2018 SportsThe online Betting Market in 2018 is set for a revolution like never before. It has entered a phase of bold experimentations as it readies itself to absorb new technology like high frequency betting, betting exchanges, 3D gaming, virtual reality games, esports betting, etc. A new year is about to begin and there is new energy all around. The nerve center of the gambling community in London is gearing up for the ICE 2018 and there are a lot of new expectations from this grand display of innovation. Below is a description of all you need to know about potential betting trends in 2018. But lets start from last year and what happened..

The betting year of 2017 was a remarkable year as it saw the unprecedented rise of mobile gaming, especially in sports betting, where the percentage of active mobile users crossed 75% of total online bettors for the first time. This trend will continue to dominate the UK gambling scene in the year 2018, with more and more players shifting to mobile gaming platforms. The newest platform, however, will be the world of virtual reality as gaming developers like Microgaming and NetEnt have already started to experiment with casino games on Google’s Oculus Rift Platform. The coming year will also be a great year for eSports, Virtual Sports and Sports Betting. These sectors were ignored for far too many years from the online casinos, and the momentum is finally building to change the status quo. Many new sites are starting to explore this lucrative market, which will pave the way for more innovative products. Read on to know more about the key trends that are going to re-define sports betting for the better.

The Rise of E-sports Betting

GamersThe year 2018 will be a great year for E-sports, which has made an epic comeback after a lackluster 2016. News from research and developmental centers of gaming in Germany and Sweden are hinting towards pathbreaking games, that will redefine the contours of gaming in many areas. New games are being developed with social gaming in mind. This social networking of games has already given rise to gaming cults, all over the world. Competitive gaming has become the new war-cry among the millennials and they are ever hungry for new content.

The E-sports market is predicted a boom in the mid-2018, based on investor sentiments and reports from the entertainment sector. With media rights valuations in these events soaring to touch new heights, there is no dearth of investment, which the industry was facing a few years back. This fresh new lease of life will make 2018 a great year for E-sports, and it is the right time to enter this segment for players, as brands look to offer new and innovative ways to bet in highly electric events. The boom in E-sports has become a lucrative market for the betting industry, and the rise of mobile gaming is acting as a catalyst for betting in these events. Today, the visitors to these imposing events want something engaging to go along with the gaming ambience. The option of putting bets on their favorite team will not only improve the user-engagement but also nurture a budding industry within the esports industry. Mobile betting is the connecting key that will augment the whole model together and the coming year is well prepared to catch the trend.

2018 FIFA World Cup – Get Ready for New Sports Betting Functions

The FIFA World Cup is back with a bang, and this time, its Russia’s turn to amaze the world. The FIFA World Cup will definitely be the center of focus for the online sports betting community, and long lists of player and team analysis are already being worked out by professional punters. The countdown of the grand event has already started, and the world of sports betting is already gearing up for the global event.

Bookies have started releasing their features and masterplans for the event, many online platforms have already released their odds rate in the market. This will also be a season of fresh bonuses and you will see a lot of sports-based bonuses structured around the Russian World Cup 2018. These high-investment events come rarely, and they define and redefine the betting industry the better. This event will also shape the sports betting industry to a large extent as many new bookmakers will enter the market with fresh new features and offers.

Virtual Sports – Time is Money

Virtual Sports

With betting becoming more and more sophisticated, the world of virtual sports gaming is closing the last inches between reality and programmable events. The intrinsic fun of betting is not destroyed with virtual gaming and in some cases, betting is magnified quite a few times. The most basic advantage of virtual gaming is you can enjoy the bets at your own pace, at your own time and it happens much faster. Most virtual gaming systems are based on virtual-horse races, virtual football, virtual tennis, etc. These games are powered by software, who are regulated at the source with strict Random Number Generators. This industry is slowly catching up with the rest of the herd and has some intrinsic selling point for select players.

The year 2017 was tepid for the rise of virtual sports betting, with similar content, similar bonuses, and similar odds being repeated across all casinos. The rare touch of personalization is missing from this segment, which can create a more holistic market for this niche. In the traditional set-up, players can play an entire virtual tournament in one single night by fast forwarding through the matches. Various levels of personalization are now available on this model, where players can create their own team and play through the entire tournament as managers, while simultaneously betting on the matches. This flexibility requires a fair deal of technological advancements as bookmakers have to install the entire gaming base into their platform, which is easier said than done. Though 2018 may seem a far-fetched target for personalized virtual gambling features to come out from developers like 1×2 Gaming and Kiron Interactive.

App-Based Betting –  Easier Than Ever

The rise of apps is a natural truth for the evolution of any market. Sports betting is not too far from this trend and we can see innovative apps on all platforms. These apps are not only developed by leading bookmakers, but by third-party technological companies which invest in studying and analyzing various sports in a scientific way to give us probability reports. Many apps also give you a list of popular bookmakers, along with their odds for a specific event. This listing helps you choose the best odds from a number of different sources. Other value-based apps provide live streaming of matches and important live updates, which helps in making sound decisions. The ease of making an app also makes it possible to for each betting platform to have its own personalized app, where live matches can be streamed directly. Many big-time bookmakers are currently playing with the idea of buying match-rights for highly-anticipated games and hosting them exclusively on their platform. These kinds of value additions will make the world of betting an interesting place. Smooth and flexible, apps will surely be the cornerstone of any betting platform in the year 2018.

Improvement in Gaming Technology

Sports BettingCurrently, the most pressing issue with the betting industry is data-feed technology, where a few seconds of latency in data is worth millions in real-time bets. New software developing firms are taking over the industry to deliver real-time data, which will make it possible to introduce innovative bets. Rapid advancements in computing technology also enable brands to aggregate more and more global games into the platform. This has given rise to the next generation of bettors who prefer a market model for betting, where players can bet against each other in real time for a particular outcome. This setup is similar to trading the stock market, and here every player will act as a bookmaker for some other player.

This is known as exchange-based betting and it is definitely the next step of evolution in the world of bets. However, there are reality checks to this dream, the most important of which is the technological proficiency which is required to maintain a holistic betting exchange. We can foresee the germination of this trend in 2018 which will take another 2-3 years’ time to consolidate, after which it will become a mainstream betting environment. The industry is steadily working towards this goal and betting regulations is again a key factor in this deal.

Legalization of Sports betting in the US

The US is a strange market in terms of sports betting. Currently, the whole of America is a gambling desert, with all its activity happening in the state of Nevada, where gambling is legal. The root of this restriction is the 25-year old PASPA Act, which is now being challenged in the Supreme Court. The rapid shift to online bookmaking has made it impossible for US agencies to keep a track on illegal bets, which is draining US dollars to offshore firms. There is a lot of talk in the industry that 2018 may finally be the year when the US joins the league of sports betting countries. The market size is huge and most pragmatic evaluation mark it at a $10-billion at the very start, with more growth coming with rising popularity. This is a natural step in the evolution of gaming as studies have shown that betting on sports actually increases fan-engagement and adds more brand value to the leagues. The US is a technological giant but is unable to contribute its fair share of technology into the gaming industry because of its strict regulations. With the tides changing to the favor of legalization, the world of sports betting will be seeing a fresh new lease of technological innovations in sports betting.