ELK Studios

ELK Studios IconElk Studios, the Swedish based game development company, just been launched in 2012, yet it has been establishing new benchmarks in online casino games. Elk Studios’ quality consciousness and focus on players’ satisfaction sets it apart from the cookie cutter game development companies. Elk Studios employs accomplished and certified game developers and ace mathematicians with glorious track records. This dedicated team racks the combined mental might to develop sophisticated mathematical models that complement well with contemporary technology. This seamless rendering of complex concepts make the online casino games engaging. However, the compelling quotient and mass appeal of games can be attributed to the human touch that has been subliminally embedded.

Each casino game from the renowned house of Elk Studios (The Champion’s Goals, Lab, Electric Sam, Bloopers, DJ Wild, Poltava Flames of War, Tacho Brothers and others) piques itself of captivating graphics. Each scene morphs seamlessly to give way to the next one for undistorted online casino playing experience. As the game progresses, the surprise element is maintained throughout and bonus games as well as exciting features keep popping up. The cutting edge audio and video blend perfectly to create a visual extravaganza that makes the pulse race with sheer excitement. The thrill is palpable in the air.

Short Facts

Company Name: Elk Studios AB
Address: Vagasatan 40 111 20 Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.elk-studios.com
Employees: Around 10
Games: 9
Game Categories: Online Slots
Established: 2012
Phone Number:
E-mail: info@elk-studios.com
Offices in: Stockholm, Sweden
Awards Won:
Game Releases:
Popular Games: Poltava – Bloopers – DJ Wild

New Elk Studios Casinos

Feel free to check out the following online casinos. Be sure that you will find your favourite Elk Studios casino games as well as their latest releases. These will often come with bonuses right after your registration such as free spins, free money or stunning welcome packages.

Elk Studios’ Strong and Weak Points

Taco Brothers By ELK StudiosElk’s casino offerings would never let you down. There is that intrigue feature embedded in each online casino game that leaves you in anticipation of what to expect next. Elk releases casino games one at a time to focus on quality and refrains from mass production. This assures of top notch gaming pleasure, sustained sense of sensation, and superlative quality that grips the attention. Wholesome entertainment is guaranteed. The distinctive game portfolio from Elk reflects quality commitment as each game does not go beyond three engrossing online slots. The slot playing community from across the globe has accepted it wholeheartedly which contributes to the increasing popularity of Elk Studios’ online casino games.

Security is additional attraction of Elk games as you can get access to them from a number of online casinos. However, the casinos that have been granted permission to host the Elk Software have to subscribe to RNG conducted random fairness and performance tests. This ensures that any breach or vulnerability in security is essentially eliminated for optimum playing results.

From the perspective of betting strategy unique to Elk Studios, the player is capacitated by the underlying software to create predefined tactics. These strategies can spontaneously alter the levels of bet contingent on a set of pre-programmed rules. The online player can out of his volition choose to turn off the feature if he is not convenient with the automatic strategic play. Online players of other types of casino games will also be disappointed as no other game categories are offered by Elk but online slots only.

Thumbs upTaco Brothers By ELK StudiosStrong points:
– High technology in building up the casino games
– Secure and safe online casino games
– Cutting edge graphics and sound
– In-game gamification


Thumbs downWeak Points:
– Automatic strategic play can be disturbing
– Online slot producer only


Elk Studios Game Portfolio

Poltava Game By ELK StudiosElk Studios specialises in developing online slots with an extra focus on the Mobile Casino platforms. Players stand to win humongous prizes. The stakes are high and one can’t afford attention lapse. The betting strategies are innovative and unique, which owe them to the creative approach of the Elk developers. In some casino games, such as The Lab, the player can implement his chosen betting pattern if he wishes. The ‘Game on’ feature is also unique to Elk Studios and it gets actuated when the player places twenty five bets. The multiple bets confer on the player more likelihood to grab free spins. The feature has been developed as a loyalty program. However, apart from heightening the level of player satisfaction, it also pumps in more adrenalin rushing element.

The number of reels and payment lines in each game vary and are synchronized with the overall plot of the game. Each casino game has been designed to be cross-functional. Mobile and computer players both can enjoy the vitality of the games with equal passion. The incredible underlying coding of the games ensures that no distraction or compromise comes in the way of riveting games. In each game, a number of characters are introduced who complement the storyline perfectly. The symbols are visually large to help players keep track of them. The background peeks out from the space available after reels have adjusted themselves and gives unique feeling.

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