High Roller Casinos

high roller chipsWe at New Casinos believe that some new online casinos are perfect for high rollers. A high roller or a “whale” as they are often called, can be defined as a person who plays at land based casinos or at online casinos and places large bets on each hand. We fully comprehend those players’ demand to receive the best treatment available. This is the actual purpose of the particular article, to provide information about the greatest new online casinos and the newest online games that more or less apply to high rollers. We will also look into the characteristics of this kind of players as well as compare and contrast the online casino with the land based casino high rollers.

New online casinos for High Rollers

Codeta-Casino-Logo-87x45  Codeta Casino
10 % Top Up winnings or 10 % Cash Back on losses during your first week. Read More >>

Fable-Casino-Logo-87x45  Fable Casino
100% up to £200 + 50 Bonus Spins on Warlords on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

Genting-Casino-Logo-87x45  Genting Casino
200% up to £200 + 25 Bonus Spins on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

Miami-Dice-Casino-Icon-87x45  Miami Dice Casino
200% up to £2500 + 50 Bonus Spins on first deposit bonus. Read More >>

The-Grand-Ivy-Logo-87x45  The grand Ivy Casino
200% bonus on first deposit up to unlimited + 10 Free Spins each time you deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

Spin-Station-Casino-Logo-87x45  Spin Station Casino
20 Free Spins after Registration + 200% up to £2000 and 50 Bonus Spins on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

Amsterdams-Casino-Logo-87x45  Amsterdams Casino
50 Free Spins after registration + 200% up to £400 on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

21-Casino-Logo-87x45  21 Casino
£21 Free Money after registration + 200% up to £1000 on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

All-British-Casino-Logo-87x45  All British Casino
100% up to £200 + 100 Bonus Spins on first deposit. Read More>>

Mansion-Casino-Logo-87x45  Mansion Casino
200% up to £400 on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

Dunder-Casino-Logo-87x45  Dunder Casino
40 Free Spins after registration + 200% up to £50 on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More >>

Play-Grand-Casino-Logo-87x45  Play Grand Casino
£20 Free Money after registration + 150% up to£ 1500 on first deposit – EXCLUSIVE. Read More>>

High rollers at online casinos

High rollers at new online casinos do not get the same royal treatment like in the land based ones since, they play from the comfort of their houses and there is no need for amenities like private jets and limousines. Instead, they are treated in an alternative way as they get great VIP bonus offers and promotions.

What and how do they play?

Most of the high rollers at online casinos play at slot machines in contrast to the high rollers in land based casinos that only play tablet games. Of course, a lot of action and excitement is also created in the online casino tablet games, especially in the live games like the live Baccarat, the live Blackjack and the live Roulette. High rollers at new online casinos prefer games with large amounts of money on each bet. Meaning that they are extra interested in casino games with extra betting functions like multipliers and bonus symbols that can boost the max payout when winning. We at New Casinos mention a few games where you can roll high and win big and keep in mind that all of them can be played at the above mentioned online casinos:

Dazzle Me slot gameSteam Tower: Max Bet: 150 £/€/$ / Max Win: 150 000 £/€/$
South Park Reel Chaos: Max Bet: 100 £/€/$ / Max Win: 100 000 £/€/$
Gonzo’s Quest: Max Bet: 50 £/€/$ / Max Win: 50 000 £/€/$
Jack Hammer: Max Bet: 500 £/€/$ / Max Win: 500 000 £/€/$
Dazzle Me: Max Bet: 400 £/€/$ / Max Win: 200 000 £/€/$
Game of Thrones: Max Bet: 30 £/€/$ / Max Win: 300 000 £/€/$

Even when high rollers play on live tables they prefer to play on online casinos with the largest bets on a single hand. Of course, the bet limit per hand is not even near the ones of the land based casinos as the maximum bet per hand in some online casinos is up to £10000.

Where do they play?

High rollers at online casinos want to be well taken care of like the ones in the land based casinos. This means that they appreciate most of everything else, a great VIP Loyalty Program. Many online casinos reward their greatest wagering customers with remarkable VIP services. They either give away exclusive promotions randomly to their VIP players or they subject them to a stage level-up procedure. Achieving a particular goal means that you are able to move on to a new level on the loyalty program. As a higher roller you can get a everything from free spins and bonuses to vacation trips and many other cool things.

High rollers are also interested in online casinos with cash back offers. Since they play big and risk a lot, they want something in return when they lose. Rewarding them in a cash back way is not only a nice way to get something back the next day but it also sets a psychological boost. On top of that, there are the welcome package bonuses and the reload bonuses that are appreciated, but only the ones with bonuses up to unlimited amount or a really high limit in the worst case. Nonetheless, most of the online casinos do have a limited amount up to a bonus which normally refers to a few hundreds £ or less. This fact makes it irrelevant for high rollers as they do not care much for a few hundred £ when they make a deposit of £50000 for instance.

High rollers at land based casinos

Las-Vegas2High rollers at land based casinos always get a royal treatment. Although this has been highly controversial very recently, we would say that royal-like services remain the case. The casinos literally fight to attract them to their tables and therefore provide them with everything they desire absolutely for free. The casinos arrange everything from private jets, limousines with a private chauffeur, hotel suites, personal managers, free show tickets, expensive gifts and anything else they want.

Who are they?

They say that there are about 1000 high rollers around the world. They are billionaires or multi millionaires and most of them are Asians. Around them you will usually see bodyguards, beautiful girls, close friends and consultants as well as casino hostesses taking care of them. Although a lot of action is going on around them at the casino floor, they are publicity shy and they do everything they can to avoid being spotted. You will usually see them wearing jockeys or being dressed in a plain way. Another great thing about them is that they are extremely generous, they play big and tip big. There are a lot of crazy stories about enormous tips, what about a 1000000 dollar tip to a waitress in Las Vegas.

Where and What do they play?

There are two places in the world where high rollers prefer to play, Las Vegas and Macau. This is simply because those places have the means and the expertise required to meet the high standards of the high rollers. The land based casino high rollers’ favorite casino games are the table games. The number one casino game is Baccarat and the real action happens in the private no-limit Baccarat rooms. The second favorite casino game is Blackjack and then it follows the roulette, the craps, and the Pai Gow.

How do they play?

Well, now the-galaxy-casinothe fun part starts. Once high rollers arrive at a land based casino, they have an instant credit line of $1000000 to $5000000. The elite of the high rollers can have their credit lines extended up to $25000000. The bet per hand starts normally at $10000 and can go as high as $500000. The bet limits in Las Vegas are between $150 000 and $300 000, while in Macau they are up to $500 000. But since high rollers do as they are pleased, the casino can change the limit if the high roller asks for it. They always play solo at the table, meaning no one plays at the same one. It is common that they play plural hands at the same time, especially when playing blackjack. Normally, high rollers play during weekends and most of them remain at the table for plenty of hours in a row.