Octavian Gaming

Octavian Gaming IconOctavian Games is not the most celebrated online casino software developer, a factor that gives it the ability, will and need to exploit different niches and venues that its competitors haven’t ventured into. So far so good, Octavian Gaming has managed to achieve major accomplishments and has continuously improved the quality of its games and services. For instance, it mostly dabbles in the development of slots games that are to be played through smartphones and tablets.

Overall, I found the quality of most of the Octavian Slots games to be ‘Okay’, though it had exceptional titles that rival games produced by the big guns. These exceptionally few slots games have similar if not improved quality in gameplay, graphics and have been optimised for you on both the PC and Mobile Platforms.

The Octavian Gaming Slots games have different themes and functions, a factor that boosts the company’s reputation for being one of the best software developers in Italy. If you are after games that offer free spins and bonuses, you might be disappointed with the Octavian Slots games as these games have been crowned as the crowd’s favourites when it comes to actual gameplay. However, this shouldn’t dissuade you from playing them as we’ve highlighted some of the new Octavian Gaming casinos that have plenty of bonuses and promotions for all its members. By visiting the sites from our New Casinos LTD review page, you’ll be in for superb offers and promotions.

Octavian Gaming Casinos

The vast majority of the Octavian Casinos that we’ve recommended offer Octavian Casino games that are licensed, well regulated and trust in good customer relations. This extends to the new online casinos that are making their way into the UK market. Before recommending these casinos, we’ve always taken the liberty to try out all their services, especially in the areas that matter the most to ascertain that they actually live up to what we expect from an online casino before making any recommendation.

Weak and Strong Points

Thumbs upStrong Points:
– Most of the popular game titles developed by Octavian Gaming have superb animations, sounds and wow graphics, which ensure that you’ve had the best gaming experience at the Octavian Casinos.
– The company strategically and selectively chooses to partner with some of the top companies that develop and produce hardware and gaming equipment. The result is that Octavian Gaming delivers record-breaking solutions.
– Superior customer support services – Unlike other competing companies, Octavian Gaming is way ahead of the customer support service delivery. Whether it’s the operators or the players who need assistance, the customer support team is always on standby to ensure that they receive reliable, fast and effective customer support services.
– Foolproof protection and security systems – Besides having a recognized international license that allows the company to offer online casino services under the watch of both the regulatory bodies and the governments in the different jurisdictions, Octavian Gaming has systems in place that ensure you are safe whenever you are playing online. These systems have been incorporated in the company’s back-end which monitors player activities and flags any that seems to be a threat to other players.

Thumbs downWeak Points:
– Not very clear on its licensing information but having some of its games in the UK market mean that they are licensed to operate in the country.
– We were expecting much from the Octavian Games, especially in terms of bonuses, free spins and in gaming.
– Their game portfolio is limited to only 24 titles.

Short Facts About Octavian Gaming

Company Name: Octavian Gaming                                Year Established:

Address: Via del Lavoro, 8, 37012 Bussolengo VR, Italy

Phone Number: +39 045 6717675

Website: http://www.octaviangaming.com/en/             Email: info@octaviangaming.com

Motto:                                                                                    Headquarters: Verona, Italy

Employees: 500+ employees                                               Games: 24

Game Categories: Slots                                                        Popular Games: The Forge, Five Stars, Dragon’s Queen, Golden KKKeeey, Zombie Lab

Octavian Gaming Games

As already mentioned, the Octavian Casino Games have different themes and feature an interesting gameplay. What we haven’t mentioned however is the fact that the games are available both through the casino’s Download and flash option. This means that you can play them easily through the commonly available browsers or download it to your device, from which you can easily play and enjoy the game. The games haven’t made their presence in the European Casino market, but we hope with proper marketing, you’ll soon appreciate them just as we did when we first tried them.

Interesting facts however with the new Octavian Games is the fact that you can always, but again it depends on which Octavian Casino you visit, check your game history, game rules and follow your history. There are even sites which allow you to set limits on how much you’d like to spend on playing the games.

Summary Octavian Gaming

Octavian Gaming was founded with the main objective of providing the best online casino games that suit the interest of both operators and players, and thus contributing positively towards the growth of the online casinos and increasing the players time-in-chair.

With its headquarters in Verona, Italy, the company is always innovating ways on how to improve their game details; providing the best quality of image and sound and anything that will make your gaming experience at the Octavian Casinos excellent. They do anything within their power to ensure that the Octavian Gaming titles are full of adventure, fun, easy to play and most importantly available in different formats.

Visit our highly recommended Octavian Casinos today and play these games as well as enjoy the numerous bonuses and promotion offers at the sites. Also, I hope you’ll get to enjoy the quality of service delivery that you’ll be offered at the sites.