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site_btn_european_rouletteThe Roulette casino game is amongst the most widespread and popular casino games of all time. All of us has seen various movies where actors play the roulette and it is more than essential that every casino should offer the live roulette game to its customers. The Online Roulette though, is not that different from the classic roulette game at the land-based casinos around the world and it is now available in pretty much any decent new online casino.

A short look at the history of roulette puts us back in the 18th century where the first form of the game appeared in France. According to the Hoyle gambling books in 1886, the roulette game had a range of numbers between 1 and 28, a single and a double zero. It also had an American eagle slot which was the symbol of American liberty. However, this slot soon disappeared from the forefront and the number slots were only the ones to remain for the game.

Moving on to the 19th century, there was an overwhelming spread of the roulette casino game in both Europe and the United States. It ws then that an old rumor started to unfold around which was about François Blanc. According to the rumor, he supposedly made a deal with the devil in order to acquire the roulette secrets and this is because of  the fact that if someone sums up the numbers 0-36 of the current roulette game as we know it, the total sum is 666, which is the Number of the Beast. The most recent years as we move on to our times from 1970 to 2008, there was a worldwide spread of the roulette game in casinos that made roulette the most common and popular game as we all know it nowadays.

Where to play Live Online Roulette?

Prepare yourselves for a graceful and suitable live online roulette experience that the majority of the online casinos offer. The software developers secure a superb online gaming environment which comes along with a clear picture of every movement around the roulette table. The best live roulette experience so far is guaranteed at our chosen sites. The only thing you have to do is sit comfortable, browse this striking online roulette feature and enjoy the thrill of the wheel, spinning and giving away enormous prize pots. New Casinos recommended the following online casinos where you will also find the top live roulette sites:

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How to play and what rules to follow on the Online Roulette

The general idea of playing on the Online Roulette is to pick the winning number. The wheel will spin, while the ball is sent in the other direction. At some point, the entire mechanism stops by itself. The ball will be in one spot. It can be black or red. If you find yourself lucky, you can also choose one of the numbers. Let us describe it in detail though:

The live roulette game is a simple game based on luck, just like the offline version. However, there are some important rules and definitions that potential players should be aware of before they start their online live roulette activity. At first, the roulette game consists of a spinning wheel, which hosts the numbers 0-36. Secondly, there is a white ball that lands on a number after a spin of the wheel. The bet table of the roulette consists of the numbers 0-36 and there are also some other betting options. More specifically, you can bet on the first, the second or the third set of 12 numbers or you can also bet on the set 1-18 or on the 19-36 and on the options even, odd, black or red.

The roulette idea is to guess on which number the white spinning ball will land on. Thus, you need to decide and place your bet on that specific number so you can be the winner. There are quite some ways that you can bet on the roulette game. You can first bet on a single number, you can also split a bet between two numbers, then there is the “street” betting as it is used to be called that consists of a three number bet,  you can as well use the corner bet that includes four a number bet and finally the six number line bet. All these bets have different winning outcomes that are further explained below in the winnings section. The red or black color, the even or odd, the column or 12 set number bet and the high or low betting options are all considered “outside” betting due to the fact that they do not include a specific number bet. On the opposite side, all the other specific number bets are called “inside” bets.

Let's see now how the game smoothly runs. The first thing that someone should be aware of in a roulette table is the minimum and maximum bet displayed in a placard and a board that shows the previous number spin outcomes. Every player gets different distinct color chips.  For the roulette round, the dealer gives a brief  space of time to all players to place their bets on the table. After that, the white ball is thrown into the wheel and it starts spinning as the dealer announces “No more bets”. As soon as the ball lands on a number, the dealer marks the winning number, clears off all the losing bets and pays the winners. All you need is luck by your side.

What to win at the Live Online Roulette

Winnings in Live Online Roulette can widely vary from a few coins to millions of real money. It depends on the casino and the limitations set by its legislation. Each online casino has specific limitations regarding the winnings. Generally speaking, the higher your bet is, the more money you can win. When it comes to online roulette earnings, you should keep in mind that all different bets pay out different winning prizes.

This means that if you bet on a single number, the winnings are 35 to 1. For a split betting of two numbers, you get 17 to 1. The three number “street” bet pays out 11 to 1. The four number “corner” betting pays out 8 to 1. The six line betting pays out 5 to 1. These are the “inside” bets as we mentioned above. For the “outside” bets, you get 1 to 1 pay out for a color bet (black or red), even or odd and high or low. The column or the 12 set number bet pays out 2 to 1. It can easily be inferred that according to the maximum bet of the specific casino roulette, the 35 to 1 single number bet can get you really high winning prizes in every round.

Advantages of playing roulette online

Wherever you are and whenever you want you can live an online casino experience. How does that sound to you? Well, the main advantage that you will find in the online version of the Roulette, is the actual fact that you can play your favorite online casino game from the comfort of your living room or where ever you feel cozy enough to roll high. Any time of the day, any place you might be, you can grab your PC, your tablet, even your smart mobile device and let the cyber Roulette wheel spin towards big time winnings.

Roulette Strategies – Finding the System to Help You Win

For some online casino-lovers, the thrill of the game itself is enough to keep them happy. Win or lose, they enjoy themselves and have fun. For the rest of us, however, winning is the entire goal. Losing is an obstacle to be avoided, and the best players develop their own techniques to do so. Without a doubt, online roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino games. Not only is it fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting, it offers the chance to win big money. Today, online casinos feature a variety of roulette games, including European and American variations. If you’re looking to boost your chances of winning at roulette, and reducing the amount of stake money you lose in your efforts to walk away richer, there are numerous different betting strategies you can try. Let’s look at them in depth.

Cancellation (Laboucher) Strategy

The name makes this pretty intimidating, but the Laboucher strategy is actually less complex than it may first appear. You’ll need a piece of paper and a pen for this (or, as may be more convenient today, a note-making app on your mobile phone), and should choose a string of numbers. This can be as long or as short as you like, and can consist of any numbers – 1, 5, 10, 50, for example. However, to start with, it might be more sensible to go with something much simpler. We’ll choose 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Each number stands for a betting unit, and all of the figures added together becomes the winning goal (with this example, it would be 30). Now, the Cancellation strategy asks you to add the first and last numbers together, and then bet this amount (12 units of betting). If each bet unit equals, say, £1, this would make your first bet £12. Whenever you lose, you then add the bet amount to the string of numbers’ end, and then your next bet would be 2 and 12 combined (14). If you win, though, you cancel the first and last numbers (2 and 10), and then proceed with the next first and last numbers 4 and 8 (12 units again). Of course, if you’re unfortunate enough to experience numerous losses in a row, your string will keep getting bigger and bigger – as will your losses. It’s best to keep the string of numbers low and short, to control your amounts.

Martingale Strategy

Even if you’re a roulette novice, you’ll no doubt know of the Martingale system by name. This is the oldest strategy created to help players come out on top, and is accessible enough for beginners to employ. Basically, this is a progressive betting system – which means one bet is based on the outcome of your previous wager. The Martingale system asks you to double your bet after each losing wager: it exists on the foundation that doubling your bets following any loss will eventually bring all of your losses back to you, with a slight profit.

Sounds confusing? It shouldn’t – as we mentioned earlier, this is accessible to beginners as well as seasoned gamblers. Betting £2 on a black number in roulette, and finding a red number coming up, would cost you £2. That’s simple enough. Now, in the Martingale, you would next bet £4. Another loss? Bet £8 – a win here would bring you the £6 you already spent, and a profit of £2 (one unit of your stake amount). The Martingale roulette strategy is so popular because it works on the theory that, at one point or another, with enough determination, you’ll hit your chosen colour because a red or black can’t keep coming up without end. For example, after hitting six red or black numbers in a row, you’re just under 100% sure to get a positive result.

However, as popular as the Martingale is, you might choose another in the long run. One of the major criticisms of the strategy is that the outcome of a previous bet can’t really be used to judge the outcome of a future wager, as each one is an independent variable. This relies on chance, so while the odds of getting eight or nine black numbers in a row (for example) might be low, it’s not impossible. As a result, you could easily end up reaching the bet limit allowed by the casino – meaning you would miss out on recouping your losses. As simple and accessible as it is, it may be a risk if you’re planning on making large wagers; it’s best to keep your first bet small, so cumulative ones don’t push you close to the limit.

Grand Martingale Strategy

Another Martingale strategy, this takes it further – not only does it make the potential profit higher, it also increases the potential loss. Let’s look at a game of roulette in which you bet £1 on a red number. This strategy asks you to bet double the amount, but with one extra unit too – so your second wager would become £3. A third would be £7, and so on and so forth. As you continue to progress, the losses you stand to make would be higher than with the Martingale system, so this is best saved for players who have gotten comfortable with that first.

D’Alembert Strategy

This is where the betting strategies for roulette start to get a little more confusing. The d’Alermbert works on a belief that if your first bet proves luckier than your second, the winning bet is far less likely than your second to bring you yet another win. Basically, this system demands you reduce your bet by one unit after winning a spin, and raising it by another unit after losing (because you will, in theory, be more likely to win). Again, there’s a slight issue here regarding the sense that all of your bets are connected by something other than chance. The ball landing on a red or black number is down to random chance, and this doesn’t change no matter how many spins you have beforehand. The outcome of one spin doesn’t affect that of the next, or the next – it’s all random. Still, the d’Alembert is a decent strategy to try if you’re looking for a change from the Martingales.

Paroli Strategy

This strategy is intended to make the most of your winning streaks, which tend to be incredibly exciting in roulette – the game’s so fast-paced and thrilling anyway, things can start to move pretty fast when your adrenaline kicks in. This requires you to increase your bets more and more as you win. The Paroli of Three is a popular strategy: the aim of this is to win three times on an even bet – red or black, high or low, odd or even. To start with, you need to establish what one bet unit will amount to, and while you’re experiencing losses, keep on betting just this one unit (be it £2, be it £5 etc.). However, should you get lucky and win, you would then start to up the stakes. Your second bet should be double the first, plus another unit (say if your unit equalled £10, you’d bet £30). Another win? Fantastic – now double it again, with another unit (this would take you to £50).

When you secure three wins in a row, though, the Paroli of Three encourages you to quit while you’re ahead. You take your innings, and then revert back to betting just one unit amount. As you can see, this is a smart roulette strategy to follow, allowing you to up the ante when the going’s good, but taking a step back when your luck is peaking. Still, there’s one flaw: having three wins in a row is unlikely to come to you easily. It’s not impossible, certainly, but there’s around an 11% chance of this actually happening. Just keep your bet amount fairly low, and you shouldn’t lose too much if your winning streak ends after just one or two spins.

Oscar’s Grind Strategy

You may have heard of this popular roulette strategy. If not, it’s not too hard to follow: you just place bets of the same size after a loss, and then raise your wager by one unit after a win. However, as you progress, you’ve got to make sure you avoid betting in excess of the amount you need to make up your losses with a profit of one unit. Make sense? Basically, this is how it works: you split the entire game into distinct parts, with each one featuring a string of bets until you win one unit. After a loss, you just keep going and going, using the same wager again and again. Whenever you win a game after losing another game, you increase your base bet amount by a single unit (so £2 bets would become £4). This might appear a little more confusing than it actually is. The Oscar’s Grind strategy is popular for a reason, and is quite accessible for roulette-lovers who have a little experience with other betting systems first.

Red Strategy

The Red strategy might be best tackled by more experienced players. This employs a tactic of betting twice, across red and black. You’d start by putting a wager in the third column of the table’s layout, as well as another on black (which should be double your red bet). Using this roulette strategy, if your red comes up as a win, you’ll double the amount of your red bet but also break even on your black bet, meaning you avoid a loss. Alternatively, if you get a black number in the third column bet, you’ll get double your smaller bet amount and make a profit on your black bet. Still, should you get a red win in the table’s first or second columns, you’ll lose your two bets and miss out on any profit. This isn’t the simplest betting strategy for roulette to get your head around, but it’s fairly accessible after a couple of tries. Just be sure you keep your bet amounts low at the start, until you get more confident.

Shotwell Strategy

This roulette betting strategy has its fans due to its wide coverage – you place wagers on numbers which are spaced out fairly evenly on the roulette wheel. As a result, you stand a decent chance of winning no matter where the ball ends up landing. Some players will spread their bets across the table, believing this will correspond to scattered bets on the wheel itself. However, the placement of wheel numbers and table numbers have no bearing on each other here. The Shotwell strategy has you make six number bets and a single number wager too. Depending on the type of table you’re playing at (American or European, with both available at most online casinos), the Shotwell wagers you make will vary. In essence, you want to keep a maximum of three numbers separating those on which you’ve placed bets. When you’re happy with your six line wager, choose the single numbers you want to bet on (remember, keeping no more than three numbers between your picks on the wheel).

The Shotwell strategy gives you a healthy chance of coming up lucky, but it does take a little time to line your bets up. You need to be careful with the amount you wager, to make sure your total losses don’t overshadow your wins. As you can see, there’s plenty of choice when looking to improve your roulette game. All of these roulette strategies provide you with a fixed system to follow and a goal to focus on, adding structure to the game itself. While you might have your own ideas of how random roulette is, and question the worth of a strategy, these could well help you secure more wins and manage your money far better at the roulette table (real or virtual). Give them a try!

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