2 by 2 Gaming

2 by 2 Gaming IconVery few players online are familiar with 2 by 2 Gaming mainly because it’s a small company that’s still trying to make a name for itself in the online casino industry. However, for the avid slots players, it's easy to agree that distinguishing slots games are produced by 2 by 2 Gaming thanks to the company’s unique way of designing their games and using graphics. When it comes to the company’s information, very little is known, but from the information we got from the website, we’ve known that 2by2 Gaming was founded in 2011 in Chicago,USA while they have their offices located in Downers Grove, in the suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

To ensure that they’ve delivered the best online casino entertainment and services without compromising on quality, 2 by 2 Gaming has specialised in developing online slot games exclusively. This means that they don’t offer any table games or other titles that you will commonly come across online. The list of their slots games isn’t as decorated as other companies, and you can easily navigate through their portfolio within minutes. At New Casinos LTD, we’ve tried out a number of their titles, especially those that are played to new online casinos frequently and we have to admit to the exciting and entertaining features found in Pinocchio’s Fortune and Cosmic Invaders. These casino games have the unique creativity that draws players to online slots and the features in these games are unique in that you won’t come across them in most of the online slots games. They have a very interesting storyline and the theme, graphics and soundtrack blend accordingly.

Shridah Joshi, who is the CEO and founder of the company has been charged with the all-important task of ensuring that the company runs smoothly. Shridah previously worked as the Vice President at Global Strategy at WMS Gaming before he and other experienced friends teamed up to form 2 by 2 Gaming. Thanks to his experience that transverses more than 20 years in the industry, his enthusiasm and his vision for the company, he has managed to come up with a team of experienced and talented designers and developers who according to the company have many years of experience.

New 2 by 2 Gaming Casinos

Today, not very many new casinos use the 2 by 2 Gaming software or have their casino games included in their portfolio but as seen from the company’s website, it has a huge potential of becoming successful. Having collaborated with Microgaming, it means that their casino games are readily available in some of the Microgaming Casinos and players can easily and effortlessly enjoy the games from these casinos. At New Casinos, we highly recommend the following 2 by 2 Gaming Casinos.

Short Facts

Company Name: 2 by 2 Gaming
Address: 2777 Finley Road, #10,Downers Grove, IL 60515
Website: www.2by2gaming.com
Employees: Approximately 200
Games: Approximately 20 games
Game Categories: Online Slots – Social Games
Established: 2011
Phone Number: (630) 613-9112
E-mail: support@2by2gaming.com
Offices in: Chicago, Illinois United States
Awards Won:
Game Releases:
Popular Games: Pinocchio's Fortune, Cosmic Invaders, Mandarin Fortune

Best New 2 by 2 Gaming Casinos

2 by 2 Gaming Strong and Weak Points

The company has partnered with some of the top online gaming developers including Leander, WorldMatch, MultiSlot, QuickFire and OpenBet to ensure that you and other players have easy access to their casino games. Their portfolio might be thin, but as it grows steadily, you can easily access the already available games at your local brick and mortar casino, through the mentioned 2 by 2 Gaming Casinos and free to play social platforms. What’s better is the fact that you can easily play the games through some of the popular browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, and Google Chrome, as they are HTML5 enabled.

If we have to compare 2 by 2 Gaming portfolio to other iGaming developers online, the company will lie somewhere near the top but outside the top 15. For a company its size, this is a high rank, and we believe that it has a high potential of becoming one of the best companies online once they’ve focused on improving the not so good graphics of their casino games.

With that said, most of the online casino games featured in their portfolio have the potential of featuring in some of the big boy's portfolios, and they’ll especially fit in with the classic online slot games which have simple graphics. If you are a player who’d sacrifice graphics and flashy animations for substance and interesting gameplay, then 2 by 2 games will without no doubt get your attention.

Thumbs upStrong Points:
– Focus on online slots
– Experienced working team
– HTML5 technology
– Interesting game play

Thumbs downWeak Points:
– Limited game portfolio
– Not many online casinos to host them
– Rather poor graphics

2 by 2 Gaming Portfolio

With the ever-changing online casino industry, how successful a software company becomes is dependent on their ability to establish strong relationships with its clients as well as the reputation it gets from players online. And as such, the online casino slots games provided by 2 by 2 Gaming are fairly unique in different ways. Instead of focusing more on developing 3D games, they’ve greatly focused on using 2D graphics, which have become very popular with most of the upcoming online casino software companies. This might be a shortcoming in a way since the visual appeal offered by these games isn’t the best.

On the brighter side, the games do have interesting themes, storylines and the gameplay is very exciting. In addition to the standard bonus rounds and free spins features available in most of the games, 2 by 2 Gaming slots provide has a unique pick a box free spins rounds and bonus features. This makes playing the slots games more rewarding than those offered by other companies. Lastly, 2 by 2 gaming seems to be advocating for players to play and get rewarded more, thanks to their easy to win games. This has been made possible by the fact that you can win huge sums of money by simply lining up two symbols on a five-reel slot game. This as you can agree with me is one of the oddest things in the online casino industry.