online casinos by the larger established operators which will open the door for even more new online casinos by a new kind of entrepreneurs such as large media outlets etc.

2. In 2016, live casinos got increasingly popular and a majority of all new casino sites are now mobile friendly. What do you think will be the game changer and/or new standard in 2016?Aspire Global
Yes indeed, mobile is there now but although everyone touts “mobile-first” there is still significant improvement needed to make mobile channel user experience as great as it is in desktop. I believe more brands and operators will continue honoring their mobile customer experience and synchronize it with desktop channel. Virtual sports and eSports are surely making some waves in 2017 too.

3. Visa, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller and Zimpler are some of the leading payment options in Sweden in 2016. Will Apple Pay, PayPal or any other big brand manages to break into the Swedish casino market in 2017?
PayPal is already in UK market so it is right to assume that as soon as market is regulated, these giants wants to have their share of payments. There are interesting completely new concepts to keep an eye, such as SEQR Mobile payments. Fast, secure and easy to access payment channels are lifeblood of ecommerce and evolution never stops in this area.

4. 2016 has been characterised by many new developers for slots. Miami Dice already got 17 developers, a huge number. Will the trend continue in 2017 and are there some exciting game developers that you think will be particular up and rising next year?
There is a reason that slots are booming. It is the most “democratic” form of gambling. Everyone has equal chance to hit it big time. So, whatever is going to cause the next big wave it must be something that appeals to masses. With that said I again need to mention that VR could if market right hit big and boom the upcoming years.

So, to conclude I think we will see a two-way street, simplified marketed slots for the masses and VR implemented for example “live dealer casino games” to ramp up the excitement of the user experience.