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Top 3 New Casinos with the best VIP Loyalty Programs

New Casinos is ranking the TOP 3 new online casinos with the best VIP Loyalty Programs. Do not waste any more time, get your VIP pass now and you will immediately get more value for your money. Then make sure to advance, as soon as possible, to the levels where you will get a Personal VIP Account Manager. The real fun part begins once you get there, actually it is where the genuine rewarding begins. What about exclusive bonuses, exclusive trips, exclusive gifts, exclusive invitations etc.. Everything is exclusive, tailor made just for you.

Screenshot New casino Best VIP Loyalty Program Details: Reviews
Novibet-Casino-400x250 Novibet Casino Icon Exclusive: 50 Bonus Spins on first deposit plus up to £500 in bonus. A Microgaming specialist with an exceptional Live Casino and innovative welcome bonus. NoviBet Casino review
Genting-Casino-400x250 Genting Casino Logo Exclusive: First deposit bonus of 200% up to £200 plus 25 bonus spins. The online platform of the famous land-based Genting Casinos from the UK. Genting Casino review
Trada Casino Top List Image Trada Casino Logo Exclusive offer: £5 Free Money after Registration. Exclusive First Deposit Bonus: 150% up to £150 + 50 bonus spins on Motorhead. Exclusive High Roller Bonus: 200 % Cash Back up to £2000. Trada Casino review

What is a Loyalty program for VIPs?

VIP new casinosThe online casino's VIP Loyalty Programs are designed to reward the most Loyal Casino Players and the High Rollers. Once you have become a member you will enjoy great benefits and the more you play the more value for your money you will get. For making it easier to understand how the best new casino VIP Loyalty Programs work just think of the Frequent Flyer Programs used by most of the Airlines. The new online casinos are using more or less the same model for their VIP Loyalty programs. The names of the levels are more or less the same, the way you climb up levels, the way you climb down levels, points/miles and so on. Of course there is one difference, to get some action in the online casino's VIP Loyalty programs you have to play casino games and in the airline's Frequent Flyer Programs you have to fly.

How to become a member?

There are two ways to get a membership on the VIP Loyalty Programs. First, in most of the new online casinos you will be rewarded with a membership automatically when you register on your brand new casino. The other way is when you are a Loyal Player, have been playing regularly for a long time, or you are a High Roller, wager a lot and make large deposits, the online casinos will invite you to their unofficial VIP program. Yes, there are new online casinos out there that have some sorts of incentive plan for their best casino players and not talking much about it. In those cases the rewards are more loose, meaning they are not written somewhere instead they are custom made to fit your personal needs.

Examples of various VIP programs

VIP levels new casinosThe VIP Loyalty Programs consist of different levels and the higher the level the better rewards you will get. There are VIP Loyalty Programs out there with up to 10 levels, but New Casinos would say that the norm for the online casino industry is around five levels. The names used on the more classical VIP Loyalty Programs for each level have most of the times a name of a noble metal or a precious stone. Most common level names are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and so on.

There are out there new online casinos with a more fresh VIP Loyalty Programs  and a with a different approach to the VIP levels in general. You will run into new casinos that are using belts, trophies and even action heroes VIP levels. If that was not enough, there are even some new online casinos that their whole casino concept is based on VIP plans that are using characters or heroes that evolving, advancing levels, every time you play or achieve different challenges. Those are the latest addition to the VIP world,  colorful and playful online casinos that went one step further in integrating their VIP programs into the casino gaming. Many casino players seems to like them. Casumo Casino is a great example for such fresh VIP plans.

Reaching new levels: This is how you do it!

Every new online casino is having its own levels and its own rules of how to climb up to a higher level. There is however one common thing for all the online casinos, you can only climb down one level at the time. In general there are two ways that the online casinos are using to determine the casino player's level on the VIP Loyalty plans.

– Point system based on wagering: This is the  most common used model and it is based on how much you wager. It works like this, for every X amount of money you wager you will get X amount of points. Those points will be the basis for determining your level in the online casinos VIP Loyalty Program. For example a new casino may give you 1 point for every 10 £/€/$ you wager. Normally you will get more points for each 10 £/€/$ you wager on the higher levels, at the highest VIP level you may get twice the points for each 10 £/€/$ you wager compared to the lowest VIP level. One thing to remember here is that each casino game category contributes differently on the point system, meaning you will have to wager much more money on the table games than in the slot machines to get equal amount of points. Once again it depends on each online casino how much each casino game contributes to the point system.

In some new online casinos your points may only be used to determine your VIP status, but in some new online casinos you may exchange your points for free spins, free money and many other stuff like luxurious trips, event tickets or cool gadgets. Keep in mind that all new online casinos have an expiration date on the VIP loyalty points that normally ranges from 3 to 6 months. We strongly recommend all new casinos that are using the point system in their loyalty program, especially the ones with the option to convert your casino VIP points to other things.

– Based on deposited money: In this case your VIP status will be based on the total deposits you have made under a specified time period. Most of the times it is the accumulative deposits you have made during the last few months that determines your level for the next month. But, there are new online casinos that are using your accumulative deposits since you have joined the new casino to determine your level. In this case you will never climb down levels, the only way is up. Check out Wicked Jackpots Casino VIP plan based on deposits.

This method for determining your casino VIP status is some how more boring than the Point System, which is based on how much you wager, since it lacks the excitement of on what level you will end up next month. Then, since there are no points, you can not make exchanges to cool staff or to real money.

11 Things you get with Outstanding Casino Rewards

Like in all other cases so even here each online casino has its own ways of how to reward the best casino players. We have gone through all the VIP Loyalty Programs, the ones that new casinos have reviewed, to see what kind of perks they consist of. New Casinos has split all the rewards into three categories to make them easier to understand.

– VIP Bonuses: We have split the bonuses in two categories, the match bonuses you will get when making a deposit and the free bonuses you will get occasionally for many different reasons from your new online casino.

  • VIP bonuses new online casinosMatch Bonuses: You may run into new online casinos that are using many different names to describe this bonus, the most common names you will run into are VIP Bonus, High Roller Bonus, Monthly VIP Bonus, Weekly VIP Bonus etc.. In reality they are Deposit Bonuses and they work the same way as the Reload Bonuses. The difference is that the amount of money on which you will get bonus for is much higher than in normal Reload Bonuses offered to non VIP casino players. On the other hand the percentage that the new online casinos will match your deposit with is in most of the cases lower since it is much more money involved. For example you may get a bonus of 100 % up to plenty of thousands of £/€/$. In those, what we call VIP reload bonuses, the wagering requirements may be higher in some online casinos and the typical wagering requirement is around 40 times.
  • Free Bonuses: Those bonuses are normally just given away to you, so in reality they are gifts given away from the online casinos since you do not have to make a deposit to get them. Sometimes the free bonuses are confused with the No Deposit Bonuses which are a different type of bonus.  What you will get is normally Free Spins or Free Money to play for. The reasons for getting them are many, you may get them as a reward for achieving something, as a prize when winning something or just for trying out the latest casino game. For example you may get a new level bonus just for climbing up one level on the VIP Loyalty Program, or even get a free bonus for just staying at the same level. They usually are called with fitting names like Level Up Bonus or Level Maintained Bonus. On the free bonuses you have higher wagering requirements and tighter expiration dates to meet before you can withdraw them from your casino account.

– VIP Rewards: Under this category you will find all the perks and freebies you will get from the new online casinos once you have made it to their VIP Loyalty Program. Most of the rewards here are not action based, meaning you will not have achieve something or to make a deposit to get rewarded. You simply will get staff just for free as gifts and presents. Of course the rewards you will get depends, as always, on your VIP status, the higher your level the more you will get.

  • cash-back new casinos ukCash Back: It is an important component and a must have in the VIP loyalty programs if an online casino would like to attract High Rollers and loyal casino players. Cash Back is highly appreciated by all casino players, you will also love it since it is always nice to know that you are not gonna go empty handed on a bad day. The Cash Back percentage varies for each online casino and for each VIP level. At the highest VIP levels and on the best new casinos you can get up to 15 % Cash Back on the  deposited money you lose.

Then there are some online casinos that offer Cash Back on every bet, meaning you will get back a percentage of the total amount you wager in real money or in VIP points. We believe that this is more of a bonus than a reward and the correct definition should be wagering bonus and not Cash Back. Nevertheless it is a nice feature to have in a casino VIP loyalty program, but we would rather prefer the Cash Back on deposits. The percentage you will get back on the amount you wager varies on each online casino and it is of course much lower than for the cash back on deposits, it can be up to 3 % on everything you wager.

  • VIP gifts new online casinosGifts and Presents: In this subcategory you will find all the freebies, the free staff that the new online casinos are giving away for free, literally. The names you will come across for those gifts may be VIP gifts, mystery gifts, month end gifts, birthday gifts, weekly loyalty gifts etc.. The names and the reasons for those gifts or presents my be many, but what you will get in most of the cases are either Free spins, Free Casino Money or Free VIP points. Nothing to complain about. In some occasions you may also get gifts of a different type, what about invitations to tournaments and contests, tickets to sporting events, entry to prize draws, trips to exotic destinations or to Las Vegas, electronic gadgets, exclusive deals, birthday gifts and you name it.
  • Exchanging VIP points: Some of the online casinos, that have adopted the point system, are also giving the option to the casino players, on the higher levels, to exchange their loyalty points to free staff or to simply cash them out. Most of the times you will get the change to convert them to  slot machine spins, to transform points to casino money or to exchange them for luxurious trips, gadgets, tickets to special events, entrance to land based casinos and so on. The value you will get for each point depends on your current status on the loyalty program, the higher your level the higher the value of your points will be.

– Practical rewards: One very important parameter for the big spenders is convenience, especially when it comes to administrative staff. Casino players, especially High Rollers, do not like to hassle with other things than playing and does not either like to wait for things to be done. They want to have a fast line to everything without wasting time on other things than playing. The new online casinos have figured out a few ways to make the online casino visit as smooth as possible.

  • VIP manager new online casinosPersonal VIP Account Manager: Probably the most important service, or if you want to call it reward, offered in a VIP Loyalty Program. According to New Casinos, any new online casino without this service should not call their incentive plan for VIP Loyalty Program since the high stake casino players will never waist their time on online casinos without a personal manager.

Once you have advanced to the higher levels on the VIP Loyalty Program a personal account manager will be assigned to you. This person will be like a personal assistant to you on everything that has to do with your new casino. They will be there to answer all your questions, solve all your problems and to meet all your casino needs. After a while playing at your new casino your personal account manager will get to know your preferences and you will get perks that you like without even asking for them. You will always get informed about the latest in the online casino like the latest casino games, latest casino bonuses, latest challenges and so on. Your new casino personal account manager will always keep you updated on the things that matters to you so you will not have to spend your own time on things other than playing.

It is really important to know that the best rewards to High Rollers and to Loyal players with high VIP status are seldom written somewhere or made public from the online casinos. Those rewards are often tailor made and awarded by the personal account manager to fit each VIP player's unique preferences. We also strongly recommend to always be in touch with your personal manager and to dare to ask him or her for exclusive bonuses or deals. In the worst case they will say no but they will at least the will get to know your preferences and they may give it to you one day in the future.

  • Faster Payouts: The High Rollers and probably all online casino players would like to be able to make the fastest withdrawals possible. Well that's what to expect on the highest VIP statuses, at those levels you can expect to make same day or within 24 hours withdrawals.
  • Higher Deposit Limits: Most of the new online casinos are having daily deposit limits to prevent gambling addiction. In the higher VIP levels you can expect those deposit limits to be much higher and more flexible, it is now up to each personal account manager first to decide if the casino player is addicted to gambling and then to decide the new deposit limit.
  • Lower Wagering Requirements: Some new online casinos are giving to their most loyal casino players lower wagering requirements on their deposited money and on the bonus money.

How to spot the best new casino VIP Loyalty Programs?

There are many new online casinos out there that offer some type of a VIP Loyalty Program, but there are only a few that offer the real thing. A genuine casino VIP Loyalty Program that really can meet the standards of the most demanding casino players is much more than just giving away bonuses. New Casinos will mention a few parameters that you have to look for when sourcing for new online casinos offering the best VIP Loyalty Programs.

  • Personal VIP Account Manager – The most important parameter, beloved by all casino players.
  • Cash Back rewards – Highly appreciated by High Rollers.
  • Fast cash withdrawals – Non casino players like to wait for their money.

The most important parameter of them all is the Personal VIP Account Manager, without one there is no point for the new online casinos to call their rewarding plans for VIP Loyalty Programs